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Chapter 2209: Who Has Framed Song Wenxuan

Now, Huang Haihao was much better.

Although he couldnt walk, his limbs could move and he was able to talk.

In a few days, he would be mostly recovered.

In that case, he could leave the hospital.

“Hi, boss!” Huang Haihao greeted Gu Ning excitedly.

“Hi, Miss Tang!” Hu and Yang also greeted her respectfully, because Gu Ning had told them to call her Miss Tang.

“How do you feel now” Gu Ning asked with concern.

“Im much better.

Thank you so much, boss,” said Huang Haihao.

He was very grateful to Gu Ning.

“Glad to know that.” Gu Ning said, “Is there anything I can do to help with the gang”

“There is one thing I feel I need to talk about with you.” Huang Haihao said, “Well, the thing is that someone contacted us the other day.

He offered a million yuan and wanted us to frame the deputy secretary of a provincial party committee, Song Wenxuan, with the excuse that he has illegal deals with the Tianying Gang.

The person didnt tell us the reason, but we collected some information.

It might have something to do with the secretarys transfer to the capital.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was mad.

To her surprise, someone dared to frame Leng Shaotings uncle.

Song Wenxuan was the deputy secretary of a provincial party committee.

If the secretary was transferred, the seat would be vacant.

If there was no one who was appointed to that seat, it would be selected from the senior officials in City C.

As the deputy secretary of a provincial party committee, Song Wenxuan was outstanding on his own and his family also had influence.

The Song family was one of the most powerful families in City C, so it had a deep influence in the city.

Song Wenxuan also married into the Leng family in the capital, which was a great advantage.

Therefore, most people believed it would be his seat.

As a result, someone wanted to frame him.

Although Song Wenxuan had a powerful family as his support, it didnt mean he had no enemies.

There were people who dared to do anything for power.

Nothing good came without risk and those who dared to frame Song Wenxuan were no less influential than him.

Besides, once his enemy took action, his enemy had to be fully-prepared.

The person wouldnt do it with his own hands, but would pay other people.

If the dirty trick was exposed, the person wouldnt be affected.

However, accidents happened.

If the person had bad luck, he could lose his life after the dirty secret was exposed.

Huang Haihao also felt Gu Nings anger.

The first idea in his mind wasnt that Gu Ning might have a relationship with Song Wenxuan and that they might be relatives.

Instead he thought Gu Ning was mad at them for taking this job.

Gu Ning had told them not to hurt the innocent or break the law.

If they took the job and really framed Song Wenxuan, he would hurt the innocent, because Song Wenxuan was a well-known and upright official.

Therefore, Huang Haihao explained at once.

“Boss, we didnt take the job.”

He had agreed with Gu Ning not to hurt the innocent, and he didnt dare to take the job either.

After all, Song Wenxuan was from a very powerful family, while the Tianying Gang was just a small gang.

It was no match for the Song family! Moreover, behind Song Wenxuan, there was one of the top families of their country, the Leng family!

“Do you know who the person that wants to frame Song Wenxuan is” Gu Ning asked.

Although she asked that question, she guessed that Huang Haihao had no idea about that.

The person wasnt dumb, and would hide his identity when he contacted Huang Haihao.

She was right.

“I dont know.

The person called with an unidentified phone, and he obviously used a voice changer, and I refused,” Huang Haihao said.

“Whats the phone number” Gu Ning asked.

“Wait a minute.” Huang Haihao immediately took out his phone when he heard that.

He read his call records, and found the number.

Gu Ning directly took over Huang Haihaos phone and called it back.

Huang Haihao didnt know what Gu Ning wanted to do, but he didnt bother to ask about it.

Unfortunately, the phone was turned off, and Gu Ning had to hang it up.

After that, she said to Huang Haihao, “If he calls you again, accept his offer first.

We can take his money, then you can do as he tells you.

Leave the rest to me.

The Tianying Gang wont do anything to harm Song Wenxuan and the Song family.”

“Sure,” said Huang Haihao.

He realized that Gu Ning wanted to cheat the person of his money to protect Song Wenxuan.

At this moment, Huang Haihao figured out that their boss had a relationship with Song Wenxuan and the Song family.

As for what relationship it was, he didnt know, nor did he dare to ask.

Because there was nothing else to deal with, Gu Ning left.

However, she couldnt leave City C because of what would happen to Song Wenxuan, and she had to meet Song Wenxuan today.

Gu Ning went to a place and removed her disguise, then went to see Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

She also called Leng Yuanjin and told her that she was in City C now.

She asked Leng Yuanjin whether she was free this afternoon.

If Leng Yuanjin had time, she would go to visit her.

It was safer for her to talk about it at home.

Leng Yuanjin was excited to know that Gu Ning was in City C, so she decided to ask for leave and meet Gu Ning, but Gu Ning turned her down.

Gu Ning told her she came to City C to inspect her stores, so she would only be free in the afternoon.

If so, Leng Yuanjin respected Gu Ning and didnt ask for leave to come over.

She told Gu Ning where the Song familys place was and told her to come at 6 pm.

Because the Song family was a large family, it didnt split.

All the family members lived together and she wouldnt be off work until 6 pm.

She was worried that Gu Ning might feel uneasy if Gu Ning arrived earlier and didnt know anyone.

Gu Ning agreed and mentioned Song Wenxuan.

She asked whether he would be home since she needed to talk about something with him.

Leng Yuanjin didnt think much about it and just thought Gu Ning might have encountered some trouble at her stores in City C and needed Song Wenxuans help.

If that was the situation, she alone couldnt handle it, so she didnt ask further about that and told Gu Ning that she would ask Song Wenxuan first.

Because Song Wenxuan was busy recently, she wasnt sure whether he had time.

Anyway, since it was about Gu Ning, as long as Song Wenxuan could squeeze time to come home, he would do so.

Since Gu Ning came, Leng Yuanjin planned to keep her for a night at the Song familys place.

Therefore, even if Song Wenxuan couldnt come home for dinner, he would be back at night and Gu Ning would see him sooner or later.

Leng Yuanjin only felt that Song Wenxuan should come home as early as he could because it was about Gu Ning.

Once Leng Yuanjin finished the call with Gu Ning, she called Song Wenxuan.


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