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Chapter 2215: You Can Leave Early

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After learning that the assassination failed, the mastermind behind the scenes was very disappointed and angry, but he didnt show it on his face, because everyone here was highly sophisticated.

As long as he showed his real feelings even slightly, they would find out.

It was a great skill to hide ones feelings.

Gu Ning drove as fast as possible and finished the route which normally took twenty minutes in just ten minutes.

At this time, Song Wenxuan and the others were already in the private room and were about to enjoy the meal.

After Gu Ning parked her car well, she went to the private room that Song Wenxuan was in, but she didnt go in.

Instead, she stayed outside and used her Jade Eyes to see the situation inside.

Seeing Gu Ning just standing out there, a waiter came to chase her away.

After all this private room was filled with important figures.

If she interrupted them, it would cause trouble.

When the waiter came to chase her away, Gu Ning said, “My uncle is inside.

Cant I wait for him outside I wont go in and interrupt them.”

Once the waiter heard that, he softened.

He was unwilling to offend any member of the powerful families, but he was afraid that Gu Ning lied to him, so he asked, “Whos your uncle”

“Song Wenxuan,” said Gu Ning.

Upon hearing that, the waiter took a long breath in.

To his surprise, she was the niece of the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee.

“Do you need me to help you tell them youre here” asked the waiter.

He did that for two reasons.

First, if Gu Ning was really the niece of the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, he couldnt mess with her and must please her instead.

Second, if Gu Ning lied to him, she should be scared away after he said that.

“Sure, please tell my uncle I need to see him.

If it isnt convenient for me to go in, Ill just wait for him outside.

Or he might blame me for being impolite,” said Gu Ning.

She actually didnt have to go in, and simply wanted to tell Song Wenxuan that she was already here and that he could relax.

“No problem.” Seeing that Gu Ning agreed, the waiter believed that she was the niece of the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, so he was nicer to her now.

After that, the waiter knocked on the door and walked in.

The atmosphere in the private room wasnt enjoyable.

After all, they were enemies in politics, and they had this meal merely to treat the officials sent from the capital for inspection.

However, these officials obviously werent in the same faction of the Leng family, so they picked on Song Wenxuan a little.

However, Song Wenxuan wasnt weak, so they didnt dare to go too far.

In fact, they didnt enjoy a higher status in the government.

They were sent here by the capital and were the guests, so Song Wenxuan needed to treat them politely.

They had support, but Song Wenxuan also had support, and Song Wenxuan had a more powerful family background than them, so they still had to be careful.

The waiter came in after he had the permission.

Facing the group of senior officials, he was quite nervous and even trembled a little.

“Secretary Song, there is a girl outside.

She claims to be your niece and needs to see you.

If its inconvenient for her to come in, she said she can wait outside.”

Once Song Wenxuan heard that, he knew it was Gu Ning and felt much relaxed.

He also understood that Gu Ning didnt mean to come in by letting the waiter tell him she was already here.

She simply wanted to set his mind at rest.

Anyway, it was indeed inconvenient for Gu Ning to come in and join them for todays meal.

“Go tell her I cant see her right now.

Let her wait for me for a while.

Well go home together later,” said Song Wenxuan.

“Sure,” said the waiter and walked out.

After he was out, he conveyed Song Wenxuans answer to Gu Ning, and Gu Ning nodded.

The waiter asked to take Gu Ning to a lounge, because it would take a while for them to finish the meal, but Gu Ning declined.

She would just wait here.

If anything really happened, she would immediately take action and help Song Wenxuan.

Because she said that, the waiter didnt insist.

In the private room, when people heard that Song Wenxuan would leave after having this meal, some of them were dissatisfied.

“Secretary Song, well adjourn to another place afterwards.

How can you leave first”

“Right, Committee Member Fang is a rare visitor, and we must treat him well!”


Facing their criticisms, Song Wenxuan wasnt mad, but explained in a resigned tone, “Im sorry, but I have to leave earlier.

The girl is actually the future wife of my nephew.

She came to deal with something from the capital today.

If I dont go with her, the old man in my family will be mad at me.

Its not a secret that my father-in-law really cherishes this girl.”

Knowing that, several of them seemed unhappy.

If Song Wenxuan was absent, they wouldnt be able to carry out their scheme.

“Do you mean shes the future granddaughter-in-law of the Leng family” an official asked.

“Right, the future wife of the Leng familys eldest grandson who has the title of a major general,” said Song Wenxuan on purpose to stop them from causing him more trouble.

None of them were comparable to Leng Shaotings status in this country, and Leng Shaoting was also the Leng familys eldest grandson!

Perhaps they didnt take him, the Leng familys son-in-law, seriously, but they had to be careful not to mess with the Leng familys immediate family members.

Without surprise, once Song Wenxuan said that, nobody dared to stop him from leaving.

If Leng Shaoting or Master Leng learned about their behavior, they could be in real trouble.

They knew little about Leng Shaoting, but they had heard about his achievements.

And even if he hadnt achieved a lot, his family background was influential enough.

“If so, we cant keep you here.

Why dont we invite General Lengs wife to come in and join us Its not polite to keep her waiting outside,” said an official.

“There are only men in this room.

Shes a young girl.

I dont think its a good idea.

Just let her wait for a while.

She wont mind,” said Song Wenxuan.

He indeed felt it was inappropriate for a girl to dine with a group of men.

“Right, Secretary Song, you can leave as you want when you finish later.

Governor Wang can stay with us,” said an official from the capital.

“Sure, Ill leave in a while.

After I help my nephews wife solve the problem, Ill buy you all a meal as an apology,” said Song Wenxuan, as a courtesy.

He didnt really mean to buy them a meal.

They were all smart people, so none of them would take it seriously.


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