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She hated Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen so much that she was eager to kill them, but she also knew that it wasnt practical.

Facing Li Zhenyus questions, Su Jing replied that she wasnt clear, but that she was going to visit Li Zhenzhen.

Su Jing carefully put on makeup to cover her wan look before she left her home.

When she arrived at the hospital there was only Li Zhenyu by Li Zhenzhens side.

Su Jing said that she wanted to talk with Li Zhenzhen alone, so Li Zhenyu walked out.

“Zhenzhen, Im so sorry.

If I hadnt called you out to drink, it wouldnt have happened,” Su Jing apologized to Li Zhenzhen sincerely.

Li Zhenzhen naturally hated Su Jing because just as she had said, if she hadnt called her out to drink, none of it would have happened.

Nevertheless, she had agreed to drink with them on her own, and Su Jing was a victim too.

Li Zhenzhen stayed quiet, so Su Jing didnt know what to say next.

After a long while, Li Zhenzhen opened her mouth.

“Su Jing, do you want to get revenge”

“Yes, but how” Su Jing sounded upset.

They had videos and photos in their hands.

“As long as theyre dead, no one will know about it,” Li Zhenzhen said.

There was a sense of murder in her empty eyes.

Hearing that, Su Jing trembled.

“How can they be dead”

She didnt want to risk her life.

Li Zhenzhen of course understood what was in Su Jings mind, and she had the same thought too.

“Relax, well be fine.”

During lunch on Thursday, Gu Nings phone rang suddenly.

Seeing the caller, Gu Nings face immediately lit up.

“Hi!” she said in a soft tone.

Gu Nings unusual reaction raised the others curiosity.

It seemed like their boss was in love!

“Have you eaten” Leng Shaoting asked gently.

“Yeah, Im eating right now.

How about you” Gu Ning asked.

“Not yet, but soon,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Have you finished your task” Gu Ning asked.

“Yes, but Im still occupied by other work, so I cant come to you right now,” Leng Shaoting answered.

“Its fine.

Work first, and we can meet when youre free.” Gu Ning understood it.

After a while, they hung up.

Then Gu Ning realized that Chu Peihan and the others were studying her face, searching for gossip.

Gu Ning panicked a little.

“Boss, are you in love” Chu Peihan approached Gu Ning.

The rest were also staring at her with burning curiosity.

“Yes,” Gu Ning said with alacrity.

“Really Wow!”

They were all surprised and surrounded Gu Ning at once.

“Boss, what does he look like”

“What does he do”

“Do you have a photo of him”

“Hes handsome, a military officer, and no I dont have a photo,” Gu Ning replied.

They were excited to hear that their bosss boyfriend was handsome.

And they admired him because he was a military officer.

However, they were disappointed that there was no photo of him.

“Ill introduce him to you in the future.

Come on, well continue practicing after lunch.” Gu Ning ended the topic.

They were upset that they werent able to see any photos of their bosss boyfriend, but they were all looking forward to meeting him.

When their classes were about to begin, Gu Ning and her friends were on their way to their classrooms.

All of a sudden, a picture emerged in Gu Nings sight.

A construction worker was working at a very high level, but fell at short notice.

He struggled for a few seconds before he was dead.

Gu Ning was struck dumb.

What was going on Why was such a picture appearing in her sight Why did it feel so real Was it a predictive ability Then where was the construction site

Gu Ning instantly thought of an ongoing construction site of Shenghua Real Estate.

She sensed that something had to be wrong.

If she had a predictive ability, what she could predict probably had something to do with herself, and all she could think of now was the Shenghua Real Estate construction site.

“Hao Ran, can you lend your car to me I just remembered that I have something to deal with right now,” Gu Ning said to Hao Ran.

She couldnt tell them the truth, so she could only lie.

“Sure!” Hao Ran gave the car keys to Gu Ning without hesitation.

They didnt ask what Gu Ning was going to deal with.

Gu Ning took the car keys, running out without delay.

“Ningning is in a hurry.

Is there an emergency” Yu Mixi was a little worried.

“It seems to be something important, but I think that boss can handle it!” Mu Ke said.

Although they all believed in Gu Ning, they couldnt help feeling concerned.

Gu Ning ran straight to the parking lot then drove the car ahead at a high speed.

She even exceeded the speed limit, but didnt drive forward when there was a red light, because there were many cars ahead.

So it was impossible for her to do so.

Luckily, it wasnt the rush hour, so the traffic wasnt very heavy.

Normally, it would take 15 minutes to drive there, but Gu Ning arrived within 10 minutes.

The car stopped abruptly at the gate of the construction site.

The security guards at the gate were surprised by the sound, and all ran out to have a look.

They complained to themselves thinking: why did the girl stop the car in such a hurry

Gu Ning got out of the car with the Shenghua Real Estate pass in her hands, walking towards the construction site.

An Guangyao had prepared that for Gu Ning earlier on, so that she could enter the company or the construction site at any time.

A security guard noticed that she was a student in a school uniform, so he wanted to stop her.

Unexpectedly, once he moved near, Gu Ning showed him her pass.

The security guard of course didnt believe that she was a worker here, but he didnt ask any further questions because she had the pass.

Thus he let her in.

However, before she could go inside, she had to put on a helmet.

The minute that Gu Ning walked into the construction site, she ran to the building that had appeared in the picture.

Everyone around her was confused, and had no idea what was going on.

They indeed didnt know that an accident was going to happen soon, and how serious it would be was totally up to Gu Ning now.

However, Gu Ning was still late.

Just as she got near the building, she heard a horrified exclamation followed by a man falling from the fifth floor.

From the predictive picture, the construction worker would be dead within seconds, but he had already fallen down, and Gu Ning failed to stop it, so she could only administer first aid within the few seconds before his death.

The horrified exclamation attracted peoples sights.

However, before they could realize what had happened, they heard a loud sound from the body hitting the ground heavily.

Now, everyone was stunned by the scene.

Gu Ning arrived at the building just as the worker fell down, so she immediately laid her hands on his chest, giving him her power.


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