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Chapter 2204: Ill Say You All Yielded

The face of the head of the Intelligence Department was distorted in anger.

He looked at Gu Ning in annoyance, but said nothing.

“I gave you the chance to kill me, but I wont hesitate to kill those who want to kill me,” said Gu Ning coldly, putting great pressure on them.

The other people shivered and felt stressed.

After that, those who had the idea of killing Gu Ning changed their minds.

Most of them were amazed by Gu Nings skills, but they were still reluctant to regard her as their leader.

However, they couldnt defeat her.

They remained silent for now, but it didnt mean that they gave up the idea of killing Gu Ning.

They simply needed a longer time to make a plan.

If they lost control of themselves, they would have the same result as the head of the Intelligence Department.

“I know many of you are still unwilling to take me as your leader, so Im ready to face your challenges anytime, as long as youre not afraid to suffer the same result as him,” said Gu Ning, pointing at the head of the Intelligence Department on the ground.

Hearing her words and witnessing the condition of the head of the Intelligence Department, they were scared.

Amazed by Gu Nings abilities, they didnt dare to attack her for the time being.

Gu Ning then continued, “What I need to tell you right now is that Im the real boss of the Tianying Gang, but I wont manage it in person.

I dont have that much time.

Now, Huang Haihao is safe, and he will be able to leave the hospital in a few days.”

Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

What Their leader was already safe and could leave the hospital in a few days How was it possible Wasnt his life in danger earlier

“Hu, is our leader really…” They turned to ask Hu.

“Right, our leader is much better now.

His life is out of danger, and hes quickly recovering.

Its all because of Miss Tang,” said Hu.

When Hu said it was Gu Ning who saved Huang Haihao, he showed obvious admiration and respect for her.

To be honest, it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen.

Miss Tang was an incredible figure in his opinion.

Hearing that, people turned to look at Gu Ning and couldnt believe their ears.

She had saved their gang leader Their gang leaders life was out of danger and he was quickly recovering

Jesus, it was unbelievable!

“Hu, are you joking Our gang leader was so seriously injured.

Even the doctor said his life is still in danger.

Only an hour has passed, how could he be out of danger so quickly and be recovering now”


Everyone doubted it, because it was too unbelievable and it was beyond their imagination.

“Its indeed amazing, so I understand that youre doubtful, but its the truth.

Youll know after you go to the hospital,” said Hu.

Hu had also been unable to believe it.

Even if he witnessed Huang Haihao recovering, he still couldnt believe it.

Because Hu made it very clear, it was hard for them not to believe it.

Therefore, they decided to go to the hospital later.

As for the news that Huang Haihao was getting better, some were happy to know that, some felt they were lucky, while others were worried.

Those who felt happy for him were people who were loyal to Huang Haihao since Huang Haihao was actually a good gang leader.

Those who felt they were lucky were people who hesitated to unseat Huang Haihao, because they were slightly afraid of him.

If Huang Haihao was really injured, they could have an excuse to replace him.

However, Huang Haihao was recovering now, so they couldnt replace him.

Those who were worried were people who wanted to replace Huang Haihao, especially the head of the Intelligence Department.

He hated Gu Ning to death at this moment.

If Gu Ning had told them that Huang Haihao was recovering earlier on, he wouldnt have tried to replace him.

Because Huang Haihao was safe, he would win or die trying if he stood out now.

In fact, after he tried to kill Gu Ning earlier, he was already doomed.

“Now, who else disagrees Tell me your opinions.

I can help you understand the situation,” said Gu Ning.

They definitely disagreed with her, but none of them dared to say it aloud, or they would be taught a lesson as well.

They were unwilling to get in trouble.

Seeing them staying silent, Gu Ning said, “Well, if you dont say anything, Ill assume you all yielded.

In that case, if any of you dares to harm the Tianying Gang, Ill punish you without hesitation, just like…”

Gu Ning warned them.

She knew not all of them were willing to accept her as their leader, but she didnt care.

She only needed them to do their work well.

In order to scare them, Gu Ning picked up an iron rod from the side, then directly bent it with her hands.

It looked effortless, and everyone was stunned.

To their surprise, she was extremely strong.

After bending the iron rod, Gu Ning went on to say what she hadnt finished before, in a more serious tone, “Just like this stick.”

As soon as she finished, Gu Ning heard them gasp in fear.

She knew they were all shocked.

She didnt know whether they would listen to her in the future, but she would see what she could do at that time.

Seeing them calm down, Gu Ning left.

As for the head of the Intelligence Department, she told the Tianying Gang to deal with him.

He had tried to kill the real boss of the Tianying Gang in public, so he certainly couldnt survive.

Gu Ning hadnt eaten yet, but Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were already waiting for her in the hotel, so Gu Ning went straight to the hotel after leaving the Tianying Gang.

Because she was going to see Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, Gu Ning put on her original clothes.

Once Gu Ning was gone, several senior members went to the hospital to see Huang Haihao.

What they saw was exactly what Hu and Gu Ning had told them.

Huang Haihao was already out of danger, and he started breathing normally.

It seemed he was fine now.

Seeing that, those who were worried felt relieved, while those who still hesitated to replace Huang Haihao gave the idea up.

However, it was still hard for them to accept the fact that the real boss of the Tianying Gang was someone else, and was even a woman.

Even though this woman was very strong, she was still a woman and they felt embarrassed about that.

After having a meal, Gu Ning and the others left to search for Long Yichao.

After Ks investigation, it was found that Long Yichao escaped to a wilderness in the suburbs and disappeared.

After all, surveillance cameras were only installed in the city and on both sides of the roads.

In the wilderness and mountains, there were no surveillance cameras.

In that case, the probability of finding Long Yichao was even lower, because the mountains occupied a large area, and nobody knew where he went.


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