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Chapter 2325: Who Do You Choose

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Leng Shaoting shouted as he looked for Gu Ning.

Because it was a misty forest with poor visibility, it was hard for him to see anything with his eyes.

In addition to shouts, Leng Shaoting also used his senses to search for Gu Ning.

However, after a few hours, he still couldnt find Gu Ning, nor could he walk out of the misty forest.

Leng Shaoting became more anxious.

He didnt know whether Gu Ning was safe.

After looking for Gu Ning for a while longer, Leng Shaoting heard noises of a fight.

Therefore, he quickly went there.

When he was closer, he saw two women in a fight.

One of them was Gu Ning.

However, Gu Ning was no match for the other woman and was beaten back step by step.

“Ningning!” The second Leng Shaoting saw Gu Ning, his eyes lit up.

He immediately ran to Gu Ning to help her and used his magical energy to hit the woman who was fighting against Gu Ning.

Once Leng Shaoting took action, the woman who was in the fight with Gu Ning couldnt fight back.

She was hit by Leng Shaotings magical energy and flew a few meters away till she fell on the ground.

The woman turned to look at Leng Shaoting in shock.

She sadly criticized him.

“Shaoting, how could you hurt me for her”

Hearing her criticism, Leng Shaoting frowned in confusion, because her tone and expression closely resembled Gu Nings.

However, her face and voice were totally strange to him.

He didnt think he had met her before! Why did he feel that she looked like Gu Ning

“Shaoting, youre finally here!” Gu Ning who stood next to Leng Shaoting said happily.

Upon hearing Gu Nings voice, Leng Shaoting came back to his senses.

He was eager to see whether Gu Ning was injured, so he ignored that woman.

The woman who was injured by Leng Shaoting was Tang Aining.

In other words, Tang Aining had a fight with Gu Ning, appearing in Leng Shaotings illusion.

It was a test for him.

It had nothing to do with the real Gu Ning, because it was all fake images in the illusion.

Normally, people and things that you cared about most would show up in the illusion, and you had to choose.

“Ningning, are you alright” Leng Shaoting asked with concern.

“Im fine,” said Gu Ning.

“Great.” Leng Shaoting felt relieved.

“Shaoting, lets go now!” Gu Ning pulled Leng Shaoting and wanted to leave.

She didnt bother to punish Tang Aining.

“Wait!” Tang Aining, however, wouldnt let them go.

She stood up and stared at Leng Shaoting with a sad expression.

“Shaoting, Im the real Gu Ning.

She is fake.”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting frowned, because that woman didnt look or sound like Gu Ning at all.

However, Leng Shaoting somehow felt there was a close similarity between Gu Ning and her.

At the same time, he had a strange feeling when Gu Ning held his hand.

Anyway, the feelings didnt last long, and he forbade himself from thinking like that.

Ningning by his side now! Therefore, Leng Shaoting turned to look at Tang Aining coldly.

“Miss, Im not blind.

I can recognize my fiancée.”

“No, shes fake! Im the real one,” said Tang Aining.

“Tang Aining, enough! You tried to possess my body in order to be alive again.

Its so selfish,” said Gu Ning angrily.

She seemed very mad and hurt.

Tang Aining

Leng Shaoting had heard of that name.

He knew that she was Tang Bingsens daughter and Gu Nings master.

Did she try to rob Gu Ning of her body in order to come alive

In an instant, Leng Shaoting was mad at Tang Aining.

As a cultivator, he wasnt surprised that a person became a ghost after she died and wanted to possess someone elses body.

It could happen.

“Gu Ning, you know that youre already dead.

If I hadnt been reincarnated into your body, your body would have been rotten long ago.

You wouldnt be able to meet Shaoting!” Tang Aining sneered.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was struck dumb.

What Gu Ning was already dead before meeting him After Tang Aining died, her soul possessed Gu Nings body

Although Leng Shaoting wasnt fully convinced by Tang Ainings words, he couldnt help but take it seriously.

“So what Since your soul has left my body, it means you shouldnt stay in my body any longer.

You should leave me now.

This is my body, and Im Gu Ning.” Gu Ning admitted that what Tang Aining just said was true.

Because even Gu Ning admitted it now, Leng Shaoting suddenly didnt know what to do.

Without a word, he gave a glance at Gu Ning, then at Tang Aining.

“Shaoting, you can only choose one of us.

Will you choose her or me” Gu Ning asked Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting hesitated, because they were both Gu Ning no matter if one had her body while the other had her soul.

It was a very difficult choice.

“Shaoting, Im the one whos been in love with you for over a year.

Will you leave me just because I have a different appearance now” Tang Aining asked.

“Of course not!” said Leng Shaoting subconsciously.

He loved Gu Ning not for her beautiful appearance.

Gu Ning interrupted.

“How about me My body has been with you for more than a year as well.

Will you abandon me”

“No, I wont,” said Leng Shaoting.

Although he was cornered now, he couldnt abandon Gu Ning, or he would be irresponsible.

What should he do now

“Who will you choose between us”

Gu Ning and Tang Aining asked him at the same time.


Leng Shaoting didnt want to say, because it was really hard.

It wasnt realistic for him to take both of them away.

He couldnt accept that, and they wouldnt be willing to do that either.

“Tell us, who will you choose”

“Say it!”

Leng Shaoting was cornered.

In the end, he replied.

“If its possible, I only want to go back to my life before I entered the barrier.

I only want Gu Ning with both her body and soul.

Only when her soul is in her body is she the girl I love.”

Upon hearing that, Gu Ning and Tang Aining shut their mouths, then their bodies disappeared in the air.

Seeing that, Leng Shaoting was scared.


He searched around in anxiety, but couldnt find Gu Ning and Tang Aining..

Finally, he realized something wasnt right.


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