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Seconds later, people around them finally realized that an accident had happened, and everyone gathered around.

“Hey, what are you doing here”

“Exactly! What are you doing

People questioned Gu Ning continuously, but Gu Ning immediately snapped at them, “Shut your mouths, and call the ambulance right now!”

Hearing that, someone immediately took out his phone, calling the ambulance.

The construction workers ribs were broken, his internal organs were all damaged, and his right leg was broken too.

He would be dead in a normal situation, but Gu Nings power soon cured his injuries.

Although it cost Gu Ning a lot of power, it was an emergency and the construction worker was her own employee.

Gu Ning naturally couldnt do nothing.

Moreover, if anyone died at the construction site and the news went aboard, the reputation of the company would be affected and the feng shui of its buildings would be in doubt.

Gu Ning didnt cure the employee completely, but only prevented him from dying.

If he wasnt injured at all or just slightly damaged after falling from such a high level, it would be strange.

The construction worker was surprised to find out that he was still alive after he woke up, and there was a touch of disappointment and unwillingness that flashed through his eyes.

Hes disappointed and unwilling to be alive Gu Ning noticed his unusual reactions.

Apparently, it wasnt an accident, but more like a scheme.

The question was why

Gu Ning didnt have time to think about that right now, and she called An Guangyao without delay.

“Boss, whats up” An Guangyao asked like usual.

He obviously had no idea about what had just happened at the construction site.

“Uncle An, an accident happened at our construction site.

A worker fell from a high level, and hes injured.

Come over right now,” Gu Ning said.

“What Sure, Ill be right there,” An Guangyao stood up from his chair in shock.

He didnt have time to ask how Gu Ning found out about it, and told his secretary to arrange a car and to inform the construction director.

An Guangyao didnt receive the report of the accident until he was about to leave the company.

Because a worker at the construction site needed to tell the security room first, and a security guard then called the company, then a worker in the company reported this bad news to the management.

After all that, An Guangyao was finally able to hear about it.

The ambulance arrived earlier than An Guangyao and the others.

A doctor checked the injured worker for a short time, then took him to the hospital.

Gu Ning told a leader at the construction site to go with the doctor, then called An Guangyao telling him to head to the hospital, and she drove the car, heading to the hospital too.

An Guangyao ordered the construction director to investigate this accident at the site, and he went straight to the hospital.

They arrived at the hospital and needed to register first.

The manager of Shenghua Real Estate hadnt arrived yet, so Gu Ning had to handle everything in the hospital.

An Guangyao arrived soon after.

His secretary went to take care of the injured construction worker, and he went to have a discussion with Gu Ning.

“Boss, how did you know that there was going to be an accident at the construction site” An Guangyao asked with curiosity.

“I had a dream when I was having my break at noon.

I dreamt that someone fell from a high building.

Although it sounds strange, my dreams and senses are always accurate.

Thus I went to check on it myself.

Unexpectedly, the accident truly happened,” Gu Ning lied with a serious expression.

An Guangyao still believed Gu Nings explanation without any doubt.

Gu Ning was able to win at stone gambling easily, so she had to be an extraordinary human being.

“Boss, I can handle it here.

Please go back to you school now,” An Guangyao then realized that Gu Ning still had classes to attend.

“Its no big deal,” Gu Ning replied.

She decided to find out the real reason why the worker fell.

An Guangyao didnt insist then.

Before long, the examination report of the injured worker was out.

One of his ribs were broken, his internal organs were slightly damaged, and his right leg was broken too.

Fortunately, his injuries werent severe, and his life was saved.

After that, he had to have surgery and stay in the hospital for a few days.

Gu Ning told An Guangyao to arrange a common separate ward for the injured worker, and An Guangyao agreed.

There were common separate wards and VIP separate wards, but even a normal separate ward was much better than a ward shared by many patients.

Gu Ning then made a round in the separate ward.

She set a bug at the bedside and a hidden camera under the TV before she left.

When Gu Ning went back to her school, their classes were already over.

Gu Ning didnt walk inside, but sent a message to Hao Ran.

She was waiting for him at a nearby parking lot.

It wasnt convenient that she didnt have a car, but Gu Ning planned to buy one after she entered college in the capital.

Gu Ning was wearing Bluetooth earphones since she left the hospital.

The earphones were connected to the bug in the separate ward, but she hadnt heard anything useful yet.

When Hao Ran and others walked out, Gu Ning gave the car back to Hao Ran, and she ran back to Fenghua Luxury Mansion afterwards.

On the way, Gu Ning received a message from a delivery company.

Her parcel had already been put into a storage locker on the first floor.

Zhou Zhenghong sent the parcel to her.

The jade pendant that Gu Ning had ordered was in the parcel.

Tomorrow was Chu Peihans birthday, and this jade pendant was her birthday gift.

A gift which was worth hundreds of thousands of yuan was delivered by a common delivery company.

And Gu Ning really didnt worry about its safety.

Gu Ning collected the parcel when she got home, and she sent a message to Zhou Zhenghong telling him that it arrived safely.

She then took out her laptop from the telepathic eye space in her room, and opened the video being sent from the hidden camera.

Everything looked fine.

The injured construction worker was called Wang Mao.

His family came to visit him and got the compensation from Shenghua Real Estate.

That such a terrible accident had happened at the construction site scared some of the workers, but the company promised to find out the real reason and keep them safe, so they quickly calmed down.

Around 8 pm, Wang Maos wife left the ward to buy food for him.

Wang Mao was alone in the ward now.

He took out his phone, calling someone.

“Hi, its Wang Mao.

Ive done what you asked, but Im still alive,” Wang Mao said.

Hearing that, Gu Ning squinted.

The real troublemaker finally appeared.

It was obvious that Wang Mao fell from a high level on purpose, but who was behind this

“You trash! Since you failed, I wont give you the rest of the hundred and fifty thousand yuan.

You can take the fifty thousand yuan deposit as your administration fee, but dont ever betray me.

Otherwise, your whole family will be killed,” the other man threatened.


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