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Chapter 2227: Stay Beautiful in the Cold

Within an hour, Jing Yunfeis people came and directly took him back to the cultivation world.

Back in the Jing familys house, the sky started to become bright, so members of the Jing family were awake.

Seeing that Jing Yunfei was injured, his family were mad and shouted to take revenge for him, but most of their anger went away after finding out about the whole process.

They also hesitated to take revenge now.

After all, the person who injured Jing Yunfei wasnt only a senior cultivator at a high level, but was also an ancient pharmacist.

No cultivator was willing to mess with an ancient pharmacist.

Instead, they competed against each other to please pharmacists.

They could get magical pills from ancient pharmacists after all, and they could greatly improve themselves afterwards.

However, it was actually Jing Yunfeis misunderstanding.

“I know youre aggrieved, but we cant offend an ancient pharmacist.

Stay home to recover.

I think we can talk about it afterwards,” said Jing Yaorong to comfort him.

Jing Yunfei was seriously injured after only ten attacks, which proved the person was at a very high level.

The person might be at the same level as him.

Therefore, Jing Yaorong was unwilling to mess with such a strong cultivator who was also an ancient pharmacist.

Jing Yunfei wasnt surprised by this result, and he was mentally prepared, so it wasnt unacceptable that Jing Yaorong didnt take revenge for him.

“Father, should we report it to Tiandaozong” asked Jing Yunfei.

“Of course we should.

Since Gu Ning told you about the existence of the master, she could tell other people as well.

Even if you dont report it to Tiandaozong, others might do that.

Tiandaozong will know sooner or later, so we should do that before other people.

Perhaps Tiandaozong will give you some magical pills to help you recover,” said Jing Yaorong.

Hearing that, Jing Yunfei agreed.

Therefore, once the sky was bright, Jing Yaorong visited Tiandaozong and met its head.

He told the head what had happened to Jing Yunfei.

Knowing that there was an ancient pharmacist outside the cultivation world, Bai Lingtian was shocked, but he didnt know whether the ancient pharmacist was from the outside world, or the cultivation world.

Whether the pharmacist was from the outside world or the cultivation world, since they already learned about it, Tiandaozong had to draw the ancient pharmacist over to their side.

It was rare to see masters nowadays.

Therefore, once they heard about the existence of ancient pharmacists and masters, Tiandaozong would try to draw them over to their side.

As for what had happened to Jing Yunfei, although he was seriously injured, Jing Yunfei agreed to have the fight on his own.

Neither Jing Yunfei nor the master was guilty.

It was a deal both sides agreed on, so they had to pay for their decisions.

Moreover, the master didnt kill Jing Yunfei.

She only cut off his fingers.

Therefore, Bai Lingtian gave Jing Yaorong a magical pill for recovery for sharing the news and told him to give it to Jing Yunfei.

After taking the magical pill for recovery, Jing Yunfeis injuries might not heal right away, but he could have a quicker recovery.

However, it was impossible to get his fingers back.

When Jing Yaorong was gone, Bai Lingtian told the news to other elders and they decided to send out someone to search for the ancient pharmacist.

Because ancient pharmacists enjoyed a very high status in the cultivation world, Bai Lingtian needed to send out an important cultivator to meet the ancient pharmacist to show their respect for the ancient pharmacist.

Because Gu Ning would go to City Ao in a few days and would be absent for a week, she went back to school the next morning.

It was already mid-December in the middle of winter, so it was extremely cold.

The temperature in the capital, in particular, was much lower than that in many other places.

Now it was several degrees below zero, so everyone was wrapped in thick cotton-padded down jackets.

It wasnt beautiful at all, and it was difficult to move around in it.

Some people put on little clothing in order to look beautiful, but their teeth were shaking from the cold.

Actually, they were doing their best to keep their image, or their bodies would be shaking too.

Gu Ning, however, only wore thin clothing because she was a cultivator.

She only had a pair of black jeans, a sweater and a coat that was neither thin nor thick on the outside, so she didnt look thick at all.

On the contrary, it accentuated her attractive body.

Most importantly, she didnt feel cold at all.

When she walked on the campus, she attracted a lot of attention from passers-by.

“Jesus, Gu Ning wears so little.

Isnt she cold”

“She doesnt look cold at all.”

“How is it possible She is merely trying to look beautiful even in the cold.”

“Right, but doesnt she already have a fiancé Why does she have to look beautiful all the time”

“Girls love to be beautiful.

It has nothing to do with whether she has a boyfriend or fiancé.

In fact, Id choose to look beautiful if I cant feel the coldness.”

“Well, I think shes crazy to wear so little in such cold weather.”

“It has nothing to do with you.

Why did you say that”

“Right, some people just dont feel cold, and Gu Ning is a kung fu master.

I think shes much stronger than us.”

“Right, soldiers dont wear many clothes either.”


Many people believed that Gu Ning was trying to look beautiful even in the cold, so she wore less clothes, but there were a lot of people who thought Gu Ning was strong and didnt feel cold.

Baili Zongxue was also criticized, because she put on as little clothing as Gu Ning.

Song Miaoge and Zhang Zikai were so envious of them, because both of them put on thick winter clothes.

“Arent you cold at all” Song Miaoge asked, feeling it was unfair.

“Not at all!”

Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue replied together.

They seemed very relaxed and didnt take it seriously, which made Song Miaoge feel more displeased.

“Oh, Im so jealous of you two.

You seem to be in spring or autumn, while Im in the midst of winter.

Its so unfair!” Song Miaoge complained, feeling unhappy.

She was very slim, but now she looked quite fat.

“So You cant wear as little clothing as us,” said Gu Ning without hesitation.

“You…” Song Miaoge felt heavily hit, and pretended to be sad.

“Fine, you dont comfort me and even hurt me.

I-I cant eat anything now.”

“You cant eat anything Great, I have a good appetite today.

I can eat more if you cant eat,” said Zhang Zikai.

Although she put on as many thick clothes as Song Miaoge, she didnt feel it was unfair.

Instead, she couldnt care less about it.


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