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Chapter 2311: A Strange Hole

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Early the next morning, Xu Jinchen called Leng Shaoting and invited them to climb the mountain together.

Although they were very busy at work, they needed to relax when they were free.

However, the purpose of climbing the mountain this time was not purely for fun.

Xu Jingchen heard a rumor from Xu Jinglin that there was a strange hole on Xianyun Mountain.

It was very windy inside, and people couldnt go farther forward after walking for about thirty meters.

If people continued to go in, they would be blown down.

There was strong wind in the hole It was so strong that it could blow people down It was really unbelievable!

Obviously, it wasnt normal.

Nobody knew the reason for it.

Many people had tried to figure it out, but failed.

Afterwards, it was blocked with steel bars to prevent people from entering.

It would be bad if something went wrong.

In the past, Xu Jingchen would just think that these things were just hearsay, and would only regard it as rumors and wouldnt take it seriously.

However, ever since he learned that there were people with superpowers, monsters, and ghosts in this world, he didnt think that the strong wind was too shocking.

He was only curious about whether it was true.

If it could really blow people down, it must be unusual.

He wanted to find out more about it.

Otherwise, they wouldnt go so far in such cold weather.

He was a strong man, so he could stand the low temperature, but he was worried about Zi Beiying.

He actually didnt want to take Zi Beiying with them, but Zi Beiying argued that she had to join them, so he agreed.

Xu Jinchens description aroused Leng Shaotings curiosity.

He was mainly afraid that there might be monsters or ghosts, which could hurt innocent people if they didnt get rid of them as soon as possible.

If there were really monsters or ghosts, a few steel bars wouldnt stop them.

It was childs play.

Leng Shaoting told Gu Ning about it, and Gu Ning agreed that they should go to see the hole.

Xu Jinchen believed it might have something to do with monsters or ghosts if the strange strong wind really existed.

Therefore, it should be a dangerous trip.

He didnt call other people except for Zi Beiying and Chen Meng.

Chen Meng came back with them yesterday.

So when they gathered together, Xu Jinlin shared the rumor with them.

In fact, Xu Jinlin had invited them to visit it, but Xu Jinchen turned him down with the excuse that they needed to deal with something else.

They could go there next time when they were free.

Xu Jinchen simply did that to stop Xu Jinlin from going there.

After all, Xu Jinlin was too weak to handle it.

He might be injured if he went there.

Zi Beiying and Chen Meng, on the other hand, were both strong.

With Leng Shaoting and Gu Nings help, they would be safe even if they werent very helpful.

Soon they were ready to go.

They didnt meet in the city, but decided to directly meet at the foot of Xianyun Mountain.

Xianyun Mountain was located in the south of the capital, about 70 kilometers away from the Nancheng District.

It was the highest mountain near the capital, with an altitude of 1518 meters.

Xianyun Mountain was mainly composed of volcanic rocks.

The mountains in the territory were towering and the valleys were deeply cut.

It was a relatively dangerous scenic spot around the capital.

Besides, it wasnt close to the capital, so there werent many visitors, especially in winter.

Actually, not many people came to climb the mountain in the winter, which was a good thing for Gu Ning and her friends, because it would be convenient for them to take action if anything unusual really happened.

After Xu Jinchen and the others arrived and waited for about ten minutes, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting came.

They had had breakfast, but it would take a long time to climb the mountain today, so they brought bread and water with them.

If they were lucky and caught wild animals, they could eat the wild animals too.

Once they met, they didnt waste any time and went to buy tickets before climbing the mountain.

After all, it was a scenic spot, and the development of it cost money, so visitors needed to buy tickets.

Although they came for the cave, they didnt rush.

Like everyone else, they climbed the mountain at their usual speed, but given their physical strength, it was very easy for them to climb.

As a result, they were much faster than average people.

The cave was located at two-thirds of the height of the mountain, and the altitude of the mountain was very high, so it took a long time.

Although they were very fast, they still had to spend slightly more than an hour on the road.

Along the way, they only met about twenty visitors who came to climb the mountain as well.

Perhaps because it was morning there werent many visitors.

There were also several fork roads on the mountain, which lead to different viewpoints, so there might be more visitors in other places and they just didnt see them.

However, in addition to them, there was another group of four who also came to visit the cave.

It was two men and two women.

All of them were very young, and should be college students about twenty years old.

They hesitated to go in at the entrance of the cave, because they had also heard the rumor.

Although they werent sure whether it was true or false, they still felt scared and wondered if there was a ghost inside.

They didnt believe in ghosts, but felt frightened at the thought of ghosts.

When they saw Gu Ning and her friends come, they felt slightly relieved.

If there was a larger group of people, they wouldnt be so scared.

As Gu Ning and her friends walked closer, the group of college students were stunned by their outstanding appearances.

All the men were handsome and the women were extraordinarily beautiful.

However, when the two college girls saw Gu Ning and Zi Beiying, they got jealous of them.

They were pretty too, but were barely comparable to Gu Ning and Zi Beiying.

The girl with short hair was only a little jealous of them, and had no hatred for them.

The girl with long hair, however, was full of jealousy and showed obvious hostility.

Gu Ning and Zi Beiying didnt care about that, because they didnt bother to compare themselves with the two college girls at all.

The next second, the long-haired girl who was jealous of Gu Ning and Zi Beiying walked towards them.

She had what she believed to be the most attractive smile on her face.

She originally walked towards Leng Shaoting, but she paused for a while after a few steps, then turned to Xu Jinchen.

“Hi, are you going into the cave” she asked in a gentle voice.

The answer couldnt be more obvious, and the girl simply wanted to strike up a conversation with them.

She actually wanted to strike up a conversation with Leng Shaoting first, but he looked too cool so she didnt dare to go closer.

Xu Jinchen, however, looked much nicer, so she turned to Xu Jinchen..


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