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Chapter 2336: Everything Will Become Better

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However, they werent very familiar since they had only met a few times after Gu Ning saved Peng Xinghao.

And because Gu Ning had saved them, she respected and admired Gu Ning a lot even if they werent familiar.

“Hey, how do you feel after working here” Gu Ning asked with a smile.

“Everything is great here.

Chairman Gu, I should thank you for that,” said Peng Xiaoman.

She felt very lucky to meet Gu Ning.

Without Gu Nings help, she and her younger brother wouldnt be living a good life today.

“Its alright.

Everything will become better,” said Gu Ning.

“I believe so! Everything will become better.

Chairman Gu, I should stop bothering you now.

Ill get back to my work.” Peng Xiaoman understood that Gu Ning came to see Yu Zi, so she stopped bothering her.

Gu Ning gave a nod, then went to Yu Zis studio.

Speaking of Peng Xiaoman, we must mention Zhou Weifan here.

When Peng Xiaoman stayed in the hospital, Gu Ning had arranged for Zhou Weifan to protect them for a while.

During this time, Peng Xiaoman gradually fell in love with him, but they were separated before they had a chance to get to know each other better.

After they separated, Peng Xiaoman thought of Zhou Weifan once in a while.

However, because Zhou Weifan said nothing about their relationship, she could only keep her affection for him in her heart.

Actually, Zhou Weifan had special feelings for Peng Xiaoman as well, but he didnt realize it back then because he knew very little about romantic relationships.

In fact, Zhou Weifan often thought of Peng Xiaoman as well after he left her.

He couldnt stop thinking about what she was doing, whether she had eaten, whether she was living a good life.

However, he lacked courage to contact her, since there was no good reason.

When he finally had a few days off, Zhou Weifan deliberately visited City B and asked Peng Xinghao out for a meal.

Peng Xinghao formed a good relationship with Zhou Weifan when he stayed in the hospital, so they exchanged numbers, but Zhou Weifan didnt have Peng Xiaomans number.

He wanted to get it, but felt embarrassed to do so.

When Zhou Weifan asked Peng Xinghao out, he also tried to ask Peng Xiaoman out.

He said that he came to City B for business and wanted to see them.

Peng Xinghao didnt know whether Zhou Weifan really came for business, but he was aware that his older sister liked Zhou Weifan.

He also had a good impression of Zhou Weifan.

If it was possible, he hoped that Zhou Weifan could become his brother-in-law.

Therefore, Peng Xinghao felt excited when Zhou Weifan came and asked them out for a meal.

Peng Xiaoman was also thrilled when she heard that Zhou Weifan came and invited them to have a meal together, but she was nervous too.

Nevertheless she still went to meet him, because she also wanted to give each other a chance.

They werent familiar yet, so it was too early for them to get together.

When Zhou Weifan saw Peng Xiaoman, he was also anxious, but that was very normal because both of them had special feelings for each other.

After they met, Zhou Weifan talked very little with Peng Xiaoman, but they were interacting with one another.

Even when they were in the capital, they rarely talked.

Afterwards, Zhou Weifan came to see them twice in a month.

Even when he didnt come, he would contact them once in a while.

Although Zhou Weifan and Peng Xiaoman werent a couple yet, they gradually became familiar and got to know each other better.

As time went by, they became more and more clear of their affection for each other.

And if nothing unexpected happened, they would be together after a while.

Gu Ning was unaware of all the above, because she was unwilling to interfere in her subordinates personal affairs.

If Zhou Weifan could really get together with Peng Xiaoman, Gu Ning would let him choose whether to come over to City B after her security company was established here.

In the capital, her security company was on track.

Because it was affiliated with the Shengning Organization, it was very popular.

If nothing unexpected happened, Gu Ning would open a branch in City B next year.

She had to keep a strong team of security guards in City B in case the Tang family needed them.

The Tang family owned a large business group, controlling countless companies in different industries, but it didnt have a security company.

As a result, if anything bas happened, they needed time to summon a team of strong security guards.

If Gu Ning prepared a strong team for them in City B, they could summon them whenever they needed it.

After Gu Ning met Yu Zi, it was late, so she went back to the Tang familys house.

She was staying there because she came back to City B alone.

When Gu Ning was free in City B, she regularly gathered together with Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai.

Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai invited her separately, but Gu Ning didnt accept their invitation and let them compete.

In the end, Cao Wenxin defeated Tang Jiakai, because all of Tang Jiakais friends were males, while Gu Ning was a girl.

If there were rumors, it would cause Gu Ning unnecessary trouble.

Tang Jiakai also realized that after Cao Wenxin pointed out the problem, so he gave in.

Tang Jiakai originally didnt think much about it.

He only wanted to show off his beautiful and outstanding younger sister in front of his friends.

Since Gu Ning agreed to meet Cao Wenxin and her friends, he didnt bother to meet with his friends.

Instead, he went with Cao Wenxin and Gu Ning.

Cao Wenxin had an appointment with her old friends, like Gao Chengyun and the others because it was a weekend and they were free today.

Gu Ning was familiar with all of them and there were no strangers.

This time, Gu Ning noticed that Gao Chengyun had already changed his attitude towards Cao Wenxin.

He wasnt closer to Cao Wenxin, but seemed to be in an intimate relationship with Tong Jiayao.

Gao Chengyun had admired Cao Wenxin for a very long time, but there was no happy ending.

Actually, nothing romantic happened between them.

Cao Wenxin got a boyfriend afterwards, so Gao Chengyun gave up on her over time.

Since he got over it, he could and would pay his attention to other girls and Tong Jiayao attracted him.

Tong Jiayao was Zhu Yuanzhens friend, but they rarely met before.

They didnt become familiar until they met more often later.

Tong Jiayao was a beautiful and strong lady, and she easily attracted mens attention and appreciation even if they only met several times.

After all, only when a mans heart was occupied by another woman would he ignore other outstanding girls..


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