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Chapter 2263: Deny It

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As for the result, he unsurprisingly lost all of his chips again.

Hidesuke Ida was so mad that he wanted to kill.

Because he was filled with anger, Hidesuke Ida lost control of himself and heavily smashed the dice cup when he stood up.

Although it was rude, everyone understood why Hidesuke Ida was so furious.

He was the best gambler from his country, but lost all of his chips to Gu Ning twice.

In the game, Hidesuke Ida lost the most chips, so other gamblers understood his feelings.

Witnessing what happened to Hidesuke Ida, Hunter knew what result he would have in a while, because he wasnt better than Hidesuke Ida at gambling.

Hidesuke Ida didnt continue to exchange for chips to play the game again, because he had already lost two hundred million yuan.

If he didnt quit right now, he would only lose more money.

He wasnt dumb.

When it was Hunters turn to gamble with Gu Ning, he was in a very bad mood although he knew it was unavoidable.

Ye Chaoxiong, He Hongjie, and Lucas were still in the game.

Ye Chaoxiong and He Hongjie won a few more chips than Hunter.

They now didnt match according to the chips they won, but by a draw.

“Hunter, I remember that you said to have a bigger bet with me today.

How big is the bet Do you want to gamble with me right now or this afternoon” Gu Ning looked at Hunter with a vague smile.

She obviously said that on purpose.

Gu Ning deliberately challenged Hunter.

Hunter was doomed to fail if he gambled with Gu Ning, so if he still dared to have a bigger bet, he would be a stupid idiot.

However, many people had heard Hunters conversation with Gu Ning, so they all turned to look at them with anticipation.

They were looking forward to watching Hunter gamble with Gu Ning and making fun of Hunter.

They werent from the same country, so they all waited to gloat over the other persons bad luck.

Anyway, they knew that Hunter wasnt stupid.

It was impossible for him to really have a big bet with Gu Ning.

It couldnt be more obvious that he would lose if he did that.

Hunter wasnt an idiot.

Hunter also knew that Gu Ning was deliberately embarrassing him, and he was quite displeased, but he couldnt deny what he had said.

However, it was impossible for him to have a big bet with Gu Ning.

“Isnt this bet big enough for you, Miss Tang You are quite greedy,” said Hunter mockingly.

He tried to embarrass Gu Ning and get rid of this topic.

However, Gu Ning wasnt affected at all and was unwilling to change the topic.

“Is it big I dont think so.

Its not beyond the limited amount set by the gambling competition.

How come Im greedy Its my ability no matter how much money I can win.

It has nothing to do with greed.” Gu Ning argued and seemed innocent.

“Hunter, its you who said to have a bigger bet.

I just bet more money based on our chips.

Well, perhaps I misunderstood you.

If you cant afford it, just forget it.”

They needed to reach an agreement no matter how much money they wanted to bet.

If Hunter refused to do that, she couldnt force him, but she would humiliate him instead.

“You…” Hunter was annoyed when Gu Ning questioned his ability and disdained him, but he really couldnt afford it, so he had to swallow his anger.

However, he still tried to save face in front of other people, so he defended himself.

“Were in a game now.

I think we should play the game according to its rules.

Miss Tang, if you want a bigger bet, we can do it another day.”

Another day As long as he was reluctant to do that, he wouldnt play a game with her.

He said that simply to stop other people from thinking that he was a coward.

Anyway, he would go home after this gambling competition was over.

As long as he said that he was busy, he didnt believe that Gu Ning would force him to stay.

However, other people didnt think he was weak after what he said, but they felt he was stupid.

Since he knew he was no match for Gu Ning, why would he still gamble with her Wasnt he an idiot

Some people were aware that Hunter was just playing dumb and trying to dodge the question.

“Alright!” Gu Ning shrugged and stopped bothering Hunter, because it wasnt necessary.

Anyway, as long as Hunter refused to see her again, she wouldnt be able to gamble with him.

She had already humiliated him in public anyway.

After that, the game between them began.

Gu Ning had no mercy for Hunter, so she robbed him of his chips in the eighth round.

Coldly looking at Gu Ning, Hunter seemed ready to kill.

If he could kill her with a look, Gu Ning would be dead already.

Gu Ning stayed calm and wasnt affected at all.

She put on an evil smile and joked.

“Hunter, why are you focusing on me like that Do you…”

Upon hearing that, Hunter remembered what Gu Ning had just said to Hidesuke Ida.

Before Gu Ning could finish, he interrupted.

“Miss Tang, I dont have any affection for you.

Dont get an inflated image of yourself.

Does everyone have to like you just because we gave you a glance”

“Ha-ha.” Gu Ning laughed, but not at herself.

She was laughing at Hunter.

“Hunter, please dont get me wrong.

I just wanted to say do you feel reluctant to see the result.

Why did you think I thought you might be admiring me from afar Do you really have special feelings for me So you denied it before I pointed it out”

“Ridiculous!” Hunter was furious and retorted at once.

He actually wanted to embarrass Gu Ning, but only humiliated himself once more.

“Then why did you say I shouldnt think too much of myself Why did you emphasize that you dont have any affection for me” Gu Ning wouldnt stop.

“You just said that to Hidesuke Ida, so I…” Hunter explained.

He was unwilling to be a joke in other peoples eyes.

“I was just joking with Hidesuke Ida.

I didnt mean it.

And you both were staring straight at me.

I already have a fiancé.

Hes over there!” Saying that, Gu Ning pointed at Leng Shaoting who was in the audience area, then continued, “My fiancé is young, handsome, and rich, but hes a jealous fiancé.

Hell be displeased if you keep on staring at me.”

Leng Shaoting originally felt displeased when Gu Ning joked with Hunter, but she complimented him right afterwards, which cheered him up.

He was now filled with pride and satisfaction.

There was even a faint smile on his lips..

Looking at Gu Ning, he was full of love for her.


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