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It was quiet in the patient room, and Gu Ning had acute hearing, so she heard their talk clearly.

“Fine.” Wang Mao was disappointed, but didnt dare to resist, because he was only an ordinary man.

Although he didnt know the other mans identity, he understood that the man could easily kill his family since the man had offered him two hundred thousand yuan to ruin the reputation of Shenghua Real Estate.

The hidden camera set by Gu Ning was right behind Wang Mao.

She did so in order to see the screen of his phone.

Gu Ning immediately checked the callers number.

The number was from City G.

City G

The first idea that appeared in Gu Nings mind was Hongyun Real Estate, because she had just grabbed a profitable deal from them.

Gu Ning had thought that Hongyun Real Estate would do something to Zhengyang Street.

Unexpectedly, they couldnt wait and took action in City F now.

Although she didnt have solid proof, Gu Ning was sure that Hongyun Real Estate was behind this scheme.

She planned to collect evidence first.

Since Shenghua Real Estate and Hongyun Real Estate were enemies now, she made up her mind to beat Hongyun Real Estate down.

Gu Ning then called An Guangyao.

“Uncle An, is it convenient for you now I have something important to discuss with you,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure, please,” An Guangyao replied.

“It wasnt because of an accident but because of a scheme that Wang Mao fell from the building,” Gu Ning added.

“What A scheme” An Guangyao was astonished.


He looked disappointed when he found out that he was still alive, which was an abnormal reaction.

Thus I set up a bug and a hidden camera in his ward, and I heard his conversation with another man on the phone.

He said that he had done what he was told to, but failed,” Gu Ning said.

An Guangyao took a long breath in.

He was surprised by Gu Nings acute senses.

An Guangyao then realized why Gu Ning asked him to arrange a separate ward for Wang Mao.

It was convenient for her to keep an eye on him, and it also gave him a chance to expose himself.

Meanwhile, An Guangyao felt a little embarrassed.

If Gu Ning hadnt told him, he would have thought that it was a normal accident.

Gu Ning continued.

“The location of his callers number is City G, so I think that Hongyun Real Estate has to behind it.”

“Hongyun Real Estate How dare they do that in City F!” An Guangyao was mad.

He also understood that Hongyun Real Estate wouldnt give up on Zhengyang Street, but to his surprise, they couldnt wait and attacked them right in City F.

“What should we do next” An Guangyao asked.

He wanted to know Gu Nings opinion.

“Hongyun Real Estate failed this time, but Im sure that they wont stop.

You have to be more careful.

If some workers try to cause trouble or create a mess at the construction site, write down their names and keep a close eye on them to collect evidence.

If they want to quit, let them go, but put their names on the blacklist.

Never hire them again,” Gu Ning said.

It was common that accidents happened at construction sites.

As long as the company could handle it well, it would be fine.

“Sure,” An Guangyao answered.

The next day, the news spread aboard.

It wasnt actually a serious accident, but some people deliberately made up rumors and it suddenly became big news.

It didnt matter if it was true or not, people gradually started to believe it.

The rumors greatly affected Shenghuas construction site and reputation.

Even if the buildings were done, nobody was willing to buy the houses now, and the company could lose a lot of money.

In fact, the buildings were almost finished, and many houses were about to be on sale.

However, most potential buyers gave up the idea of buying a house there after the news went aboard.

Some real estate companies who had competed for this land also gloated over Shenghuas bad luck, especially Wu Lianqin, who had a long-standing grudge against An Guangyao.

However, they all knew that it was just a common accident, which was the reason why every real estate company paid a lot for insurance.

It depended on the company to handle it well.

Insiders were all aware that it couldnt be a simple accident because it spread aboard and became big news within a short time, but nobody knew who was behind it.

At the construction site, many workers argued for higher compensation and salary or they would quit the job.

An Guangyao went to allay their anxiety in person, and raised the compensation, but some still wanted to leave.

“I dont care about the compensation.

What if I fall from a high building some day in the future I dont want to spend the rest of my life in the hospital!”

“Exactly! If were disabled, or dead, money is useless!”

“Give us our salary and well quit!”

“If you dont pay us, well sue you and smash everything here!”

“You all have worked at construction sites for a long time, and you should know that accidents happen.

If you insist on quitting, I will allow it.

Shenghua Real Estate is able to pay you all!” An Guangyao said.

He was well-prepared before he came here today with his financial worker and cash, so he wasnt afraid.

However, some hesitated after that.

An Guangyao was right.

It was dangerous to work on construction sites.

And they all knew it clearly when they took the job.

Many of them had also witnessed accidents in the past years.

Moreover, the company had already paid the compensation and sent the injured worker to the hospital.

It would be unreasonable if they all quite just because of the accident.

Shenghua Real Estate paid them high salary and compensation, and they were reluctant to leave too.

In the end, around seven workers insisted on leaving, and there were two among them who appeared to be extremely active.

An Guangyao paid more attention to those two.


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