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Chapter 2299: Its Too Risky This Time!

Nobody could accept it when he or she was deprived of life.

Bai Qian was full of anger and reluctance.

Therefore, even if she knew it was impossible for her to run away, she still immediately turned around and rushed forward.

At the same time, Jing Yunyao went to catch her.

Gu Ning was closest to Bai Qian, but she did nothing.

She was already a cultivator and it wouldnt bring her any bad luck if she killed an evil cultivator, but she was a mortal to the outside world, so it wasnt appropriate for her to catch Bai Qian now.

It was better if Jing Yunyao did it.

Due to the huge gap between their abilities, Bai Qian couldnt fight back and was easily caught by Jing Yunyao.

Bai Qian was caught, but she didnt beg Jing Yunyao for mercy.

It was useless anyway, so she didnt bother to do that and was unwilling to give up her dignity.

However, it was hard for her to accept this result.

Before long, Bai Qian died in Jing Yunyaos hands.

Her lower abdomen (energy center) and tendons were broken, making it impossible for her to resurrect again, because if a cultivator wasnt completely dead, he or she could come back to life again if a master rescued him or her.

After all, cultivators were different from mortals.

Even if they were killed, they could still recover as long as their energy center wasnt broken.

Only when their lower abdomen (energy center) and tendons were broken, would they no longer be able to resurrect again.

Watching Bai Qian die, neither Gu Ning nor Miao Jingjing had sympathy for her.

If she was a mortal, they wouldnt have killed her.

Unfortunately, she wasnt.

She was an evil cultivator who couldnt be allowed to exist.

Bai Qian was already dead, but they wouldnt leave her body out in the wilderness.

They decided to dig a grave and bury her.

However, before they did that, Miao Jingjing suddenly realized that she had become a cultivator again.

It was very surprising.

“Well, it seems to be a blessing in disguise! I somehow got a second chance to cultivate.”

“Right, but its too risky this time.

If we were a while later, you might…” Jing Yunyao said.

Although it was good that Miao Jingjing had a second chance to cultivate, she was still scared in retrospect.

Most importantly, Miao Jingjing was a mortal before they came.

Once she was killed, she wouldnt be able to resurrect again.

“Youre right.” Upon thinking of that, Miao Jingjing was also horrified.

She gave a glance full of mixed emotions at Bai Qian who was on the ground, but Bai Qian was already dead, so Miao Jingjings anger slowly faded away.

After it was done, they left.

Because Miao Jingjing was seriously injured, she needed a long time to recover and could only stay in the siheyuan.

There was magical power in the siheyuan, which was very helpful for her recovery.

Shangguan Yang didnt know that Miao Jingjing had been abducted until they were back in the siheyuan.

He was very generous and gave Miao Jingjing a recovery magical pill.

Magical pills were only useful for cultivators.

Because Miao Jingjing had a second chance to cultivate again, she could take the recovery magical pill.

After taking the recovery magical pill, Miao Jingjing was much better, but she still needed a few days to make a full recovery.

Miao Jingjing could only rest now.

She barely had strength to cultivate, so she had to wait till she had mostly recovered.

After accommodating Miao Jingjing, Gu Ning had to go back to school.

It was 5 pm now, and it would be about 6 pm when she arrived at school.

She could share dinner with Song Miaoge and her other friends then.

The next two days, she lived a peaceful life.

After that, they had the exam.

After two days of recovery, Miao Jingjing was much better and could move freely now.

Jing Yunyao went to work in the flower shop for a while every day, but Lin managed it most of the time.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, Gu Ning could finish every exam perfectly and she always handed the papers in before all of the other students did.

She didnt mean to show off, but she felt bored sitting in the classroom after finishing the papers.

She would rather go get some fresh air after handing in the exam papers.

Everyone was aware that Gu Ning was a straight-A student.

Even if she was absent from classes for days, she could quickly catch up on the knowledge.

It seemed very easy for her to master the knowledge.

Even in the two days before the exam, Gu Nings classmates had a better understanding of the knowledge after her explanations.

However, they were all amazed when Gu Ning handed exam papers so early.

They gradually got used to it, but they were still very surprised by Gu Nings efficiency.

The exams lasted for three days.

Chu Peihan had invited them to have a gathering after it was over before they went home.

Song Miaoge also proposed to gather together.

Gu Ning didnt want any of her friends to be disappointed, so she asked them to have a large gathering together.

They werent strangers, so it wasnt a bad idea.

Therefore, once the exam was over, they went to the appointed restaurant.

Halfway on the way, Gu Ning met Nie Chenyang.

Nie Chenyang was aware that Gu Ning was Leng Shaotings fiancée.

He was very surprised when he heard about that, but he didnt think it was Gu Nings honor that she could marry into the Leng family.

Instead, he had a very good impression of Gu Ning.

Since Gu Ning was accepted by the Leng family, she must be more outstanding than he believed.

He knew little about the Leng family, so he didnt know that the Leng family didnt care much about ones family background.

“Hi, everyone!” Nie Chenyang greeted them.

Nie Chenyang didnt change his attitude towards Gu Ning because she was Leng Shaotings fiancée.

Actually, Nie Chenyang had been very nice to Gu Ning from the beginning.

“Hi, Senior Nie.”

Gu Ning and the others greeted him.

“Are you going out for a gathering” asked Nie Chenyang.

“Yes,” Gu Ning said.

“Oh, Im going to have a gathering with a few of my schoolmates as well.

If you dont mind, why dont you join us Itll be more fun if we have a larger gathering,” said Nie Chenyang.

It wasnt a courtesy, but a sincere invitation.

“Senior Nie, thank you so much for your kindness, but were going to meet up with our other friends.

Maybe we can gather together another day.” Gu Ning declined.

“Sure!” Since she said that, Nie Chenyang didnt insist.

Afterwards, they walked out of the school.

After recovering for five days, Miao Jingjing had mostly recovered.

She could move around, cultivate, and go to the flower shop.

Lin didnt know that Miao Jingjing had been injured.

Jing Yunyao only told her that Miao Jingjing needed to leave for a few days.

After a week, people lost interest in the rumor about Chu Peihan and Han Chenglin and only a few were still talking about it.


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