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Chapter 2304: Do You Think Ill Believe It

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He only needed the woman to sleep with only him after becoming his girlfriend.

As for himself, he wouldnt stop playing around.

He always said that every man plays around.

One could steal a horse while another could not look over a hedge.

Liu Jinglang was a stereotypical playboy and he was a bad man.

Once he heard that Zi Beiyings boyfriend was much better than him, he was angered.

He really wanted to know who Zi Beiyings boyfriend was.

“Since you said that your boyfriend is much better than me, tell me who he is.

Do I know him If hes really much better than me, he must be one of the heirs in high society in the capital.

I might not know every important heir in the capital, but I do know most of them,” said Liu Jinglang.

Liu Jinglang deliberately said that Zi Beiyings boyfriend must be an heir in the capital because he honestly didnt believe it.

He simply wanted to embarrass Zi Beiying.

Although Zi Beiying was very beautiful, she was from another city.

She had no business or connections in the capital, so it was impossible that she could know quality men.

Even if she managed to meet them, quality men wouldnt choose her.

Nowadays a beautiful appearance wasnt rare and ones family background weighed a lot.

And given Xia Maiqis family background, it was very lucky that they could meet him, so he refused to believe that Zi Beiying could know someone better than him.

His family wasnt one of the richest families in the capital, but it was also very rich.

The woman next to Liu Jinglang got excited once she heard that he knew two thirds of the important heirs in the capital.

If Liu Jinglang could introduce one of them to her, her dream would come true!

However, she knew it was impossible.

She wasnt Liu Jinglangs girlfriend; she was kept by him as a sex partner.

He wouldnt introduce her to another wealthy man.

If other wealthy men knew he did that, they would be mad at him.

Liu Jinglang was reluctant to ruin his relationship with them.

“Since you want to know, I can tell you now.” In order to stop Liu Jinglang from bothering her, Zi Beiying said, “His name is Xu Jinchen.”

“What” Hearing that, Liu Jinglang was shocked.

He had definitely heard of Xu Jinchen, but Xu Jinchen didnt know him.

However, how did Zi Beiying manage to get Xu Jinchens liking She must be lying.

Liu Jinglang didnt believe that Zi Beiying could become Xu Jinchens girlfriend.


Do you think Ill believe it Xu Jinchen is far out of your league.

Its impossible that he would choose you.” Liu Jinglang sneered and humiliated Zi Beiying.

The woman next to Liu Jinglang had also heard of Xu Jinchens name, and she rounded her eyes in shock too.

Although it wasnt proven yet, she still got jealous of Zi Beiying.

Both of them were women, but Zi Beiying was a lot luckier than her.

Zi Beiying didnt only attract Liu Jinglangs attention, but also became Xu Jinchens girlfriend.

Being questioned by Liu Jinglang, Zi Beiying wasnt mad.

She only felt that Liu Jinglang was ridiculously funny, so she sneered.

“You can go to ask Xia Maiqi about it if you dont believe me.”

Although in Liu Jinglangs eyes, there was a huge gap between him and Xu Jinchen, Zi Beiying felt her family and Xu Jinchens family enjoyed the same high status.

In fact, the Zi family was more influential than the Xu family to some extent.

After all, the Zi family was involved in legal and illegal businesses.

Whether it was the authorities or the rich, they had to respect the Zi family.

Therefore, Zi Beiying didnt think that she was showing off when she told other people that her boyfriend was Xu Jinchen.

If she told them her family background, she would really be showing off.

Liu Jinglang was disappointed.

Could it really be true If not, Zi Beiying wouldnt tell him to ask Xia Maiqi about it.

If it was true, would Xu Jinchen punish him for chasing and bothering Zi Beiying

Liu Jinglang was very scared of Xu Jinchen.

No, it was impossible.

He still refused to believe that Zi Beiyings boyfriend was Xu Jinchen.

Zi Beiying had a close relationship with Xia Maiqi, so Xia Maiqi would surely lie for her.

Although Liu Jinglang tried to deny it, he was mostly convinced.

It was just hard for him to accept it.

At this time, Xu Qinyin arrived.

Zi Beiying had called Xu Qinyin to shop together, but Xu Qinyin was delayed and came a while later.

“Hi, Beiying, Gu Ning, Nan!” Upon seeing them, Xu Qinyin ran over.

Xu Qinyin didnt know Liu Jinglang, but Liu Jinglang knew her and had actually seen Xu Qinyin more times than he had seen Xu Jinchen.

He had only met Xu Jinchen twice at parties, because Xu Jinchen rarely took part in an event.

Xu Qinyin, on the other hand, was present very often, so he was able to see her more often.

However, they had only seen each other before, and he didnt dare to strike up a conversation with her due to the huge gap between their status.

As a result, when Liu Jinglang saw Xu Qinyins attitude towards Zi Beiying, he realized that Zi Beiying told the truth, but it wasnt easy for him to accept it.

Even if the woman next to Liu Jinglang didnt know Xu Qinyin, she could see that Zi Beiying was really Xu Jinchens girlfriend given Liu Jinglangs reaction.

Therefore, she was filled with jealousy.

“Your friend” Xu Qinyin gave a glance at Liu Jinglang.

“No, we should go now!” said Zi Beiying, then she ignored Liu Jinglang and left with her friends.

Xu Qinyin could see that something unpleasant had happened between them, but it wasnt the right time to ask about that now, so she walked away first.

Liu Jinglang didnt dare to stop them this time, because he was unwilling to offend the Xu family.

Now, he was only worried that Zi Beiying might tell Xu Jinchen about what he had done today.

If Xu Jinchen learned about his behavior, he might be punished!

At this moment, Liu Jinglang was irritated, so he directly walked out, leaving the woman behind.

The woman understood that Liu Jinglang was in a terrible mood now, and didnt dare to bother him.

She was quite upset that Liu Jinglang didnt buy clothes and bags for her, but she was more afraid that he might dump her.

If she was dumped, she might not be able to find a more generous “boyfriend” than Liu Jinglang..


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