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Chapter 2206: Is There a Ghost

If she acted, she could only act in the river.

Once she did that, they would definitely die, but they could see her in the water as well, which would cause unnecessary trouble.


Gao Yi and Qiao Ya understood that Gu Ning was much faster than them, and they couldnt catch up with her, so she would go there before them.

After that, Gu Nings figure immediately turned into a shadow, and in the blink of an eye, it disappeared in front of Gao Yi and Qiao Yas eyes.

Although Gao Yi and Qiao Ya didnt know that Gu Ning was a cultivator, they already knew that she was a person with magical skills, so they werent surprised that Gu Ning possessed abilities that were different from ordinary people.

Gao Yi called Hu at once and told him what Gu Ning wanted them to do.

Once Hu received the message, he took a few of his brothers to prepare to catch Long Yichao.

Given Gao Yi and Qiao Yas speed of running, it only took them about a dozen minutes to get to the destination, but Gu Ning reached there in just three minutes.

At this time, the yacht Long Yichao was on had already moved a long distance away, but it was still in Gu Nings sight.

There happened to be no one in the place where Gu Ning was, so she jumped directly into the river.

After jumping into the river, she released magical power and formed a barrier to surround herself and shut the water out.

Afterwards, she hurried to the yacht where Long Yichao was sitting.

Because she relied on the magical energy to push her forward, the speed was very fast, and she soon reached the bottom of the yacht Long Yichao was sitting on.

However, because of the magical power, many animals in the water were attracted to and surrounded her.

Although Gu Ning used magical energy to shake them away, groups of them still kept on bothering her one after another.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see if the person on the yacht was really Long Yichao.

There were only three people on the boat, one was Long Yichao, and the other two were his henchmen.

In this moment of escaping, smart people wouldnt bring outsiders, just in case the whereabouts were exposed.

Gu Ning didnt know when members of the Tianying Gang would arrive, so she used her magical energy to control the speed of the yacht to stop it from going too fast and passing the XX section before members of the Tianying Gang arrived.

The speed of the yacht suddenly slowed by one-third, which made Long Yichao and the others feel very confused.

They went to check the engine, but there was no problem with it.

Since they couldnt see the problem, they could do nothing about it.

Anyway, they felt that they had escaped the Tianying Gangs tracking, so they werent very worried.

Because Gu Ning was controlling its speed, when they were about to reach the XX section, Hu and the others had just arrived.

They also arranged two groups of people to board two yachts.

They seemed to be having fun on the river, but in fact, they were preparing to catch Long Yichao.

Although it was very late now, there were still many boats and yachts traveling on the river, so the two yachts arranged by Hu didnt attract much attention.

Gu Ning was able to see Hu with the help of her Jade Eyes, and was relieved.

She used her magical energy to push Long Yichaos boat to the shore.

Hu led a group of people to observe in the dark.

Although it was at night, because there were street lights on the riverside and the yachts were also ablaze with lights, they could see clearly.

It was just that Long Yichaos yacht was uncertain for the time being.

Hu was looking through a telescope.

When the yacht got a little closer, Hu determined that it was Long Yichaos yacht, because people could be seen through the glass.

As a result, Hu immediately asked his people to be ready to take action.

When Long Yichao saw that the yacht was leaning toward the shore, he immediately scolded his subordinates angrily, “Whats wrong with you Why are you going to the shore”

“Boss, I dont know whats going on here either! The yacht isnt being controlled by me and is going to the shore by itself.

Ive turned the steering wheel vigorously, but this yacht just isnt turning…” A young gangster who was sailing the boat suddenly said with a sad expression.

He didnt know what was going on, and he was also very anxious.

“Let me try!”

Long Yichao refused to believe it, so he told the young gangster to leave and he would go to control the steering wheel.

However, the situation remained the same.

No matter how he turned the steering wheel, it was useless.

The yacht still moved toward the shore, and Long Yichao was so angry that he slammed the steering wheel and shouted, “Damn it, whats going on here Its really strange.”

“Is there a ghost” One young gangster said, appearing afraid, as if he really believed in ghosts.

“Nonsense! There are no ghosts in this world.” The other young gangster immediately scolded when he heard that, for fear of angering Long Yichao.

“I dont want to believe it either, but its really creepy right now! And actually, ghosts may really exist! When I was a kid in a village, I encountered a strange thing that science couldnt explain…” The young gangster argued.

“Shut up!” Long Yichao yelled angrily.

They were escaping right now.

How could they be in the mood to talk about ghosts

In fact, Long Yichao also wondered whether it was a ghost because it was really creepy and strange.

And precisely because he had the same doubt, he panicked a little.

Was there really a ghost

After Long Yichao snapped at them, the two young gangsters closed their mouths, but they couldnt remain calm after seeing the yacht continuing to move to the shore.

“Boss, what should we do now” Young Gangster A asked.

“How would I know F*ck! Lets get to the shore then! Well figure out a way.

What if we really encounter a ghost after we jump into the river” Long Yichao said irritably.

He was good at swimming, but at this moment, he didnt dare to jump into the river.

After such a creepy thing happened, they were worried that there could really be a ghost in the river.

After all, many people died in this river.

And every year, there were more than ten people who died in it, either from shipwreck, or suicide, or murder.

The two young gangsters didnt dare to say anything after hearing Long Yichaos words.

Hu and his people, however, were a little confused when they saw Long Yichaos yacht approaching the shore, but they didnt think about anything creepy.

They didnt know that Long Yichaos yacht was forced to approach the shore.

Therefore, they thought that Long Yichao was coming to the port.

Anyway, since Long Yichao and his people came to the shore on their own, Hu told the two groups of people on the two yachts to stay and wait patiently for now.

They would wait and take action after Long Yichao and his people came down from the yacht.

The yacht Long Yichao was sitting on was finally ashore.

Because of its creepy movement, they didnt dare to stay on it any longer, so they immediately got off it.

However, as soon as the three of them got off the yacht, Hu and his people rushed out from all directions and quickly surrounded them.

The sudden appearance of Hu and his people shocked Long Yichao and his two henchmen.

They couldnt imagine that members of the Tianying Gang were waiting for them here.


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