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Chapter 2337: Pregnant

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Gao Chengyun and Tong Jiayao werent a couple yet, because neither of them wanted to have a sexual relationship.

They took it very seriously and wouldnt get together until they knew each other better.

Cao Wenxin often gathered together with them, so she could see the change between them.

Cao Wenxin wasnt a self-centered person, so she didnt think it was wrong that one of her admirers started to chase another woman.

Instead, she felt happy for Gao Chengyun because he could start a new life.

They were true friends, so they each hoped that the others could live a better life.

They drank together, but Cao Wenxin felt like vomiting after a short while, so she immediately ran to the washroom.

Seeing that, everyone was surprised.

“No way.

She goes to vomit after drinking so little”

“Did she do that on purpose to avoid drinking”

“Its not her style.”


“Is she carrying” An Ran suddenly said, implying that Cao Wenxin might be pregnant.

It was just a joke, so everyone began to laugh about it.

“Alright, her younger brother is here.

Dont make such jokes! Dont take it seriously.” Zhu Yuanzhen immediately told them to stop.

If Tang Jiakai took it seriously, Cao Wenxin might get mad at them after she learned about it.

“I wasnt born yesterday.

I know youre joking.” Tang Jiakai was displeased.

He was several years younger than them, but he was already twenty-two this year.

He was a grown-up man.

He even shared dirty jokes with them, so it was no big deal in his eyes.

“If you think Im too young for that topic, Ningning is three years younger than me!” Tang Jiakai argued.

“Gu Ning didnt leave us an impression that shes a young girl,” said Gao Chengyun.

“Oh, do you mean shes old” Tang Jiakai squinted looking dangerous.

He turned to Gu Ning and said, “Ningning, Gao Chengyun just said that youre old!”

“I didnt say that.

I just mean that Gu Ning is mature and stable.

I always feel that shes a mature woman.” Gao Chengyun explained at once with an innocent expression.

He didnt say that Gu Ning was old.

It was Tang Jiakai who said that.

Gu Ning put on a resigned smile.

She wasnt mad because she knew that they were just joking.

In addition, she was indeed the eldest one among them.

She was actually nearly thirty, while they were mostly about twenty-six years old.

“Humph!” Tang Jiakai snorted at Gao Chengyun and stopped talking about it.

“I need to see how Wenxin is now.” Cao Wenxin had stayed in the washroom for a while, and Gu Ning was worried about her, so she stood up and went there.

She didnt take it seriously when Zhu Yuanzhen joked that Cao Wenxin might be carrying, but now she thought it might be true.

She only had doubts.

After all, feeling like vomiting didnt mean that Cao Wenxin was pregnant.

It could be a problem with her stomach.

Outside the door of the washroom, Gu Ning knocked on it.

“Wenxin, are you alright”

“Im fine.” Cao Wenxin replied inside, but she sounded weak.

It seemed she just vomited heavily.

“Do you need to have a medical check in the hospital” Gu Ning said.

She was afraid that Cao Wenxin might really be pregnant and alcohol could be harmful.

If Cao Wenxin only felt uncomfortable, she could give her a power crystal to help her get better.

However, if Cao Wenxin was really pregnant, she should stop drinking now!

Although Gu Ning disapproved of pregnancy before getting married, they must face the problem if Cao Wenxin was really pregnant.

Cao Wenxin opened the door and walked out.

Her face was a little pale, and she said, “No need.

Perhaps my stomach is acting up after I ate hot pot today.

Ill be fine tomorrow.”

Even if Cao Wenxin said that, Gu Ning was still worried, and decided to have a look with her Jade Eyes.

After that, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to look at the inside of Cao Wenxins stomach.

With a glance, Gu Ning made sure that Cao Wenxin was really pregnant.

However, she couldnt tell her about it right now, so she took out a power crystal and gave it to Cao Wenxin.

“Stop drinking tonight.

If you continue to drink, this medicine will be useless.

Youll still feel uncomfortable in your stomach,” said Gu Ning.

For the time being she agreed with Cao Wenxin that there might be a problem with her stomach.

“Sure.” Since she felt uncomfortable in her stomach, she didnt want to drink any longer.

She wouldnt harm her own body.

After taking the power crystal, Cao Wenxin felt much better.

Back in the room, An Ran asked, “Wenxin, are you alright Why did you vomit after drinking so little”

Everyone turned to look at Cao Wenxin with concern.

“Maybe the hot pot we had today is too spicy.

My stomach is acting up now,” said Cao Wenxin.

They indeed had hot pot this afternoon, so they thought it might be the reason.

“If you feel uncomfortable, stop drinking now, or youll feel more uncomfortable,” said Gao Chengyun.

Cao Wenxin nodded, then she stopped drinking.

She only had some water with them.

When it was late, they separated.

Cao Wenxin went back to the Tang familys house with Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai.

Although Cao Wenxin had a separate room in the Tang familys house, Gu Ning told her to sleep with her in the same room tonight.

She wasnt going to tell Cao Wenxin that she was pregnant.

She just wanted to talk about it with Cao Wenxin so that Cao Wenxin could be mentally prepared.

After they washed themselves, they began to chat while lying in bed.

As they chatted with each other, Gu Ning deliberately talked about pregnancy.

She asked, “Wenxin, have you ever thought about what youll do if you had an unintended pregnancy”

“What” Cao Wenxin was struck dumb.

She didnt know how to reply to that question.

She had thought about that before, but they were very careful normally.

However, they didnt take any precautions against pregnancy last time.

No, surely she wouldnt get pregnant just because of that.

“If you get pregnant before getting married, will your parents be mad” Gu Ning asked.

“Of course, theyll surely be mad,” said Cao Wenxin.

Although she had never thought about getting pregnant before she was married, she didnt want it to happen, so she got anxious upon thinking that it might really happen.

“What if youre pregnant What will you do” Gu Ning asked.

“If Im really pregnant, Ill surely get married.

I cant have an abortion.

I wont do that unless Xin Bei refuses to marry me,” said Cao Wenxin..


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