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Chapter 2303: What Do You Think You Are

After dinner, they went to have fun in a bar, and ended up going home at 11 pm.

Gu Ning went back to Century City this time.

She wanted to go to stay in the siheyuan, because Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing were staying there recently, but it was very late.

She was alone and didnt want to go to Mountain River Garden, so she directly took Baili Zongxue back to Century City.

Back in Century City, Zi Beiying and the others were still awake, and were having a barbecue.

Seeing that Gu Ning was back, Zi Beiying was slightly surprised and invited Gu Ning to enjoy the barbecue with them.

Gu Ning was hungry, so she joined them.

“Gu Ning, drink with me.

They dont drink and its boring to drink alone,” said Zi Beiying.

She felt she had to drink when she was having a barbecue.

Mengda and Nan were bodyguards, so they couldnt drink when they were on duty in case something happened.

Although accidents werent likely to happen, they could never be too careful, so they always obeyed the rules.

If they were in the Zi familys house, they didnt need to be worried.

Actually, they often drank with Zi Beiying when they were free.

They could actually drink a lot.

In order to avoid causing any trouble if they had to drink by accident, they were trained to drink when they were becoming bodyguards.

“Sure!” Gu Ning accepted Zi Beiyings invitation.

They didnt drink much, and only got a little drunk.

The next day, it was a good day, so Gu Ning went to run after she got up.

Zi Beiying joined her.

After running, they went to have breakfast.

Gu Ning actually wanted to rest for a while before going to the siheyuan, but Zi Beiying invited her to hang out together.

It was rare for her to see Gu Ning, and Gu Ning was on vacation now.

Although she had other friends like Xia Maiqi and Xu Qinyin, in the capital as well, they needed to work and werent free.

So Zi Beiying had to spend most of her time with Mengda and Nan, and because Mengda and Nan had been by her side for years, she felt a little bored being with them now.

Gu Ning wasnt in a rush to go to the siheyuan, and she indeed hadnt had fun with Zi Beiying for a long time, so she agreed.

Walking around in a shopping mall, it was easy to run into familiar faces.

Shortly after Gu Ning and Zi Beiying walked into the shopping mall, they met someone familiar.

It was someone Zi Beiying knew, but it was a stranger to Gu Ning.

It was a man about twenty-seven years old.

He was handsome, but looked a little haggard.

There was a woman next to him.

She was beautiful, but seemed to be a hooker.

That was the first impression Gu Ning and Zi Beiying had of her, but they wouldnt say it aloud.

If they judged the woman from her appearance, it would be offensive.

However, when Zi Beiying saw the man, she was mad and showed an obvious hatred.

She was obviously reluctant to see him.

As soon as the man saw Zi Beiying, he panicked a little and got rid of the womans arm, as if he didnt want Zi Beiying to misunderstand them.

He didnt want to cause any misunderstandings.

Therefore, right after he got rid of the womans arm, he walked to Zi Beiying and said, “Hi, Beiying, what a coincidence! Um, this is my cousin.

My mom asked me to shop with her.”

As he was talking with Zi Beiying, he sized up Gu Ning and was stunned by her beauty.

In fact, he was leering at Gu Ning, which was quite disgusting.

“Oh,” said Zi Beiying.

She wasnt interested at all.

Without delay, she pulled Gu Ning and wanted to leave.

The man, however, thought that Zi Beiying was mad and stopped her at once.

“Beiying, I wasnt lying.” He explained.


Liu, I dont care whether you are lying or not.

Im going to shop with my friend.

Please move out of my way,” said Zi Beiying coldly, curbing her anger.

This man was a friend of Xia Maiqis friend, and they had gathered together several times before, so Zi Beiying didnt want to embarrass him.

“Beiying, you know I…” Liu Jinglang was displeased with Zi Beiyings cold attitude towards him.

He felt that he had been very sincere and chased Zi Beiying for a long time, but Zi Beiying still gave him a cold shoulder.

Before Liu Jinglang could finish, Zi Beiying interrupted.


Liu, its totally up to you how you want to treat me, but you cant ask me to treat you in a certain way.

Youre just a friend of my friend.

Please dont make me hate you.”

Hearing that, Liu Jinglang became angrier.

When he was about to say something, the woman next to him opened her mouth first.

“Come on, its your honor that Liu likes you.

How dare you say that to Liu Who do you think you are” The woman angrily criticized Zi Beiying.

She actually dreamed about becoming Liu Jinglangs girlfriend, but she failed.

However, it wasnt a bad thing that she could get some money from Liu Jinglang by being his sex partner.

Zi Beiying, on the other hand, rejected Liu Jinglang when he chased her.

It was completely insane in the womans eyes.

“Who do you think you are You have no position to judge me! I indeed dislike him, and to be honest with you, my boyfriend is much better than him.” Zi Beiying turned to glare at the woman.

The woman was annoying and tried to humiliate her, so Zi Beiying wouldnt tolerate it.

“You…” The woman was scared and didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

Liu Jinglang knew that Zi Beiying already had a boyfriend, but he didnt know who the man was.

In fact, he didnt care whether she had a boyfriend or not.

He would pursue the woman he liked whether the woman had a boyfriend or not.

He only stayed away from married women.

Actually, he would only have sex with them.

If his friends learned that he got together with a married woman, he would become a joke and he was reluctant to embarrass himself.

However, if he could steal a girl away from another man, he would be very proud, because it proved that he was very charming.

Nowadays, almost everyone had dated and slept with a few men or women before.

Liu Jinglang couldnt care less about it, since he had slept with countless women.


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