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Chapter 2201: Huang Haihao Is in Trouble

However, because Yuan Yiyang was a member of the Yuan family and the other two men with him had a high status as well, the police didnt arrest them.

What they didnt know was that after Gao Yi and Qiao Ya left, they had changed back into their original attire, followed them to the hospital, and got the result.

Therefore, even if the police handling the case wanted to remove it from the public attention, they couldnt do that now.

The next day, the news that Yuan Yiyang, Zhao Jie and Wang Fei had a fight in a bar and had their pen*ses injured went abroad.

Undoubtedly, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were the cause.

The inspection reports were directly exposed, so it showed that Yuan Yiyang and the others were not only injured on their pen*ses.

They also took and carried drugs.

Although it wasnt uncommon in high society that rich heirs took drugs, they would be fine if it wasnt exposed.

However, once it was exposed, they would be in trouble.

Once the news spread, Yuan Yiyangs parents went to the hospital.

The hospital didnt leak the information and refused to admit it, but someone must have stolen the reports.

Yuan Yiyangs parents didnt think the hospital dared to do that, but they wondered who could steal the reports.

After analyzing for a while, they thought of Yuan Yiyang being beaten.

It was possible that Yuan Yiyang was not just drunk and causing trouble, but that someone deliberately designed it.

As for the purpose, Yuan Yiyangs parents also knew that their son was disobedient and had offended many people.

Therefore, he might have been retaliated against this time.

Even so, they were determined to find out who did it.

However, at present, they had to deny that Yuan Yiyang was taking drugs, saying that the report was false and that Yuan Yiyang was maliciously framed by someone, then they posted the hospital report.

This report was made anew.

Although it was also made by the hospital, the information on the report was false.

Therefore, some people believed it, but some people didnt.

Nevertheless, whether the public believed it or not, the police didnt continue the investigation, and Yuan Yiyang was fine.

Gu Ning wasnt surprised, so she didnt think it was a big deal.

Anyway, she didnt rely on that to put Yuan Yiyang in prison.

Qu Hanjiao didnt know if Gu Ning had gotten enough evidence that could throw Yuan Yiyang to jail, but she was very happy to learn that Yuan Yiyang and the others had lost the use of their pen*ses.

Now that the news went abroad, Qu Hanjiao had no doubt that it was true, because she believed in Gu Ning.

Had she not been in the canteen at this time, she would have laughed out of control.

However, today Gu Ning didnt come to the canteen, so Qu Hanjiao didnt see her.

She actually wanted to ask about the situation after seeing Gu Ning.

In the last class, Gu Ning received a text message from Gao Yi, telling her that the Tianying Gang was in trouble in City C, so she left school.

Because of the internal conflict of the Tianying Gang last time, the deputy gang leader was killed, but now he appeared again.

Just tonight, Huang Haihaos car was blown up and he was seriously injured.

At the moment, he was in an emergency room in the hospital now.

His life was in danger.

The Tianying Gang was in a mess.

If Gao Yi and Qiao Ya got involved in the Tianying Gangs chaos, they would be able to solve it, but only Gu Ning could solve the problem of Huang Haihaos injury.

Therefore, Gu Ning asked Gao Yi to book plane tickets for the three of them.

Gu Ning also left early because of it.

It seemed as if she had to deal with problems one after another recently.

As for the rape cases committed by Yuan Yiyang and the others, Gu Ning wasnt in a hurry to expose their dirty secrets.

After all, Yuan Yiyang and the others were still injured in the hospital.

Even if their dirty secrets were exposed, they couldnt be sent to the court, so she decided to wait till their condition became stable.

Anyway, right now, she needed to go to City C.

Gao Yi had booked tickets for 2:10 pm.

At this time, it was nearly 12 pm, so it was time for them to go to the airport.

Gu Ning met Qiao Ya and Gao Yi at the airport.

When they arrived at City C, Gu Ning didnt go to see Huang Haihao immediately, but instead found a place and changed clothes first.

After changing clothes, she went to see Huang Haihao.

However, Gu Ning went there without Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

After all, Huang Haihao was the only one who had seen Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

Even Huang Haihaos henchman only knew Gao Yi and Qiao Yas phone numbers and the names he knew were fake.

If Gao Yi and Qiao Ya went there with Gu Ning, their real identities would be exposed.

However, Huang Haihao was the only one who had seen Gu Ning, and now Huang Haihao was unconscious so Gu Ning obviously couldnt get through to him.

If she went there right now, other people might not believe her.

So in order to prove her identity, Gu Ning went there with Qiao Yas phone.

When Gu Ning arrived at the hospital where Huang Haihao was, it was nearly 7 pm.

Although Gu Ning didnt have dinner, she wasnt hungry.

At this time, Huang Haihao was just pushed out after an operation, and he was in the ward.

Huang Haihao was in a VIP ward.

There were four security guards outside the ward and two henchmen were inside.

After Gu Ning came, she didnt go in right away, but instead called Huang Haihaos henchman, Hu.

Once Hu received Gu Nings call, he walked out.

He didnt know the appearance of the owner of this phone, but he had no doubt since Gu Ning came with the phone.

Hu walked out and saw Gu Ning outside, so he knew it was her.

In case any accidents happened, Hu still asked, “Are you Miss Ye”

The surname Qiao Ya told them was Ye, and she didnt tell them her full name, so they always called her Miss Ye.

“Im Tang Aining, because I failed to get through to Huang Haihao, I brought Miss Yes phone with me to prove my identity,” said Gu Ning.

As Huang Haihaos henchman, Hu definitely knew who Tang Aining was.

Therefore, Hu knew that Tang Aining was the real boss of the Tianying Gang.

Although he had never seen her before, he had no doubt.

He was shocked and surprised when he heard Gu Nings self-introduction, then immediately greeted her with great respect.

“Miss Tang, very nice to see you, Im Hu.”

“Lets go in now,” said Gu Ning.

“Please, Miss Tang.” Hu made a hand gesture and invited Gu Ning to go in.

“Hi, Miss Ye.” After Gu Ning walked into the ward, Yang, who didnt know that Gu Ning was Tang Aining, called her Miss Ye.

“This is Miss Tang,” said Hu to correct him.

Hearing that, Yang was shocked.

To his surprise, the visitor was the real boss of the Tianying Gang, so he apologized in horror at once.

“Sorry, Miss Tang, I thought it was Miss Ye.”


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