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Chapter 2205: Found Long Yichao

Anyway, Gu Ning still needed to search for him.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, she could see further, so there was hope.

Moreover, no matter where they left from the mountains, it was still within the boundaries of City C.

It was either within the city, roads, or villages on all sides, and there were rivers on another side.

Surveillance cameras were installed on the edges of these places, so they could find Long Yichao by guarding the places with surveillance cameras.

However, there were too many surveillance cameras, and it was difficult to watch all of them.

They couldnt let go of Long Yichao either, because he was a time bomb.

He could cause them trouble at any time.

Huang Haihao had survived under the protection of his brothers, but what if it happened again Therefore, Gu Ning could only tell K and the others to spend more time watching the surveillance videos.

Gu Ning and the others went to the place where Long Yichao got out of the car, then looked in the direction he left in.

As soon as they entered the mountains, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to observe the surroundings.

In the hospital, three hours after Gu Ning finished the treatment, Huang Haihao woke up.

Even though Gu Ning had told them that Huang Haihao would wake up within a few hours, she didnt give them an exact number.

As a result, they thought Huang Haihao might wake up after about seven hours, but he opened his eyes much earlier, which surprised Hu and Yang.

“Leader Huang, youre finally awake!”

Huang Haihao woke up, but his body was quite weak.

He said in a very hoarse voice, “Water.”

“Water Let me pour it for you.”

Yang immediately ran to pour water for Huang Haihao.

“Oh, I need to ring the bell and let the doctor give you a medical check up,” said Hu and went to ring the bell.

After that, he said to Huang Haihao, “Leader Huang, its Miss Tang who saved your life.

She came here and suppressed the disturbance caused by those senior members.

The head of the Intelligence Department shot at Miss Tang because he was unwilling to take her as our leader.

Hes been locked up now.”

Once Huang Haihao heard the name Miss Tang, his eyes lit up.

He was relieved to know that she had already controlled those senior members.

What he worried about most was that the gang might fall into chaos when he was injured.

When Huang Haihao heard that the head of the Intelligence Department had shot at Gu Ning in public, he was mad, but it was acceptable that the head of the Intelligence Department was already locked up.

He actually had the idea of punishing the head of the Intelligence Department, but didnt have a good excuse.

Gangsters cared about their brotherhood most, so he couldnt kill his brothers before they really did something to betray him.

Yang poured some water and helped Huang Haihao drink it.

Huang Haihaos throat felt much better and he could speak now, but his voice was still a little hoarse.

“Where is Miss Tang” Huang Haihao asked.

“She went to look for Long Yichao,” said Hu.

Although it was hard to find Long Yichao, Huang Haihao and the others somehow believed that Gu Ning could do it.

After they rang the bell, a nurse came.

Hu told the nurse the situation, then the nurse went to call Huang Haihaos attending physician over.

The attending physician was greatly surprised to know that Huang Haihao woke up so soon.

However, he wasnt as surprised as when he learned that Huang Haihaos life was already out of danger and he was quickly recovering.

When he heard that Huang Haihaos life was already out of danger and was quickly recovering, he was shocked.

After all, they just finished the operation and Huang Haihaos life had been in danger, but he got much better after a short time.

It was hard for people not to be surprised.

The doctor also knew it had nothing to do with their treatment, so he asked Hu for the reason.

Hu told him that one of Huang Haihaos friends came and gave him a pill.

Huang Haihao got much better after taking the pill.

It sounded very unbelievable, but Huang Haihao was indeed getting better.

Even if it was a miracle, it was too amazing, so the doctor had to believe his explanation.

However, as a doctor, he wanted to know what medicine it was.

If it was possible, he hoped that the hospital could have some.

Therefore, Huang Haihaos attending physician reported it to the dean, and the dean came to ask Hu about the pill.

Hu refused to tell them more details.

The dean knew they were from an illegal gang, so he didnt dare to force them to tell the truth and had to give up reluctantly.

After the medical check, Hu told the senior members of the gang that Huang Haihao was fine and had woken up so they should behave themselves.

At the same time, Hu also shared the news with Gu Ning.

It wasnt a surprise for her, so she stayed calm.

After three hours, Gu Ning still hadnt found Long Yichao, and they had almost finished climbing half of the mountain.

Because Gu Ning had a pair of Jade Eyes, she didnt need to search every part of the mountain, which would take days.

Although she still couldnt find Long Yichao, it didnt mean he was hiding somewhere in the rest of the mountain.

It was possible that he wasnt here, but she had to finish searching the mountain no matter what.

Another hour later, Gu Nings phone rang and it was K.

He must have found where Long Yichao was, so Gu Ning picked it up at once.

Without surprise, K indeed found Long Yichao.

He had boarded a small white yacht on a certain section of the river, and left.

At exactly this time, Gu Ning and the others were not very far from the section of the river, however, it would take ten minutes to run there.

When they arrived, Long Yichao would have already gone far.

Besides, it was difficult to find a boat.

Therefore, Gu Ning could only go there first, because as a cultivator, her speed was very fast, and Gao Yi along with Qiao Ya wouldnt be able to keep up.

It was late at night, and they couldnt see a long distance, so Gu Ning could only go there before them.

As for the fact that there were no boats or yachts, Gu Ning didnt have to worry at all, because she could directly dive into the river and chase after him.

“Ill go there first.

Contact Hu, and tell them to go to the XX gate downstream to wait to catch Long Yichao,” Gu Ning said to Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, then sent the screen shot of the yacht that K sent to her to Gao Yi, and asked Gao Yi to send it to Hu so that they could recognize which one it was.

Although it was in the middle of the night, and the screen shot of the surveillance video wasnt very clear, it was good to know what it looked like vaguely.

Although it couldnt be easier for Gu Ning to catch Long Yichao, she didnt plan to do it in person.

She only needed to follow him and let the Tianying Gang do it.


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