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Chapter 2292: Shes Violent

“You…” The girls were all surprised after they were knocked to the ground.

To their surprise, Chu Peihan was very strong and agile.

Was she a kung fu lover

“Im very good at kung fu.

I can easily beat up a dozen men.

Youre merely a bunch of weak girls.

I could see that you just wanted to grab my phone.

If you had tried to hurt me, I would have beaten you black and blue.

If youre smart, you better leave right now, or I wont be gentle to you again.” Chu Peihan warned.

“You cant tell Han Chenglin that I came to see you today,” said the girl with a facial mask.

She lost to Chu Peihan, but she still tried to bargain with her.

Her pride was really ridiculous.

“Be honest with me.

Are you really Han Chenglins fiancée” Chu Peihan asked.

She asked that question for no specific reason.

She just wanted to make sure of it.

Hearing that, the girl blinked and Chu Peihan had an answer.

“Why do you want to know that Are you dating Han Chenglin” The girl bit her lips and looked displeased.

“If you dont tell me, Ill directly ask Han Chenglin,” said Chu Peihan and took out her phone again.

“Wait!” The girl stopped her at once.

Chu Peihan stopped and looked at her, waiting for her reply.

The girl hesitated for a second, then said, “Im not Chenglins fiancée, but were childhood sweethearts.

Both of our families want us to be together, so Ill marry him sooner or later.”

In the end, the girl even emphasized the close bond between them.

“Dont worry, Han Chenglin and I are just friends.

I wont tell him that you came to see me today, but please go to talk to him about whatever happens in the future.

Dont come to cause me trouble again, or I wont be so gentle next time.” Chu Peihan threatened.

The girl said nothing.

She only looked at Chu Peihan with displeasure.

She wouldnt be in a good mood after being threatened.

After witnessing Chu Peihans abilities, they didnt dare to stop her.

In fact, their whole bodies were in pain now, so they could do nothing.

Chu Peihan told the girl that Han Chenglin and she were just friends.

She also agreed that she wouldnt tell Han Chenglin that she had come to see her, but if they caused her more trouble, Chu Peihan would definitely tell Han Chenglin about it.

The girl didnt want Han Chenglin to hate her more because of that.

Han Chenglin already hated her because she had chased away other girls who tried to form a relationship with him.

She just couldnt stand it when other girls wouldnt stay away from Han Chenglin.

She couldnt help teaching them a lesson and telling them not to bother Han Chenglin again.

Han Chenglin was her man, and no one could steal him away from her.

The girl didnt reply to Chu Peihan, but Chu Peihan didnt mind.

She simply turned around and directly walked away.

She went to Yu Xiaochen and pulled her to leave.

“Yunyi, are you alright”

Once Chu Peihan was gone, the girls two friends went to help her get back to her feet.

The girls name was Lu Yunyi.

“Cant you feel it Im in great pain all over!” Lu Yunyi was mad.

She could barely walk steadily.

“Chu Peihans so violent!” Girl A complained.

“She said she was gentle to us today.

If we had tried to injure her, we might have been wounded now.

It would be very embarrassing,” said Girl B.

She believed that Chu Peihan wasnt lying.

“Well, we didnt collect enough information about her.

If we had known shes so good at fighting, we would have brought two bodyguards and we wouldnt have been afraid of her.”

“Didnt she say she can beat up a dozen men by herself I dont think two bodyguards are enough, and if we bring too many bodyguards with us, we might be caught by the school,” said Girl A.

“Alright, enough.

Lets go to the hospital now.” Lu Yunyi was displeased when they complimented Chu Peihan, so she snapped at them angrily.

Although she had to admit that Chu Peihan was excellent, Chu Peihan was from a small city, so she didnt think Chu Peihans family could be as influential as hers.

At most, Chu Peihan only had Gu Ning, who was very outstanding, as a best friend, and a greatly-respected teacher, Gu Guangmiao.

Without them, Chu Peihan was merely a nobody!

Lu Yunyi was furious.

The two girls shut their mouths at once.

They were in pain all over, but they still tolerated the pain and helped Lu Yunyi leave.

At this time, Chu Peihan apologized to Yu Xiaochen after they walked away.

“Xiaochen, Im sorry for the trouble.”

Yu Xiaochen felt flattered and immediately replied.

“Dont say that! Its not your fault.

Its their fault.”

Yu Xiaochen was born in an ordinary family, so she abased herself a little in front of kids from rich families.

Chu Peihan apologized to her because she was innocent, but she somehow felt flattered.

“Well, you were threatened by them because of me,” said Chu Peihan in a resigned tone.

She knew Yu Xiaochens feelings very well, and she had actually encouraged Yu Xiaochen to build confidence many times.

Otherwise, she could be easily bullied in the workplace.

Yu Xiaochen had changed slightly, but the change wasnt big.

It took time to change ones character after all.

Chu Peihan promised Lu Yunyi that she wouldnt tell Han Chenglin about their meeting today, so she said nothing.

She didnt tell Shi Xiaoyue either, and also reminded Yu Xiaochen to keep it a secret.

Shi Xiaoyue didnt bother to ask Chu Peihan what she left to do.

Since Chu Peihan didnt tell her, it meant she shouldnt know.

In the afternoon, Leng Shaoting left the capital and went back to the military base, while Gu Ning also went back to school.

Many of Gu Nings schoolmates saw her photos with Leng Shaoting, and said that her fiancé was very handsome.

Other than the kids from the four major families, most people didnt recognize Leng Shaoting.

They were guessing who he was.

Some people thought that Leng Shaoting must be from a powerful family, otherwise he didnt deserve Gu Ning and Gu Ning wouldnt choose him.

Some people, however, felt that Leng Shaoting might be from an ordinary family.

Gu Ning chose him because he was very handsome and she could ignore his family background.

It was a material society and everyone cared more about ones family background and money than a romantic relationship.


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