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Chapter 2338: Do You Miss Me

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Although she believed that Xin Bei was a responsible man, she worried that Xin Bei might refuse to marry her and not want their baby.

Gu Ning wasnt very familiar with Xin Bei, but she also believed that Xin Bei was a responsible man, so she wasnt really worried about that.

She was only afraid that it might be difficult for Tang Yunrong and the Tang family to accept.

Although they were very satisfied with Xin Bei, it wasnt an honorable thing that their daughter had a premarital pregnancy.

Nobody wanted it to happen.

“Alright, lets drop that topic.” Gu Ning didnt want to talk about it too much in case Cao Wenxin was bothered.

“Oh, are you free tomorrow”

“Yeah, Im free on weekends,” said Cao Wenxin.

“Go somewhere with me,” said Gu Ning.

She planned to take Cao Wenxin to have a medical check, but she couldnt tell her about it right now, or Cao Wenxin might not be able to sleep tonight.

“Where” Cao Wenxin asked.

“To visit a friend in the hospital,” said Gu Ning.

They were going to the hospital, but they actually wouldnt visit a friend.

“Oh, sure,” said Cao Wenxin and agreed.

It was late, and they soon fell asleep.

Because Cao Wenxin had no idea about the truth, she had a sound sleep.

The next morning, they had breakfast in the Tang familys house, and after resting for a while, Gu Ning went out with Cao Wenxin at 9 am.

Tang Jiakai wanted to follow them, but Gu Ning told him to stay at home.

Since Gu Ning didnt want him to go with them, Tang Jiakai didnt insist.

After walking away from the Tang familys house, Gu Ning said to Cao Wenxin, “Wenxin, I need to tell you something very important.

Its about you.

Dont be scared.”

Hearing that, Cao Wenxin had a premonition.

“What is it”

“Do you know why I talked about premarital pregnancy with you last night Actually, I thought that you might be pregnant given the reaction of your body last night.

I only had that thought, so I talked about it with you beforehand.

I wanted to know your thoughts.

Anyway, we need to do a medical check to make sure of it,” said Gu Ning.

Even if she was already sure of it, she couldnt tell Cao Wenxin right now.

It was hard for her to explain how she managed to know.

Cao Wenxin was stunned.

What She might be pregnant

After thinking for a while, she remembered that her period was indeed a few weeks late.

However, because her period was irregular and she just started her business recently, she didnt pay much attention to it.

In an instant, Cao Wenxin had mixed emotions.

If she was really pregnant, she would be excited and scared.

She felt happy because she loved Xin Bei, and she was scared because she didnt know how to face her family.

“R-Really” Cao Wenxin said after she came back to her senses.

Although she really hoped that she could marry Xin Bei, she didnt think it was the right time now.

After all, they werent married yet, and a premarital pregnancy was really embarrassing.

She didnt care about that, but her family might feel humiliated.

“So, we need to have a medical check to make sure of it.

Be prepared,” said Gu Ning.

Cao Wenxin immediately realized why Gu Ning told her that they would go to visit a friend in the hospital.

In fact, Gu Ning just wanted to take her to have a medical check.

“W-What if Im really pregnant W-What should I do” Cao Wenxin panicked.

“What else do you want to do You should get married.

Xin Bei and you are adults.

You can get married now,” said Gu Ning.

It was the best way to solve that problem.

She didnt think that Cao Wenxin should have an abortion.

It would hurt her body, and also meant that she wasnt going to marry Xin Bei.

If so, there was no need for them to be together further.

Accordingly, they had to get married.

Cao Wenxin might be criticized if Tang Yunrong and the Tang family learned about it, but it already happened and they had to face it.

“Well, Im afraid that my parents…” Cao Wenxin felt guilty.

“You have to face it even if youre scared.

If youre really pregnant, you cant keep it a secret for long,” said Gu Ning.

Cao Wenxin fell silent, because Gu Ning told the truth.

No matter how scared she was, she had to face the problem.

However, she was extremely anxious.

Although she wasnt sure of it yet, it was very likely to be true.

Gu Ning couldnt help her, so she left Cao Wenxin alone.

After they arrived at the hospital, they soon had a medical check.

The result was out and Cao Wenxin was sure that she was pregnant.

She had been pregnant for about ten days.

After making sure of it, Cao Wenxin was completely struck dumb.

She was happy yet worried.

Back in the car, Cao Wenxin asked Gu Ning.

“Ningning, what should I do now”

Even though she knew that she had to face it, she was too scared to do it now.

“If youre not prepared to talk about that with your family yet, wait for a few days.

You can tell Xin Bei about it first,” said Gu Ning.

Cao Wenxin indeed needed time to digest the news and be prepared for the baby, so she listened to Gu Ning and decided to wait for a few days.

“Ningning, can you drive me back to my own apartment” Cao Wenxin asked.

She needed to be alone for a while.

“No problem, call me whenever you need me.

Take care of yourself these days.” Gu Ning wasnt worried that Cao Wenxin might lose her reason, because Cao Wenxin was very mature.

“Thanks,” said Cao Wenxin.

It was true that she wouldnt lose her reason just because of that.

She was only afraid to meet her family, but she was actually very happy that she was pregnant.

After that, Gu Ning drove Cao Wenxin back to her apartment.

In her own apartment, Cao Wenxin didnt call Xin Bei at once, but calmed herself down first.

She didnt call Xin Bei until she was calm.

Because Cao Wenxin just called Xin Bei yesterday, she knew that he didnt have a task now, so she could get through to him.

However, although Xin Bei didnt need to carry out a task, he still needed to work, so he couldnt come to see Cao Wenxin.

Before long, Xin Bei answered the call, joking.

“What Do you miss me”

“Um, I need to tell you something,” Cao Wenxin stammered.

She believed that Xin Bei was a responsible man, but she was still worried.

She didnt know what Xin Bei would do after hearing the news.

Would he be happy or unhappy when he learned that he was a father now


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