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Chapter 2247: You Have a Lot of Admirers


Back in the hotel, Gu Ning took out the phone with Tang Ainings number and called Ye Jiasheng.

She told him what she had just been through.

This wasnt the mainland and Gu Nings hands were tied, so she needed the Ye familys help.

Although surveillance cameras didnt catch them when they injured that man, surveillance cameras caught the man when he followed them.

Therefore, Gu Ning needed the Ye family to help her destroy the surveillance videos in case the police found them.

Gu Ning wasnt suspicious of the Ye family for the assassination.

Once Ye Jiasheng heard that someone had tried to murder Gu Ning, he was mad too.

It wasnt surprising, but he was still really angry that it happened.

It wasnt a secret that Gu Ning had defeated Ye Chaoxiong and many other gamblers, so some people took her as their target.

Some wanted to see Gu Nings gambling skills, some wanted to defeat her, while some wanted to kill her.

They were worried that she might overshadow them once she got fame.

However, he didnt know who planned to kill Gu Ning.

Knowing that Gu Ning was fine, Ye Jiasheng felt relieved and immediately went to destroy the surveillance videos for Gu Ning.

He didnt care about what happened to the man who tried to murder Gu Ning.

Since the man dared to try to murder Gu Ning, he had to bear the result if he failed.

Ye Jiasheng wasnt only going to deal with the surveillance videos, he also needed to get rid of that man.

In that case, Gu Ning would be completely out of trouble.

After telling Ye Jiasheng about it, Gu Ning went to the bathroom.

When she was in the bathroom, her own phone rang.

It was placed next to Leng Shaoting on the bed, so he saw the call.

The caller was Qi Tianlin, so Leng Shaoting was a little displeased.

He clearly knew that Gu Ning and Qi Tianlin were just friends, but Qi Tianlin had special feelings for Gu Ning.

As a result, Leng Shaoting was unhappy about their relationship.

“Shaoting, who called me” Gu Ning asked when she heard the ringtone.

“Qi Tianlin,” said Leng Shaoting, sounding jealous and unhappy.

Gu Ning could hear it too.

She knew that Leng Shaoting was unhappy with the fact that there were too many men by her sides.

He didnt tell her that he was unhappy about it and knew that they were just friends, but some of her male friends indeed admired her from afar.

If it happened to Gu Ning, Gu Ning would be displeased too, so she felt she needed to comfort Leng Shaoting.

“Answer it for me.

Tell him Im tired and need to sleep.

If he asks you who you are, just tell him youre my fiancé,” she said.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was no longer upset and jealous.

He cheered up instead and immediately picked up the call.

“Hi,” he said politely.

In the bathroom, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see Leng Shaotings reaction and was amused.

Although Leng Shaoting seemed a little childish, no one could stay reasonable all the time when in love.

Qi Tianlin was surprised when he heard a male voice from the other side of the phone.

He even wondered whether he had dialed the wrong number, so he didnt reply right away.

He gave a glance at the screen of his phone and was sure that the person he just called was indeed Gu Ning.

He carried his phone with him all the time, so it was impossible that the name was changed.

Receiving no response, Leng Shaoting understood that Qi Tianlin must be surprised when he heard a male voice.

Qi Tianlin was displeased, but Leng Shaoting was satisfied.

“Gu Ning is too tired.

Shes asleep now,” Leng Shaoting said before Qi Tianlin could say anything.

“Who are you” Qi Tianlin asked in an unkind tone.

Gu Ning was asleep And there was a man with her In that case, their relationship couldnt be more obvious.

Because Qi Tianlin had affection for Gu Ning, he was very displeased when he learned that she might already have a boyfriend.

“Im her fiancé.

Is there a problem” Leng Shaoting asked provocatively.

Fiancé Gu Ning already had a fiancé, not a boyfriend.

Qi Tianlin was extremely displeased, but didnt lose his temper, because he was just Gu Nings friend.

If he lost his temper for no reason, it would make him a joke.

Therefore, Qi Tianlin curbed his anger and forced himself to sound calm.

“No, there is no problem at all.

I need to talk with Gu Ning about something.

Please tell her to call me back when she wakes up.”

“Sure,” said Leng Shaoting, then hung up.

Qi Tianlin sounded calm, but Leng Shaoting knew that he must be displeased, so he was still very satisfied.

After hanging up, Qi Tianlin angrily threw his phone on the table.

Luckily, there was a table, or the phone would be smashed to pieces.

As they finished the call, Gu Ning walked out of the bathroom.

She smiled at Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting understood that Gu Ning knew what he was thinking, so he felt a little embarrassed.

“Come here,” he said, pretending to be mad.

Gu Ning walked over and Leng Shaoting directly pulled her into his arms.

“You have a lot of admires!” Leng Shaoting squinted at Gu Ning, looking dangerous.

Gu Ning was a little guilty, so she avoided meeting his eyes, but she suddenly remembered Ji Manlin and argued.

“How about you That woman called Ji Manlin never forgets you.

She even wants to chase you!”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting put on a resigned smile.

Both of them were quite popular, but they were loyal to each other.

“Alright, we should stop arguing about it.

Lets do what we should do right now.” Leng Shaoting whispered in Gu Nings ears.

It was itchy when his warm breath kissed her cheek and she felt aroused too.

“No, let me go!” Gu Ning deliberately refused and struggled.

“No way! Do you think you can escape now” Leng Shaoting smiled and pressed Gu Ning against the bed right away.

Gu Ning struggled, but she was much weaker than Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting didnt give her any chances to get rid of him and directly kissed her.


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