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Chapter 2291: No Need to Explain It to You

Hearing that, Chu Peihan was mad and looked angry.

She coldly said, “Miss, please mind your language.

I have a very quick temper.

If you dare to humiliate me again, youll get a punch from me.”

“You…” The girl was furious about being threatened by Chu Peihan, but she wasnt afraid of her.

There were three of them, while Chu Peihan was alone, so they werent afraid.

After all, they knew very little about Chu Peihan and had no idea about her abilities, so they believed that they could defeat her.

If they knew how strong Chu Peihan was, they wouldnt have let Yu Xiaochen go.

Instead, they would have held Yu Xiaochen hostage to set a drag on Chu Peihan.

“How dare you threaten me” the girl said angrily.

Chu Peihan was merely a nobody in her eyes, so she couldnt believe that Chu Peihan dared to threaten her.

Although Chu Peihan was Gu Nings friend, they were just friends.

It didnt mean that Chu Peihan also enjoyed a high status.

If Gu Ning was here, the girl might hesitate.

The girl didnt hesitate to injure Chu Peihan just because Chu Peihan was Gu Nings friend, otherwise she wouldnt have come to see Chu Peihan today.

“You humiliated me first.

Do I have to please you after being humiliated by you” Chu Peihan sneered and mocked.

“Tell me, whats your relationship with Han Chenglin” the girl asked again.

“Were just normal friends,” said Chu Peihan.

Since the girl said she was Han Chenglins fiancée, she was unwilling to be mistaken for the other woman in their engagement.

Chu Peihan stopped arguing with the girl.

“Will normal friends go to visit the park together” The girl didnt believe it.

Although she didnt think friends shouldnt visit the park together, she was mad upon thinking of the rumors about them.

“Miss, since youve seen the photos on the Internet, you should know there were more than two of us in the park, right” Chu Peihan felt amused yet angry.

If she had been alone with Han Chenglin, it was understandable if the girl was mad at her, but they hadnt been alone together.

The girl didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

Another girl opened her mouth at this time.

“There were more than two of you in the park, but it isnt enough to prove that youre just friends.

And it was a couple who was with you.

Were you two the third wheel”

“Right, explain that to us,” said the girl at once.

“Do you want to force me to say there is something happening between me and Han Chenglin” Chu Peihan began to lose her patience.

She said that she and Han Chenglin were just friends, but they wouldnt believe it.

Did they have to force her to say that she and Han Chenglin were dating

“If there is nothing special between you two, why didnt you deny the rumor” said the girl.

Precisely because of that, she wasnt convinced by Chu Peihans answer.

There were few actresses who had rumors with Han Chenglin before, but he always denied them.

This time, however, he didnt do that.

Didnt that mean that their relationship wasnt normal

“Im running out of patience now.

I dont think I need to give further explanations.

Ill just call Han Chenglin right now.

Hell tell you whether were just friends,” said Chu Peihan.

She then took out her phone and called Han Chenglin.

Chu Peihan didnt think it would do her any good if Han Chenglin denied the rumor, because it would only arouse more criticisms of her.

“No, you cant!” The girl was in a complete panic and ran over at once to grab the phone away from Chu Peihan, but Chu Peihan got rid of her.

“Why not” Chu Peihan observed the girl.

She could see that the girl was scared.

It seemed the girl didnt want Han Chenglin to know that she came to see Chu Peihan.

“You just cant!” said the girl.

She was afraid that Han Chenglin would be mad if he knew that she came to see Chu Peihan, so she specially put on a facial mask to stop Chu Peihan from remembering her face.

“What are you afraid of Since youre Han Chenglins fiancée, why dont you have a talk with him Why did you come to see me instead If he already has a fiancée, he should avoid having rumors with other women.

Isnt it his fault that hes still having rumors with other women Why do you blame me for his mistakes” Chu Peihan questioned the girl.

She doubted whether the girl was really Han Chenglins fiancée.

“I-I…” The girl panicked and didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

She didnt dare to ask Han Chenglin about that, and she had no idea what position she had to do that, because…

Chu Peihan witnessed her panic, so she thought the girl might not be Han Chenglins fiancée.

“Are you really Han Chenglins fiancée” Chu Peihan asked, staring straight at her.

The girl panicked again and hurriedly replied.

“Of course Im his fiancée.”

However, when she said that, she lacked confidence.

This time, Chu Peihan was sure that the girl wasnt Han Chenglins fiancée.

If she wasnt his fiancée, what would their relationship be Chu Peihan didnt know that, but she could see that they had a special relationship.

Anyway, it had nothing to do with her.

“Alright, if so, I cant accept the humiliation.

Since its related to Han Chenglin, I need to call him and make everything clear right now,” said Chu Peihan and appeared to call Han Chenglin again.

Seeing that, the girl rushed forward once more, trying to grab Chu Peihans phone away.

She looked determined to stop Chu Peihan from calling Han Chenglin.

Unfortunately, Chu Peihan got rid of her again.

Without delay, the girl shouted to her two friends, “What are you doing Come and help me!”

Once the two girls heard that, they ran to Chu Peihan.

Yu Xiaochen witnessed that from where she sat.

She subconsciously stood up from the bench, but didnt run over.

She knew how strong Chu Peihan was and believed that Chu Peihan could handle it.

She simply cared about Chu Peihans safety.

Chu Peihan sneered.

“Do you think you can hurt me”

In a few seconds, she beat them all down on the ground.

However, because they were girls and Chu Peihan didnt really mean to injure them, she was very gentle and didnt wound them.

She only beat them till they were on the ground.

She just wanted them to know that they were no match for her.

If they stopped attacking her, she wouldnt beat them again, but if they didnt leave, she wouldnt be gentle to them anymore.


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