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Chapter 2318: Show Me the Proof

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Suddenly, Gu Ning didnt know how to face Leng Shaoting, but she had to meet him.

She didnt go out and waited for Leng Shaoting to come in.

The lights were off in the room, but Leng Shaoting found out that someone was in his house when he took out his key and was about to open the door.

Instantly, Leng Shaoting was mad.

Who was in it He only arranged for his subordinate to clean his house regularly.

His subordinate never stayed here, so Leng Shaoting believed that it wasnt his subordinate.

Who could it be then Leng Shaoting could only walk in to see who the person was.

Therefore, even if he was aware that there was a person in his house, he still opened the door and walked inside.

If he left right now, he wouldnt be able to know who was in his house and what the person wanted.

Being alert, Leng Shaoting went into the house.

He could feel that the person was in the living room, but the person didnt move at all or seem aggressive after he came in.

It confused Leng Shaoting.

“Who are you Why are you in my home” Leng Shaoting asked.

He didnt turn on the lights.

“Im the one who sent you messages.

I need to talk with you about something serious.

Dont worry, I have no intention of hurting you,” said Gu Ning, then she stood up and walked towards Leng Shaoting.

Although the house was completely dark, Gu Ning could still see Leng Shaotings face clearly.

He was as cold as when she met him for the first time.

Somehow, Gu Ning was very disappointed.

Because Leng Shaoting felt no hatred from Gu Ning, he didnt attack her right after he got into the house.

However, she told him that she was the person who sent him messages, but he didnt know a girl called Ningning.

He had read the messages, but it was too late, so he didnt call her back.

He decided to do that the next morning.

Even though he didnt know this girl called Ningning, since she knew his number, his name, and even wanted to talk with him about something serious, he would still call her back.

Leng Shaoting turned on the lights afterwards, then saw Gu Ning, or Tang Aining to be specific.

However, it was just a strange face in his eyes, but he could see that this woman was very strong.

“How did you get in here” Leng Shaoting coldly looked at her and asked.

Although Leng Shaoting coldly stared at her, Gu Ning remained tender to him.

“I have my own way.” Gu Ning didnt tell him how she got in, because he would be suspicious of his subordinate if she told him that she had a key to his house.

Since Gu Ning refused to tell him, Leng Shaoting stopped asking about that.

He asked her about something else.

“What do you want to talk to me about”

“Do you know a girl called Gu Ning” Gu Ning asked.

She knew that she would receive a negative answer, but she was still full of hope.

“No, I dont,” said Leng Shaoting in a flat voice.

It was his real reaction.

Although Gu Ning knew that it would be a negative answer, she was still upset when she heard it from his mouth.

She was unwilling to give up, so she asked, “Do you believe in people with superpowers, monsters, and ghosts”

Leng Shaoting frowned.

He felt that it was a very strange question, but he still said, “No.”

“Have you been to City F” Gu Ning asked.

“No.” Leng Shaoting replied.

Gu Ning was more and more disappointed.

“If I tell you people with superpowers, monsters, and ghosts really exist in this world, and incarnations are real, will you believe it” Gu Ning asked.

Even if Leng Shaoting wasnt a cultivator now and couldnt recognize Gu Ning, he was Jing Yunyaos son after all.

He had cultivators blood, so Gu Ning thought that she could talk about that with him.

“Who are you What are you talking about Its really strange.” Leng Shaoting stopped answering Gu Nings questions, because it sounded ridiculous.

However, he didnt think that she was crazy, so Leng Shaoting somehow felt that what she said might be true.

“If you want to know who I am, answer my questions,” said Gu Ning.

Leng Shaoting was cold to other people, but he had patience.

He actually had great patience, because they had to wait at the airport for days and nights to catch their target when they carried out a task.

It required a lot of patience! Therefore, Leng Shaoting wasnt mad just because Gu Ning didnt tell him right away.

He was only used to being cold.

“How could I believe your words just like that If you want to convince me, show me the proof.”

Seeing the serious expression on Gu Nings face, Leng Shaoting frowned.

Did people with superpowers, monsters, and ghosts really exist in this world

This was the first time that he had ever heard about that, so he was very curious about it.

Besides, if they really existed, it would be harmful for the whole society.

Therefore, he couldnt stand on the sidelines.

“I surely can prove that, but you must be prepared,” said Gu Ning.

After a few seconds, she let the monster fox out of her telepathic eye space.

Witnessing the fox show up from nowhere, Leng Shaoting was stunned.

With a single move, Gu Ning convinced Leng Shaoting that people with super powers, monsters, and ghosts really existed in this world.

Ordinary people couldnt make a fox come out of nowhere.

Was she a monster

“You…” Staring at Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting suddenly didnt know what to say.

“Do you believe it now” Gu Ning asked, but she could see that Leng Shaoting was convinced from his expression.

“Yes.” Although it was hard for Leng Shaoting to digest the news right now, he still did his best to calm himself down.

“Well, tell me who you are.

Whats your purpose”

“Its a long story.

I hope you have patience.” Gu Ning said, “Since you now accept that people with superpowers, monsters, and ghosts really exist in this world.

You should know this world is different from what you believe.

In fact, youll meet me in a month and I will actually be another girl by then.

Ill die in a month, and my soul will possess the body of a girl named Gu Ning in City F.

Youll carry out a task in City F.

Youll be injured and we meet by accident.”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was shocked.

What Did she just say that they will meet in a month She will die by then and her soul will possess another persons body


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