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Chapter 2334: The Leader of the Company

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Seeing Gu Ning walking out, the receptionists immediately understood what she was going to do.

In an instant, she admired Gu Ning more than ever.

Their boss was really a nice person!

Ma Lequan took his father to the door of the company.

Under the tree where no one was there, he said angrily, “Who told you to come to the company to see me Didnt you know to call me first Look at your clothes.

If my colleagues know that youre my father, Ill be humiliated!”

He showed obvious disdain.

Standing not far away, Gu Ning had a big frown.

Ma Lequans behavior was unacceptable.

Given the old mans reaction, it seemed that his son had done that many times before, but he still felt sad.

However, because he was already used to it, he didnt argue with his son.

“I lost my phone.

And I cant remember your number, so I didnt know how to call you.

Didnt your girlfriend say that shell marry you after you buy a house in City B I know were too poor to afford a house, but since youre determined to marry her.

Your mother and I decided to sell our old house in the town.

We have three hundred thousand yuan now.

I came to give it to you.

You can pay the down payment for a house in City B,” said the old man, then handed Ma Lequan the bag he held in his arms.

Hearing that, Ma Lequan changed his attitude and took the bag at once.

“Where do you live then” Ma Lequan asked.

“We built a small house on the land.

We can live inside for a while.

After you buy a house, we can…” said the old man.

“Ill just rent an apartment for you in the town.

It only costs several hundred yuan a month.

I can afford that.” Before the old man could finish, Ma Lequan interrupted.

He didnt want his parents to move in and live with them.

His girlfriend had made it very clear that she wouldnt live with his parents after they married.

They had totally different habits, and it might cause conflicts.

Actually, it was Ma Lequan who disdained his own parents.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have quarreled with his parents for his girlfriend.

He even took away his parents savings, but didnt allow them to live with him.

The old man was completely disappointed, but he didnt oppose it since his son already made the decision.

“Well, no need to waste money.

Your mother and I will just live in the small house.

Its on the vegetable field and very convenient.” The old man disagreed with Ma Lequans idea of renting an apartment for them.

They wanted to move in and live with their son simply to see them more often.

If they couldnt see each other, they would just live in the small wooden house.

“Fine, you can leave now.

I still need to work.” Because his father rejected his offer, he didnt insist.

It wasnt bad, because he could save some money every month.

“Oh, sure,” said the old man, then he turned around and was about to leave.

He looked very upset.

“Wait a second.”

At this moment, Gu Ning opened her mouth and walked over.

Ma Lequans attitude was so unacceptable that she couldnt stand it any longer.

Just because his girlfriend wouldnt marry him until he bought a house in City B, he robbed his parents of everything

Although his parents were willing to help him, Ma Lequan wasnt grateful at all.

He even refused to live with them and let them stay in a small crude wooden house on the vegetable field.

It was indeed easy for young people to have conflicts with the old generation, but they still should take care of their parents.

If they wanted to buy a house in City B, they should do it on their own.

How could they rob their parents of all the money

He was so selfish that even his parents were hurt by him.

He could be harmful for the company too!

Ma Lequan and the old man turned to look at Gu Ning.

Upon seeing Gu Ning, Ma Lequan was scared.

He respectfully called, “Hi, Chairman Gu.”

Because he was a little guilty, he avoided meeting her eyes.

Although he was already used to treating his father like that, he knew that it wasnt right.

He was afraid that Gu Ning might have a bad impression of him after hearing their conversation.

He didnt want to be fired.

“Ma Lequan, it seems that you dont care about your father at all.

Hes wearing thin clothes, yet you didnt ask him whether hes cold or not.

You didnt take him to buy thicker clothes.

If you need a house to get married, why dont you work hard on your own Why did you rob your parents of money Theyre willing to do it because youre their son.

Why did you refuse to let them move in and live with you I dont think you should take your parents money.

You should work hard and buy a house by yourself,” said Gu Ning.

Ma Lequan felt very embarrassed.

He didnt think it was a big deal until Gu Ning criticized him face to face.

However, without his parents help, it was impossible for him to buy a house.

If he couldnt buy a house within a year, his girlfriend would break up with him.

He loved his girlfriend deeply, and was reluctant to break up with her.

Gu Ning continued.

“If a girl really loves you, she wont force you to do something you cant do.

Shell be willing to work hard with you for your future.

Do you think its really acceptable to treat your parents like this I know its your family affair.

As an outsider, I shouldnt interfere, but youre working for me.

I think I can tell you to keep some moral principles.”

Ma Lequan was frightened.

He didnt want to leave the Shengning Organization, because he earned a high salary here.

He had mixed emotions.

“A-Are you a leader of this company” The old man realized that this young girl wasnt ordinary, but she was too young to be a leader of such a big company.

Although he was touched when Gu Ning defended him and he felt grateful to her, he didnt want his son to lose his job because of him.

“Yes, Im the owner of this company,” said Gu Ning.

The old man thought that Gu Ning was only Ma Lequans supervisor, but unexpectedly she was the owner of this company.

It scared him.

“Miss, please dont fire my son.

His mother and I are willing to give him the money.

We want to help him.” The old man explained in case his son was fired.

Even if he was aggrieved earlier, he now was filled with worries.

He was a father after all, and he cared about his son even if his son treated him badly.

“I know youre willing to do that, but Ive witnessed his attitude.

As the owner of this company, I can distinguish the bad from the good.

Ma Lequan was accepted by my company, so he must be very skilled.

I dont want to lose talent, but I dislike unethical people.

I can give him a chance, but he must prove himself,” said Gu Ning..


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