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Chapter 2293: Trapped by Master Leng

Song Miaoge and the others snorted when they heard the discussion about Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

If those people learned about Leng Shaotings family background, they would be scared.

Song Miaoge and the others didnt think Gu Ning accepted Leng Shaoting for his family background.

They had asked Gu Ning about how she met Leng Shaoting and became his girlfriend.

Gu Ning told them she didnt know Leng Shaotings real identity when she got together with him.

She only knew that he was a soldier, an extraordinary soldier.

She also felt he was handsome and outstanding.

She was completely attracted to him.

Back then, she hadnt started up a business yet, and was still only preparing to do that.

Therefore, they fell in love with each other because both of them were impressive and charming.

Song Miaoge and the others believed Gu Nings words.

They didnt think Gu Ning would lie to them.

When Gu Ning arrived at the school, the class was twenty minutes from being over, so she told Song Miaoge and the others that she would go to the canteen to wait for them.

Afterwards, Gu Ning ambled to the canteen.

Because many students were having classes, there were only a few students wandering around on campus.

Nobody paid special attention to Gu Ning.

However, halfway to the canteen, Gu Ning met the principal of the Capital University, Cai Qinghua.

Cai Qinghua came with the Dean of School of Economics and several leaders of the university.

Gu Ning had to walk by them if she continued to walk forward, so she had to greet them even if she wasnt sure whether they knew her.

Gu Ning was unaware of Cai Qinghuas relationship with Master Leng.

“Hi, nice to see you all!” Gu Ning greeted them confidently and politely.

“Nice to see you too, Gu Ning.”

The several leaders of the university were familiar with Gu Ning, so they didnt put on any airs and replied to her kindly.

Although Gu Ning was just a student, she wasnt a normal student.

She actually enjoyed a higher status than them.

Even though they were the leaders of the university, they still treated Gu Ning the way they treated other people on the same level as them.

“Are you Gu Ning” Cai Qinghua asked, looking at Gu Ning.

Although he hadnt seen Gu Ning before in reality, he had seen Gu Nings photos, so he recognized her.

However, he still wanted to make sure of it.

“Yes, I am,” said Gu Ning.

“Um, can I ask you about something” Cai Qinghua said, but he didnt avoid the other people.

“Did you plan to apply for the Capital University before you knew your scores, or after that”

Gu Ning didnt know why Cai Qinghua asked that question, but she decided to be honest.

“I was determined to apply for the Capital University even before I wrote the National College Entrance Examination.”

Knowing that, Cai Qinghua seemed surprised and he continued.

“Would you give up the Capital University for any reasons”

Hearing that, the other people were confused.

What did the principal want to do

Gu Ning was also confused, but she still said, “Not unless I was rejected, because the Capital University was always my target.”

Cai Qinghua instantly got mad, then he said angrily, “Very well, Leng lied to me and told me to send him a painting, or he wouldnt allow you to study in the Capital University.”

Gu Ning was taken aback, but roughly figured out what had happened.

If she guessed correctly, Master Leng must have been attracted to a painting of Cai Qinghuas.

He threatened Cai Qinghua to send the painting to him because he had a close relationship with Gu Ning.

If Cai Qinghua didnt agree, he would tell Gu Ning to study in another university.

Cai Qinghua didnt want to lose such an excellent student as Gu Ning, so he yielded.

Cai Qinghua was trapped by Master Leng!

It turned out Cai Qinghua was easily fooled.

Perhaps he didnt think too much at that moment.

Other people also understood what Cai Qinghua was talking about, and were surprised too.

When Cai Qinghua said Leng, they knew he was talking about Leng Weihua.

It wasnt a secret that Cai Qinghua and Leng Weihua were good friends.

They also knew that Gu Ning had a relationship with Leng Weihua, but it seemed Gu Nings relationship with Leng Weihua was much closer than they thought.

Were they close relatives

If not, Master Leng wouldnt have been able to threaten Cai Qinghua by telling Gu Ning not to study in the Capital University.

They were confused, but said nothing at this time.

Gu Ning rubbed her nose with slight embarrassment.

She revealed the trap set by Master Leng by accident.

Cai Qinghua would surely go to argue with Master Leng over that.

However, it was too late to do anything right now.

“Um, Im sorry, Im afraid Ive gotta go,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure.” Cai Qinghua appeared to be in a bad mood after knowing the truth.

He wasnt mad at Gu Ning, but Master Leng.

With the permission, Gu Ning immediately left.


Cai, is Gu Ning a relative of the Leng family” Once Gu Ning was gone, the dean asked.

“Gu Ning is the Leng familys future granddaughter-in-law,” said Cai Qinghua meaningfully.


Hearing that, everyone was astonished.

They thought that Gu Ning might be the Leng familys relative, but unexpectedly she was the Leng familys future granddaughter-in-law!

“Which heir of the Leng family will she marry” asked the dean.

He knew there were three heirs to the Leng family.

The eldest one was Leng Shaoting, who served in the military.

He didnt know Leng Shaotings rank, but it shouldnt be low.

The second heir was Leng Shaoming, who was involved in politics.

He was also young and successful.

The third heir was still studying in school.

“Shes the fiancée of the eldest heir of the Leng family.

Alright, keep it a secret among us.

Dont tell other people,” said Cai Qinghua.

Although it wasnt a secret, not everyone was aware of it, so he didnt want other people to hear it from him.

It would make him seem gossipy.

“Sure, Mr.

Cai,” said other people.

They agreed and promised that they wouldnt tell other people.

Anyway, after this they thought more highly of Gu Ning.

They admitted that Gu Ning was very successful at such a young age, but they still felt it was Gu Nings honor that she could marry into the Leng family.

However, it was their personal affair, so they couldnt judge.

After that, Cai Qinghua took out his phone at once to call Master Leng.


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