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Chapter 2280: Apologize and Pay

“So what I was talking about you.

So” The woman was surprised that Gu Ning dared to come to question her.

However, she wasnt afraid.

Since she dared to say that aloud, she wouldnt hesitate to admit it.

“So” Gu Ning sneered.

She actually didnt expect that this woman would admit it so quickly.

It was a good thing, because Gu Ning needed a reason to argue with that woman.

“You have no evidence to prove that.

Its slander! You must apologize to me,” said Gu Ning.

She sounded a little tough.

“Apologize No way!” said the woman arrogantly.

She couldnt care less about Gu Nings anger.

Given the womans look, she obviously married into a rich family.


Another woman who sat with this woman and had laughed at Gu Ning for her photographic memory tried to stop this woman.

Although she had made fun of Gu Ning just now, she didnt say that Gu Ning was a bad girl and she felt her friend was too unkind to Gu Ning.

The woman called Lin, however, ignored her.

“Do you still refuse to apologize” Gu Ning squinted and looked dangerous.

Watching Gu Nings expression, Lin felt a little guilty, but didnt give in.

She still said arrogantly, “Am I wrong Few beautiful girls like you will refuse to sell their bodies for money.

Youre all bitches who can do anything for… Ah!”

In fact, this woman became so aggressive for a reason.

Her husband had kept a beautiful college girl as a mistress before and had spent a lot of money on that girl.

Her husband had even traveled around with that girl.

The affair was exposed later.

Her husband cut off the sexual relationship with the college girl, while she didnt get a divorce for the sake of her children and money.

However, she could never get over it, so she got paranoid.

Whenever she saw pretty girls, she felt disgusted and assumed that they were all bad girls.

Before Lin could finish, she exclaimed, because Gu Ning couldnt stand it any longer and directly threw the coffee on the table on her face.

The coffee was still a little hot.

Lin wouldnt be burned, but felt quite uncomfortable due to the high temperature.

Lins exclamation immediately attracted attention from people around them.

A waiter came over at once.

“Maam, may I help” the waiter asked.

Although they argued here and the waiter was very displeased, he still stayed polite.

“This bit*ch poured coffee on my face!” Lin angrily criticized Gu Ning, pointing at her.

“Bi*ch, who are you talking about” Gu Ning was mad and played a trick.

“Im talking about you!” said Lin.

However, once she finished, she realized she was trapped by Gu Ning.

“You…” She was furious.

Onlookers snorted with laughter.

“What are you laughing about Be quiet!” Lin criticized them and gave them a glare.

“Miss, is it true Did you pour coffee on this madams face” The waiter asked Gu Ning.

He knew it must be true since Lin looked so angry, but he needed to make sure of it.

However he wasnt unkind to Gu Ning just because Gu Ning poured coffee on that woman.

He had been a waiter for a long time, and such a thing had happened many times before.

Normally, it happened for a reason.

That woman called Lin must have done something unacceptable to make the girl pour coffee on her face.

“Yes, I did, but shes too evil.

She humiliated me first.

I told her to apologize, but she refused.

She even continued to humiliate me.

She said I sold my body for money! I couldnt repeat what she said to my face.

I couldnt stand it either, so I took action to stop her,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, onlookers turned to stare at Lin in anger.

They were surprised by her unkindness to a young girl.

Some people, however, were confused.

Why did Lin attack Gu Ning all of a sudden Did she know something

Therefore, a woman asked, “Why did she suddenly say that Did she witness anything”

The woman looked at Gu Ning with jealousy as well.

In fact, she asked that question on purpose.

Once she said that, other people stared at Gu Ning strangely.

There must be a reason for that! Why did Lin criticize Gu Ning all of a sudden Lin must have witnessed something.

“Yes, I caught her doing something bad!” Lin actually was a little guilty when other people glared at her, but she immediately chimed in as soon as someone supported her.

Gu Ning felt it was ridiculously amusing.

“Oh What did you catch me doing, maam” Gu Ning asked, looking dangerous.

Facing Gu Nings eyes, Lin panicked a little.

She blinked, but still insisted.

“I caught you going into a hotel with an old man.”

“Which hotel”

“I-I cant remember, but I saw you.”

“Maam, do beautiful girls have to be poor in your eyes Do we have to sell our bodies for money just because were pretty” Gu Ning sneered.

Hearing that, Lin was taken aback.

Did it mean she was rich Lin wasnt sure of it, so she didnt know how to answer it.

“Maam, why dont you say something now” Gu Ning joked.

“I dont care whether youre rich or not.

You poured coffee on my face.

You must apologize to me and pay for damaging my clothing.

This is my new clothing.

It cost me thirsty-six thousand yuan,” said Lin.

She obviously wanted to stop talking about her humiliation to Gu Ning.

“Apologize and pay for your clothing Maam, now you know one should apologize for her bad behavior Why didnt you apologize to me when you humiliated me earlier” Gu Ning mocked.

Lin panicked again, but still ignored Gu Nings request.

“I just caught you doing something bad.

Now you made my clothing dirty.

You must pay for it.”

“No way! And I think you dont match Gufan at all.

Maam, I strongly suggest you not buy it again.” Gu Ning recognized Gufan on her body at a glance.

Afterwards, she saw a few shopping bags on the next seat.

With a smile, she added, “You dont match Kouzi either.

I think you should stop using it.”


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