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Chapter 2217: You Can Lose Your Life

When it was nearly 11 am, Gu Ning received a message from K.

He told her that he found the location of the gunman.

He was in No.

3, Building 12, X Unit, XX residential area.

It took K a longer time, because the gunman deliberately took a complicated route and spent some time in another place.

The owner of the house was an unmarried woman, while the man who shot Song Wenxuan was a man, so K failed to find the gunman at the beginning.

Since they learned the gunmans address, Gu Ning needed to go there.

She didnt bring Gao Yi and Qiao Ya with her this time, and went there alone.

However, Gu Ning wasnt familiar with City C, so she used the GPS.

About twenty minutes later, she arrived at the residential area.

After parking her car nearby, she walked there, because she had to be fully-prepared to do bad things.

Because it was a normal residential area, the security wasnt very tight, so Gu Ning directly went up from the underground parking lot in an elevator.

On the 12th floor, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see the situation in the room.

There was only a man in it.

He was about 30, and was lying on the bed, listening to music with his headphones.

There was a gun on the bedside table.

Gu Ning turned her Jade Eyes to see what other people were doing in the other apartments.

There were four apartments on each floor.

One wasnt furnished yet, one was empty, while a man and a woman were having passionate sex to loud music in the other one.

Seeing that amorous picture, Gu Ning withdrew her gaze at once.

It was very loud there, so they couldnt hear what happened outside, so Gu Ning could do whatever she needed to do.

Because this was a tall building, the windows were all equipped with burglar bars.

As a result, if she wanted to get in, she would need to either break the door or cut off those burglar bars to go in through the windows.

Whether she chose to break the door or cut off the burglar bars, it would make noises, so Gu Ning decided to observe the surroundings before taking action.

Gu Ning didnt forget to look at the floor beneath room No.


The floor wasnt furnished yet, so there was nobody.

Without delay, Gu Ning took action.

It would make more noise if she broke the door, so Gu Ning chose to cut off the burglar bars.

She first damaged the surveillance cameras in the corridor, then took out a dagger to cut off the burglar bars.

With the help of her magical energy, she easily broke them.

Although she made some noise, it didnt attract attention.

After that, Gu Ning crawled out of the window of the aisle and went to the window of the bathroom of No.

3 room.

Because the bathroom was next to the entryway, it was very close to the window near the aisle.

Gu Ning cut off the burglar bars of the bathroom, then went in through the bathroom.

When she did that, she made some loud noises and attracted the attention of the man in the master bedroom.

He immediately walked over to have a look.

The man didnt know where the sound came from, so after he walked out of the bedroom, he looked around to search for it.

As soon as he walked to the balcony of the living room and stepped back after a glance, he saw Gu Ning standing in the living room.

He was frightened and moved a few steps backwards in fear.

With a look of shock, he pointed to Gu Ning and asked nervously, “W-Who are you What are you doing here”

For a moment, the man had a ridiculous idea that Gu Ning might be a ghost because she showed up from nowhere.

He remembered that he had closed and locked the door.

Even if there was a key, no one should be able to come in.

Besides, there were burglar bars, and it was impossible for a human to get in.

Even if anyone wanted to get in, he or she had to break the burglar bars, which would make loud noises, but he had heard nothing.

It had just been a little movement over there, so he didnt think the burglar bars were already broken.

However, he didnt believe in ghosts, so he thought that he might have forgotten to lock the door and Gu Ning might have a key to his apartment and directly walked in by opening the door.

“Its not important who I am, but I came to see you for a reason,” said Gu Ning in a flat voice, looking at him.

“What is it” the man asked.

He knew that Gu Ning showed up for nothing good, so he stayed alert.

Although Gu Ning was just a woman, she couldnt be weak since she could show up here without anyone noticing her.

“Did you shoot Song Wenxuan about 6:30 pm outside XX hotel” Gu Ning asked.

Although she asked that question, she already had the answer.

Hearing that, the man panicked and showed obvious surprise, because he couldnt believe it was exposed.

Even though Gu Ning already knew it, the man still refused to admit it.

“I dont understand what youre talking about.”

“You dont understand Stop lying.

I can see youre guilty.” Gu Ning said mockingly, “Tell you what, Ive witnessed everything, otherwise I wouldnt come to see you.

Do you want to know why Song Wenxuan suddenly lowered his body and avoided the bullet Because I was secretly talking to him on the phone.

I saw you point a gun at him, so I told him to duck.”


The man couldnt stay calm any longer.

Back then, he thought Song Wenxuan reacted quickly and successfully avoided the bullet.

He was even amazed by Song Wenxuans agility.

However, it turned out that someone was spying on him the entire time.

How was it possible

In an instant, the man looked dangerous, staring at Gu Ning.

If what she said was true, he had to kill her now.

Whether anyone else was aware of it, he had to kill all the witnesses since his secret was already exposed, otherwise he would be in trouble.

“So, tell me, who paid you to kill Song Wenxuan” Gu Ning asked coldly as she stared at the man.

The man remained silent.

“You can lose your life.

Do you know that” Gu Ning became colder.

“Can I survive after I tell you Im afraid I wont live after trying to shoot the secretary of the provincial party committee,” said the man.

He didnt bother to deny the fact that he had tried to murder Song Wenxuan now, because Gu Ning had witnessed it.

It was useless for him to deny it now.

Once the assassination was exposed, he clearly knew what would happen to him, but he refused to be caught without struggling.

“Youre not dumb, but you dont have to pay with your life for it.

If you can tell me who the mastermind is, I can help you get a lighter sentence,” said Gu Ning.


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