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Chapter 2208: It Can Soon Achieve a Human Form

“Of course its true.

Can you see that my cover is formed by magical power Im staying inside the magical power cover so I wont get wet.

And you should also be able to feel that my level isnt low, right Precisely because I have a lot of magical power for cultivation, I could become this strong!” Seeing that the tree vine was attracted to her idea, Gu Ning acted serious.

Although Gu Ning wanted to lure the tree vine into leaving with her, what she said was also true.

She would help the tree vine cultivate.

If it was used well, the tee vine could also be a very useful weapon.

Hearing Gu Nings words, the tree vine realized it was the truth.

“You arent lying to me, right” The tree vine suddenly became alert, in case Gu Ning fooled it.

“Why should I lie to you You have your skills.

If I have you with me, you can help me when I encounter trouble, right We can be teammates.

Do you still think Ill hurt you” Gu Ning said.

“Right, well, I can trust you, but you must give me a lot of magical power for cultivation so that I can achieve a human shape soon,” said the tree vine.

A human shape

Hearing that, Gu Ning was greatly surprised and grew more interested in the tree vine.

There were a lot of humanoid plants, but few of them could take a human form, so Gu Ning was excited.

“Sure, I will,” said Gu Ning.

The tree vine was only as smart as a five-year-old child now.

It was simple-minded and wasnt calculating.

It easily trusted people.

Therefore, after getting Gu Nings promise, the tree vine immediately removed its branches and exposed the boxes.

Seeing that, Gu Ning walked over and put the several boxes into her telepathic eye space.

“How about me now How will you take me away” Suddenly, the tree vine realized this important issue, and became upset, because it couldnt leave the soil at all!

“What will happen to you if you leave the soil” Gu Ning asked.

“Without magical power, I can only live one hour away from the soil,” the tree vine said.

Its voice sounded even more upset, because it was afraid that it couldnt leave with Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was relieved and said to comfort it, “Dont worry, as long as you dont die as soon as you leave the soil, youll be fine.

Get out of the soil first.

Ill soon move you to a place full of magical power.”

“Great!” After hearing that, the tree vine was delighted.

Perhaps because it was too naive, or because it felt that Gu Ning was trustworthy, the tree vine had a certain sense of trust in Gu Ning.

At least it didnt doubt Gu Nings words, and immediately pulled itself out of the soil.

After the tree vine came out of the soil, a large cluster of the vine branches became one after they were unearthed.

In other words, the tree vine could turn its branches into many or just a few, completely controlled by its own needs.

After the tree vine was unearthed, Gu Ning put it into her telepathic eye space.

No matter how long the tree vine was out of the soil, as long as it entered the telepathic eye space, time would stop, so it would be fine inside.

In addition, there was magical power in the telepathic eye space, and the tree vine could absorb it, which would be of great benefit to it.

After taking away all the things she could take with her, Gu Ning left.

There were a lot of treasures of low value, so Gu Ning had gained a fortune again.

Gu Ning didnt return to the place where she jumped into the water, but instead went to the shore where no one else was around.

Because of the cover formed by magical power, Gu Ning wasnt wet.

Once she got on the shore, she called Gao Yi and set the place where they would meet, then she went to meet him.

Gu Ning didnt care how Long Yichao would be punished after he was brought back to the Tianying Gang.

So after meeting Gao Yi, she went to rest in the hotel.

Many senior managers of the Tianying Gang were amazed by Gu Nings abilities after she found Long Yichao.

She must have great skills, otherwise she wouldnt have found Long Yichao within such a short time.

Some people had to admit that she was very outstanding, but they still refused to admit that a woman was their real boss.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya didnt ask Gu Ning how she managed to appear here from the other side.

They would see Huang Haihao the next morning.

And if there was nothing to deal with, they would go back to the capital.

As for the tree vine, Gu Ning waited to bring it back to the siheyuan in the capital, then she would release and plant it in the backyard.

It could stay there and absorb magical power to cultivate.

After it successfully achieved a human shape, Gu Ning would bring it with her.

Although the tree vine would have a human shape, it could still enter the telepathic eye space because it was a monster.

At 9 am the next morning, Gu Ning disguised herself as Tang Aining again to see Huang Haihao alone.

As soon as Gu Ning walked in the inpatient department, she was stopped by a middle-aged female doctor, but when she faced Gu Ning, she was excited and had no bad intentions.

“Miss, are you the one who saved Mr.

Huang yesterday” asked the female doctor.

She knew Gu Ning had visited Huang Haihao yesterday, but wasnt sure whether she had saved Huang Haihao.

Hearing the question, Gu Ning understood her purpose.

The doctor saw Huang Haihao suddenly get better and wanted to know how it happened.

After all, it was a miracle in the medicine field.

“Sorry, Im not.” Gu Ning denied it because she was unwilling to cause unnecessary trouble.

“Oh, Im sorry.” Hearing that, the female doctor showed disappointment at once.

She actually wasnt fully-convinced by Gu Ning, but she couldnt say anything about that since Gu Ning already denied it.

Even if she was the one who saved Huang Haihao, her denial proved that she was unwilling to admit it.

When Gu Ning reached Huang Haihaos ward, the security guards at the door respectfully called her Miss Tang although she didnt inform them earlier.

In fact, they didnt know Miss Tang was their real boss.

After all, only the senior management of the Tianying Gang knew that Miss Tang was its real boss.

Gu Ning was unwilling to overshadow Huang Haihao, so she told them not to tell the other members.

Anyway, Hu had told those security guards not to stop her and that they should be polite to her if she came.

The security guards didnt stop her, but Gu Ning didnt go in right away, because she was afraid it would cause an inconvenience.

She also respected Huang Haihao, because he was the leader of the Tianying Gang.

Even though she was the real boss, not many people were aware of it, so she must protect Huang Haihaos status in front of those who didnt know about it.

Gu Ning asked a security guard to tell Huang Haihao that she came, and the security guard went in without delay.

Hearing that Gu Ning was here, Huang Haihao told the security guard to invite her to come in at once.


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