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Chapter 2290: Not a Big Deal


At noon the next day, Chu Peihan and Shi Xiaoyue were dining outside when Chu Peihan received a call from her roommate, Yu Xiaochen.

In their dorm room, only Yu Xiaochen got along well with her, so they exchanged their phone numbers.

Ke Lili and her lackeys always stayed away from Chu Peihan after knowing about Chu Peihans relationship with Gu Ning.

“Peihan, I-I was stopped by a few girls.

They refuse to let me go.

They want to see you.

If you dont come, theyll beat me,” said Yu Xiaochen in a trembling voice.

Hearing that, Chu Peihan instantly got angry.

She immediately figured out that some people wanted to cause trouble for her, but couldnt find her, so they caught Yu Xiaochen and made Yu Xiaochen call her.

Chu Peihan also guessed that the group of people might want to cause her trouble because of Han Chenglin.

That was the only reason she could think of! After all, the rumor about her and Han Chenglin was everywhere now.

“Sure, Ill be right there,” said Chu Peihan.

Since she was their target, she would surely go to see them, or Yu Xiaochen might get hurt because of her.

“They said you can only come alone,” said Yu Xiaochen.

“No problem,” said Chu Peihan.

She wasnt afraid to go there alone.

“Alright, enjoy the meal.

I need to leave now.” Chu Peihan said to Shi Xiaoyue right after hanging up the call.

“Whats wrong Did something happen Do you need me to go with you” Shi Xiaoyue asked with concern.

“Its not a big deal.

I can handle it.

You know Im not weak.

No one can bully me!” Chu Peihan comforted Shi Xiaoyue and gave her a relaxed smile.

She was mad because those people used Yu Xiaochen to threaten her.

She didnt want her friend to be injured because of her.

If those people directly accosted her, she would be interested in having a fight with them.

She disliked trouble, but she wouldnt hide from it.

When she couldnt avoid trouble, she would choose to face it.

“Right, but are you sure that you dont need me” Shi Xiaoyue understood that Chu Peihan was a strong girl, but she was still worried about her.

After all, it was rare to see Chu Peihan being so unhappy.

Even if she couldnt help Chu Peihan with anything, she would feel relieved if she went there with her.

“No need, have a nap in the dormitory after you finish the meal.

Ill be back in a while,” said Chu Peihan, then she left without delay.

Shi Xiaoyue gave a resigned nod.

She didnt have to go with Chu Peihan.

Since Chu Peihan stopped her, she didnt insist.

Along the way, Chu Peihan received many curious looks from passers-by.

She also heard discussions about her.

People were talking about her and Gu Ning or Han Chenglin.

When Chu Peihan arrived at the small woods, she saw four girls from a distance.

Yu Xiaochen was there, while one of the other three girls sat and the other two stood by the side.

Sitting there, the girl had a baseball cap and a mask.

It was obvious that she didnt want to be recognized.

She was playing on her phone with a lowered head, and the two girls stood there staring straight at Yu Xiaochen.

It seemed they were afraid that Yu Xiaochen might run away.

Yu Xiaochen was trembling.

She didnt dare to meet their eyes.

Once Chu Peihan walked near, one of the girls saw her and told the other girls.

They immediately turned to look at Chu Peihan.

Seeing that Chu Peihan came, Yu Xiaochen felt relieved.

She knew Chu Peihan was very strong, so she believed that she would be safe as long as Chu Peihan was here.

She also believed that Chu Peihan would be fine.

Although Yu Xiaochen was dragged into trouble because of Chu Peihan, she didnt blame Chu Peihan for it.

After getting along with Chu Peihan for a semester, she knew Chu Peihan was very easy-going and Chu Peihan had helped her a lot.

Even though she was dragged into trouble, it wasnt Chu Peihans fault.

It was those bad peoples fault.

They had all seen Chu Peihans photos, so they recognized her as soon as they saw her.

“Im your target.

Let my friend go now,” said Chu Peihan, walking nearer.

“You can go now.” Those girls kept their promise.

Once Chu Peihan came, they let Yu Xiaochen leave.

Hearing that, Yu Xiaochen quickly ran to Chu Peihan, but she didnt leave right away.

“Peihan, I-I can wait for you.”

Although Yu Xiaochen was terribly scared and wanted to leave, she was unwilling to leave Chu Peihan behind.

“Go sit on the bench over there if you want to wait for me.” Chu Peihan could see Yu Xiaochens determination, so she didnt force her to leave.

Anyway, she could protect Yu Xiaochen.

“Sure.” Yu Xiaochen understood that she might be a burden on Chu Peihan if she stayed when they began to fight.

Therefore, she walked to the bench which was about five meters away.

The moment Yu Xiaochen walked away, the girl who sat there finally stood up.

She walked to Chu Peihan and looked down her nose at her.

“Whats your relationship with Han Chenglin” she questioned her angrily.

Because Chu Peihan had guessed that they came because of Han Chenglin, she wasnt surprised at all when the girl mentioned him.

However, she was very displeased with the girls tone.

Who did the girl think she was Did it have anything to do with her what her relationship with Han Chenglin was Therefore, arms crossed on chest, Chu Peihan stared at the girl disdainfully.

“Its none of your business.”

“You…” The girl was surprised by Chu Peihans arrogance and got angry.

“Im Han Chenglins fiancée.

It is my business!” she said coldly.

After that, she gave Chu Peihan a provocative look.

Han Chenglins fiancée

Hearing that, Chu Peihan was unhappy, but she didnt know why and composed herself.

“So It has nothing to do with me,” said Chu Peihan as if she couldnt care less about it.

Seeing Chu Peihan being so calm in the face of her question, the girl slightly frowned.

She began to wonder whether she was wrong and there might be nothing between them.

Otherwise, Chu Peihan wouldnt be so calm when she heard that Han Chenglin was her fiancé.

However, the girl refused to believe that Chu Peihan had no special relationship with Han Chenglin.

Was it possible that Chu Peihan wanted to ride on Han Chenglins coattails

Thinking of that, the girl said, “Do you want to be the other woman in our engagement”


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