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Chapter 2272: Not Enough Time

Hunter was displeased and said, “Im afraid Im occupied this whole morning.

I dont have enough time for you, Miss Tang.”

“Oh, why dont we gamble this afternoon” said Gu Ning.

“Sorry, I need to go home to deal with something important this afternoon.

Im going to the airport at 1 pm, so Im afraid its a pity this time,” said Hunter.

Although Hunter said that, everyone knew he was deliberately avoiding Gu Ning.

In an instant, people looked at him disdainfully and Hunter could feel it.

He was very mad, but pretended to know nothing.

Even if Gu Ning knew that Hunter would leave right this afternoon, she wasnt surprised.

It wasnt beyond her expectations.

Those gamblers who were gambling with him were paid to do so.

They simply tried to stop Gu Ning from gambling with Hunter.

“Well, Hunter, it seems youre really popular.

There are so many people waiting to gamble with you.

I think I only have half of Hunters challengers.” Gu Ning complimented, but her tone was ironic.

In order not to give Gu Ning any chances, Ji Anchen paid a lot of people to gamble with Hunter.

Hunter didnt have any free time, while other gamblers didnt have many challengers.

After all, they were all skilled gamblers.

Not many people dared to gamble with them.

They mainly play the game with each other on the same level.

When Gu Ning said that, everyone suddenly realized it wasnt right.

Hunter indeed had many more challengers than other gamblers, but they couldnt figure out the reason.

Most people had no idea about that, while some were aware of that.

Hunter did it simply to avoid gambling with Tang Aining because Hunter had promised to have a big bet with her, but he had lost twice to her.

Therefore, Hunter was scared this time and didnt dare to gamble with her again.

Because he was afraid that Tang Aining would come to challenge him, he paid those people to occupy his time so that he didnt have enough time to gamble with Tang Aining.

Knowing that, they showed obvious disdain for Hunter.

They were surprised that Hunter would be so timid.

They could understand it, because no gambler could defeat Tang Aining, and Hunter was merely trying to save his face.

However, it didnt mean they would stop disdaining him.

After all, they enjoyed making fun of each other.

Peers were competitors, and they were from different countries.

Hunter was immediately mad.

Gu Ning made it very clear that she knew he had paid those people to occupy his time in order to avoid gambling with her.

Once she said it aloud, everyone learned about his purpose, so Hunter felt quite humiliated.

He hated Gu Ning more than ever now.

“Right, Hunter is so popular.

I feel Im barely comparable to you.”

At this time, Lucas opened his mouth as well.

Although he seemed to be envious of Hunter, his tone showed that he was simply mocking Hunter.

Hunter was popular Absolutely not! He was barely comparable to him He was actually just gloating over Hunters failure.

Hunter had stopped him and questioned him unkindly the other day, and Lucas didnt forget that.

Although he wasnt determined to take revenge, he wouldnt miss any chances to embarrass Hunter.

Most importantly, there were old grudges between them in addition to the argument they had last time.

Therefore, they werent bitter enemies, but they didnt have a good relationship.

“You…” Hunter glared at Lucas, because Luca laughed at him when he was down.

It was hateful.

However, he didnt know how to argue against that, because his secret was exposed.

Everyone now learned why he was busy accepting challenges.

“Its my own business, not yours!” Hunter gritted his teeth.

He felt he had the worst luck today.

In the past, he was always the idol of other gamblers whenever he showed up at gambling competitions, but this time he was greatly humiliated.

“Were not interfering.

Were complimenting you!” said Gu Ning.

She acted innocent, as if Hunter had misunderstood her.

However, everyone knew that she did it on purpose, but they had no bad impression of her.

It was Hunters fault after all, while Gu Nings abilities had already impressed many people, so they chose to side with her.

“Miss Tang, I dont know when Ive offended you.

Why do you have to pick on me again and again” Hunter angrily complained.

He didnt think that Gu Ning knew that he had paid a killer to assassinate her, so he couldnt understand why she couldnt let him go.

He had simply said to her that she was very confident and that he wanted to have a big bet when they gambled with each other.

It wasnt very offensive.

Was she so intolerant She wouldnt let him go just because he had said something unkind to her

“Hunter, you havent offended me.

And Im not picking on you again and again.

Hunter, its you who said to have a big bet when we gamble with each other, so Im just reminding you,” said Gu Ning on purpose.

“I dont want to gamble with you now.

So” Hunter said.

He didnt want to humiliate himself in public again, so he didnt bother to hide his real thoughts now.

“Hunter, since you have no intention of gambling with me, I think you better not say it aloud when you arent prepared.

You cant keep your promise.

Its just a waste of my time!” said Gu Ning, but she actually wasnt mad.

Anyway, everyone was aware that Hunter avoided gambling with Gu Ning because he was scared of her.

Hunter had been greatly humiliated, so Gu Ning stopped embarrassing him.

After all, her real purpose wasnt just to humiliate him.

Hunter was mad and was unwilling to accept it, but he could do nothing about it.

Anyway, Tang Aining walked away, so he could feel relieved.

He gambled with other people simply to avoid gambling with Tang Aining.

Since she left now, he wanted to stop acting, so he quit and went to rest in the lounge.

Gradually, nobody paid special attention to Hunter.

Ji Anchen witnessed everything.

He put on a resigned face, but couldnt help Hunter.

It was Hunter who was too self-satisfied, and challenged Tang Aining at their first meeting.

Although he also refused to believe Tang Aining could be so good at gambling, he had reminded Hunter to take her seriously.

After all, she had defeated many top gamblers in City Ao.

Hidesuke Ida was also worried that Gu Ning might come to gamble with him.

Anyway, on the first day, he had challenged her as well, so he stayed far away from her in case she noticed him.


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