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During the Warring States Period, bronze mirrors were produced in large numbers.

During this period, the bronze mirror was more delicate and light and its buttons were small and thin.

It was generally decorated with fine patterns.

The most common ones were mountain patterns, dragon and phoenix patterns, mosaic patterns, continuous arc patterns, diamond patterns and so forth.

The bronze mirrors in the Han Dynasty were generally thick and heavy, and there were often inscriptions of auspicious words on the mirror.

The mirror buttons were mostly hemispherical, and the persimmon-shaped button holder was very popular.

At that time, there was also a kind of light-transmission mirror called “Light of Seeing the Sun”.

When the mirror surface was exposed to sunlight, the wall reflected the pattern corresponding to the mirror back.

From the middle of the Han Dynasty to the Wei and Jin Dynasty, there were embossed portraits and oracle mirrors.

The Tang Dynasty was the peak period of the development of bronze mirrors in this country.

It wasnt only delicate, but also broke the traditional mode of the traditional bronze mirror as a circular button.

There were many forms such as square, rhomboid, sunflower and hand-held mirrors.

Its patterns also became variable and colorful, like butterflies, grapes, birds and beasts, and character stories.

During this period, gold-silver flat mirrors also emerged.

In the Song Dynasty, the technique of casting mirrors gradually began to decline.

The mirrors in the Song Dynasty were mainly composed of tangled flowers and peony.

Huzhou was the most famous center for casting mirrors.

Their mirror backs were often marked with a mirror workshop.

The bronze mirror in Gu Nings hands was exquisite and light.

Its buttons were small, and there were diamond patterns on it.

It had to belong to the Warring States Period.

As for its price, Gu Ning couldnt estimate it, but it should be worth a few million yuan!

The next ancient object was a white, thin porcelain jar with a height of 10.3 cm, a diameter of 5.2 cm and a bottom diameter of 6.6 cm.

The porcelain jar was as thin as a piece of paper.

It was light and shiny with exquisite painting, yellow glaze, and a grape pattern.

Its bottom noted Yongle Period.

This thin, white porcelain jar had to come from the Yongle Period, and was a rarity.

A thin, white porcelain bowl was worth tens of millions of yuan normally, so the value of this porcelain jar should be even higher.

Gu Ning thought that it might be worth at least seven or eight million.

She was thrilled now.

Then she took out many plates, including a pastel plate, blue and white plates, and so on.

These were all worth millions of yuan.

After that, there were pieces of calligraphy too.

One was from the famous painter, calligrapher and poet Tang Yin in the Ming Dynasty, and was called Hibiscus by Water .

It was also worth several million yuan.

The other one was Luo Shen Fu from the famous calligrapher, painter and poet Zhao Mengfu who was born between the end of the Song Dynasty and the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty.

It was worth from at least a few million yuan to more than tens of millions of yuan.

In the market, the price would be lower.

However, when it came to the auction, its price would be much higher.

Gu Ning planned to sell it on auction.

Everything else was gold and silver ingots, gold bracelets, gold leaves and so on.

Liu Jiang was really a corrupt official, and he had gotten so many highly valuable items.

Gu Ning actually wanted to thank him.

There was also a square box of rosewood with a height of about 10 cm.

Gu Ning opened the box and a bright light came out.

Gu Ning was scared, and instinctively threw the box away.

It fell on the bed.

At the same time, Gu Ning sensed a strong power.

Although the power was so strong that Gu Ning couldnt wait to absorb it, she curbed her desire and decided to wait until she saw it clearly.

The minute that Gu Ning saw what was inside, she rounded her eyes in shock.

It was a night-luminescent pearl the size of two eggs.

It was worth at least over ten million yuan.

Other than its value, its power was the strongest one that Gu Ning had ever encountered.

The night-luminescent pearl was a rare jewel, and had many nicknames.

It could absorb the essence and power from the moon and sun on its own.

That was to say, as long as Gu Ning brought this night-luminescent pearl with her, she could collect the power automatically.

This night-luminescent pearl was the most precious object that Gu Ning had found from this scavenger hunt.

Therefore, she wouldnt sell this night-luminescent pearl, but kept it for her own use.

When Gu Ning absorbed the power of the night-luminescent pearl into the telepathic eye space, the space changed and was doubled again.

It was four square meters big now, and its transparency was also improved.

After that, Gu Ning put everything into her Jade Eyes before she went to bed.

She lacked money now, but it would still not be enough even if she sold all of the ancient objects.

Thus Gu Ning decided to take it slow, and wait for auctions.

Fortunately, there was nothing bad that happened in the following days.

Gu Qinxiang didnt cause Gu Qing and Gu Man more trouble.

Chen Ziyao went to attend classes, but she was always being alienated by others in her school.

Her classmates would continuously criticize her bad behavior and she lived in anxiety all day.

She had seen Gu Ning several times, but didnt dare to meet her sight.

However, once Gu Ning passed by, she would glare at her, like she was going to kill her.

Chen Ziyao hated Gu Ning to death, but didnt know what to do, so she could only swallow her anger.

In City G, Hongyun Real Estate did nothing after Shenghua Real Estate had acquired Zhengyang Street.

It might have seemed like that, but they were already scheming secretly.

Because Shenghua Real Estate hadnt started building buildings on Zhengyang Street yet, Fang Changsheng planned to do something at Shenghua Real Estates sites in City F.

Thus, it was only the peace before the great storm.

Jade Beauty Jewelry worked well too.

Although its profits declined after the first three days, its sales were still much better than normal jewelry stores.

The only thing that upset Gu Ning was that Leng Shaoting had disappeared for many days, and she had still not heard anything from him.

She was concerned, but the man was fulfilling his tasks, so she wasnt willing to bother him.

However, it wasnt peaceful in the Li Family.

Li Zhenzhen had locked herself in the room for two days.

She didnt eat, nor drink, which terrified her family.

She wouldnt open the door, so Li Zhenyu had to break it.

He found Li Zhenzhen almost passed out, and immediately sent her to the hospital.

Her family asked Li Zhenzhen why she did that, but Li Zhenzhen wouldnt say a word.

Her family even though that she did it because of Qin Yifan, but it didnt make sense, because Qin Yifan had rejected Li Zhenzhen many times, and Li Zhenzhen had never behaved like that before.

Then why

Her family failed to figure out the reason.

Li Zhenyu suddenly thought of Su Jing, who was Li Zhenzhens best friend, so he called Su Jing without delay.

Knowing what had happened to Li Zhenzhen, Su Jing wasnt surprised at all, because she was also in a terrible condition right now, but to prevent her family from finding out, Su Jing tried her best to eat in front of them.

Thus her physical condition wasnt as bad as Li Zhenzhens.


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