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Chapter 2306: Life Is Full of Dramas

Xu Qinyin wasnt deliberately lavishing praise on Zi Beiyings family, but she wanted to make Mrs.

Yao give up.


Yao and Yao Liwei were surprised.

Since the girls family wasnt worse than the Xu family, they couldnt judge.

“Well, love is unconditional.

I dont think its anyones honor.

Its not a business alliance after all,” said Yao Liwei at this moment.

She sounded as if she was defending Xu Jinchens relationship with his girlfriend, but she was actually implying that Xu Jinchen got together with his girlfriend for the girls family background.

Afterwards, she asked, “I bet Jinchens girlfriend must be very pretty.

Hes extraordinarily handsome after all.”

Yao Liweis words were contradictory.

Xu Qinyin didnt think much about that, but Zi Beiying and Gu Ning understood her implication.

Therefore, Zi Beiying said, “If you think love is unconditional, why do you care about appearance Dont you think neither family background nor appearance is important as long as there is true love”

Hearing that, Xu Qinyin suddenly realized that Yao Liweis words werent right, but she wasnt sure whether Yao Liwei did it on purpose.

Anyway, she had a good impression of Yao Liwei, so she was unwilling to think of her as a bad person.

Yao Liwei was displeased when Zi Beiying embarrassed her.

How could this woman easily see through her

“Shes my younger sister-in-law.

Liwei, do you think she matches Jinchen” Xu Qinyin said, pointing at Zi Beiying.


Both Mrs.

Yao and Yao Liwei were astonished.

To their surprise, this woman turned out to be Xu Jinchens girlfriend.

All of a sudden, they felt embarrassed for what they just said.

They just asked about Zi Beiyings family background and appearance right in front of her.

It was really embarrassing!

And, Zi Beiying was extremely beautiful.

She and Xu Jinchen were a perfect couple.

“Nice to meet you!” Zi Beiying politely greeted Mrs.

Yao and Yao Liwei, but the meaningful smile on her face made them feel more embarrassed.

They felt as if they made a joke of themselves.

Anyway, Zi Beiying greeted them of her own accord, so they had to respond, or they would seem rude.

Therefore, Mrs.

Yao and Yao Liwei forced a smile and nicely replied to Zi Beiying.

“Nice to meet you!”

They seemed polite on the surface, but they were actually very displeased.

Yao Liwei was extremely jealous of Zi Beiying now, because Zi Beiying was prettier than her and was born in a more influential family.

She also became Xu Jinchens girlfriend.

“Im sorry, Mrs.

Yao, Liwei, I think I need to go now,” said Xu Qinyin.

She didnt want to waste more time on them.

“Sure, see you.”


Yao felt embarrassed, so she didnt stop them from leaving.

She actually hoped that they could leave as soon as possible.

After that, Xu Qinyin and the others walked away.

When they were far away, Gu Ning complained.

“Well, weve encountered a lot of drama today.”

Liu Jinglang stood in their way first, then Mrs.

Yao and Yao Liwei showed up.

Coincidentally, all of them had something to do with Zi Beiying and Xu Jinchen.

“Life is full of drama!” Zi Beiying agreed with Gu Ning.

Love stories were always dramatic.

A person might have many admirers, but he or she would only have one love.

Therefore, some people would be happy, while some were doomed to be hurt.

Xu Qinyin didnt know what had happened before she came, but she indeed felt Mrs.

Yao and Yao Liwei were really funny, so she didnt ask them about the other drama.

After Gu Ning and the others walked away, Yao Liwei complained.

“Xu Qinyin must have done that on purpose! She didnt tell us that woman is Xu Jinchens girlfriend so we were very embarrassed.”

In fact, Yao Liwei never liked Xu Qinyin, and was very jealous of her.

However, she wanted to leave a good impression on the Xu family, so she forced herself to be nice to Xu Qinyin.

She thought that Xu Qinyin deliberately embarrassed them, but she didnt have evidence.

She simply disliked Xu Qinyin and blamed her for it.

“I dont think so.

Qinyin wouldnt do something like that.” Mrs.

Yao disagreed.

Because she met Xu Qinyin more often than Yao Liwei did, she knew that the Xu familys members werent bad people.

In addition, she wasnt biased against Xu Qinyin, so she could think normally about this matter.

She didnt see that Xu Qinyin did it on purpose.

Instead, they said something they shouldnt have said aloud, so they were the unreasonable ones.


Yao was more mature than her daughter.

Yao Liwei was unhappy that her mother defended Xu Qinyin.

She wanted to argue with her mother, but gave up in the end.

Although it was impossible for her to be together with Xu Jinchen now, the Yao family still had to maintain their relationship with the Xu family, so she couldnt publicly criticize Xu Qinyin no matter how much she was displeased.

If other people heard them, it would damage their reputation.

“Well, Xu Jinchen is indeed a quality man, but we cant force him to choose you.

Youve known each other for so long, if you could become his girlfriend, you would have been together with him a long time ago.

So, dont think too much about it now.

Youll find your Mr.

Right.” Mrs.

Yao comforted Yao Liwei, hoping that she wouldnt be too sad.


Yao had hoped that Yao Liwei could be together with Xu Jinchen, but she didnt have much confidence.

After all, the Yao family was hardly comparable to the Xu family.

So she didnt think it was very likely to happen.

Therefore, she wasnt surprised by the fact that Xu Jinchen already had a girlfriend.

It was easier for her to accept it than it was for Yao Liwei.

“I know,” said Yao Liwei, but she sounded upset.

She understood it very well, but she just couldnt control her emotions.

When it was about 3 pm, Gu Ning and her friends went back to their own homes.

Xu Qinyin had another appointment in the afternoon, while Gu Ning needed to go to the siheyuan.

Back in the siheyuan, only Shangguan Yang, Stone, and Lao Zhang were there.

Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing went to work in the flower shop and would come home for dinner.

Even if Miao Jingjing had almost made a full recovery, it was safer for her to stay in the siheyuan because she wasnt strong enough.

She could also cultivate in the siheyuan.

After Gu Ning went back to the siheyuan, she chatted with Shangguan Yang for a while, then went to see the tree vine in the backyard..


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