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Chapter 2259: Question Lucas


After they were gone, Zhou Qingzhi thought again about that woman they told him about.

He agreed it was really strange.

Anyway, he could only make the conclusion when he saw her in person tomorrow.

When Ji Anchen and Hunter left, Ji Anchen drove Hunter to the hotel.

“We can only wait till Master Zhou sees Tang Aining tomorrow.

According to what Master Zhou said, she might not rely on a feng shui masters help to win.

If she really has turned to a feng shui master for help, we can make it public to ruin her reputation.

She wont be able to take part in the game again.

If not, you can only rely on yourself to win,” said Ji Anchen.

He had done his best and that was all he could do.

Unfortunately, the assassination attempt failed, so they had to face her.

“Can we make Master Zhou blame that woman called Miss Tang for cheating We can say she has paid a feng shui master to bring her good luck so that she can win,” said Hunter.

He was very unhappy that Zhou Qingzhi couldnt bring good luck to him.

He still wanted Tang Aining to be in trouble.

He clearly knew he couldnt win with his own abilities.

“Let me give him a call.” Ji Anchen thought it wasnt a bad idea, so he took out his phone at once to call Zhou Qingzhi.

However, Zhou Qingzhi refused to do that, because it would affect his luck and life.

It was actually just a lie.

Because Zhou Qingzhis relationship with Ji Anchen wasnt so close, he was unwilling to do bad deeds for him.

He still wanted to live a peaceful life at an old age.

Zhou Qingzhi was the feng shui master, so Ji Anchen believed his words and stopped bothering him.

If he offended Zhou Qingzhi, Zhou Qingzhi could cause him bad luck, which wasnt what he wanted.

After all, Zhou Qingzhi knew his date of birth and horoscope.

Since Zhou Qingzhi couldnt do that, they had to give it up.

All the best gamblers stayed in the same hotel, and Ye Chaoxiong let them stay on the same floor.

Therefore, when Hunter came back, he met Lucas who just came in from the outside, so he stopped Lucas.

“Hey, Lucas, did you team up with that woman called Miss Tang against me” Hunter questioned.

Although he thought that Tang Aining might have paid a feng shui master to bring herself good luck, he didnt forget that she had helped Lucas a lot during the game.

Otherwise Lucas might have lost.

He had won more chips than Lucas, but he lost in the end, which made him feel quite embarrassed.

“No, I didnt.” Lucas denied, and it was the truth.

Although Tang Aining had helped him, it was also obvious that she saw him as an enemy.

“Youre lying!” Hunter refused to believe it.

After all, Tang Aining had deliberately helped them win chips, while he always lacked chances.

Every time he thought he was about to win, Tang Aining would ruin his plan and make him lose.

“Believe it or not.” Lucas was unwilling to argue with Hunter, so he turned around and left.

Hunter, however, was reluctant to accept that.

He lost control of his emotions and pulled Lucas back once he saw him walking away.

“Hunter, What do you want” Lucas got angry in an instant.

He seemed gentle and weak, but wasnt easy to bully.

He was very good at controlling himself.

However, if anyone dared to bully him, he wouldnt hesitate to fight back.

Shouted at by Lucas, Hunter realized that he had lost control of himself and immediately let Lucas go.

Even if he didnt believe what Lucas said and Lucas had really teamed up with Tang Aining against him, he could do nothing about it.

As a result, he had to swallow his anger.

Hunter wouldnt apologize to Lucas for the sake of his pride, so he snorted and left first.

Lucas was unwilling to cause trouble, so he went back to his room afterwards.

The gambling competition began at 9 am the next day.

They ordered breakfast service and had breakfast in their rooms and didnt go out until 8 am when Ye Jiasheng came to treat them in person.

There was a hotel in the casino, but all kinds of people gathered here.

In case they felt uncomfortable, Ye Chaoxiong decided to let them stay in a downtown hotel.

Ji Manlin came to pick up her friend at this time as well, so she saw Gu Ning and the others walking out.

She wouldnt be able to talk to Gu Ning after they went to the casino, so she ran towards her right away.

Once Ye Jiasheng saw her, he looked annoyed.

He knew Ji Manlin didnt come for him, but Tang Aining, and he knew her purpose.

He only felt Ji Manlin was a really shameless woman.

Before she met Leng Shaoting, she wouldnt stop bothering him.

After Leng Shaoting showed up, Leng Shaoting became her new target, then Leng Shaoting left, so she started to bother him again.

As soon as she learned that Tang Aining had broken up with Leng Shaoting, she kept on bothering Tang Aining for Leng Shaotings information.

If she werent a woman, he would have punched her.

“Tang Aining, we need to talk.” Ji Manlin stood in front of Gu Ning and stopped her.

She sounded quite domineering.

Gu Ning stared at her disdainfully, and said, “I dont think there is anything we can talk about.”

“You…” Ji Manlin was mad.

To her surprise, Tang Aining dared to embarrass her in public.

She thought too highly of herself! Why should Gu Ning care about her feelings

“Miss Ji, please move, or Ill call the security guards to remove you.

It wont be pleasant,” said Ye Jiasheng with a bad attitude.

Actually, he never had a good attitude towards Ji Manlin.

He didnt have a quick temper, but wasnt good-tempered either.

If someone annoyed him, he would lose his temper too.

“You…” Ji Manlin was mad, but she knew that Ye Jiasheng meant what he said.

Although she always bothered Ye Jiasheng, she was scared of violence.

Therefore, she had to leave in case she was embarrassed.

After that, Gu Ning and the others left.

Watching them walking away, Ji Manlin was full of anger.

It wasnt what she wanted!


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