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Chapter 2187: Zhou Wei Has a Car Accident

In the afternoon, when their classes were over, Gu Ning, Baili Zongxue, and the others went to the canteen for dinner.

Once Song Miaoge saw Gu Ning, she asked, “Gu Ning, I saw the Weibo you posted today.

The succulent plants are so lovely! I originally wanted you to bring me two pots and take them home to raise them.

But after thinking about it twice, I decided its better to wait until the weekend to look at them myself!”

“No problem, when you go there, you can say that youre my classmate, and the boss will give you a 20% discount,” Gu Ning said.

She didnt say that she held shares of the Pavilion of Magic.

It wasnt because she was embarrassed to take their money, but because it wasnt a big deal.

“I want to buy two pots too.

We can go there together,” said Baili Zongxue.

Hearing that, Gu Ning felt she should tell Jing Yunyao to avoid them.

Even if she didnt say it, Jing Yunyao could sense the air of cultivators from Baili Zongxue.

However, Gu Ning wanted Jing Yunyao to be mentally-prepared.

Although Miao Jingjing was only a mortal now without the air of cultivators, Baili Zongxue saw Miao Jingjing when they ran into her that day.

Therefore, if Baili Zongxue was going to the store, Miao Jingjing better avoid meeting her too.

In addition, because plants in the Pavilion of Magic all had magical power, cultivators would be attracted over sooner or later.

Therefore, in order to avoid cultivators, the Pavilion of Magic needed to hire one or two staff.

If there were really cultivators, Jing Yunyao could sense them beforehand as long as they werent at a higher level than her, but sometimes she didnt have enough time to close the shop.

Most importantly, Miao Jingjing lost her skills as a cultivator now, so she couldnt sense the air of cultivators.

if Jing Yunyao was absent and cultivators came, she couldnt recognize them.

Although not many people knew her in the cultivation world, she had acquaintances, so she could never be too careful.

Miao Jingjing lost her skills as a cultivator now, but she still had the body of a cultivator, so cultivators of high levels could feel it once they saw her.

As for the plants with magical power in the Pavilion of Magic, Baili Zongxue knew Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary mortal, so Baili Zongxue would know the magical power was from her even if Gu Ning didnt say that she held shares of the shop.

Therefore, there wouldnt be a problem.

“Sure, we can go together.

Zikai, how about you” Song Miaoge asked.

“I have something to do on the weekend, so I cant go.” Zhang Zikai complained, because she wanted to go too, but she couldnt go.

“Do you want succulent plants I can bring two pots for you,” said Song Miaoge.

“Great! You can send me photos at that time, and Ill choose two pots,” Zhang Zikai said.

She didnt have much interest in succulent plants, but she also had the idea to buy some after seeing the beautiful succulent plants in Gu Nings photos.

When they were enjoying the meal, they heard people talking about Zhou Wei around them.

“I heard that Zhou Wei had a car accident.

Shes in a coma now.

She also had a miscarriage.

I didnt expect Zhou Wei to be pregnant, since she obviously doesnt have a boyfriend!”

“How could you know whether she has a boyfriend If she doesnt, how could she be pregnant”

“Well, actually I heard Zhou Wei was kept by a man as a mistress, but I dont know whether its true.”

“Really No way.”

“Its possible.

After all, its not uncommon that female college students are kept as mistresses by rich men.”

“If Zhou Wei is a mistress, I think she deserves the punishment for being the other woman in other peoples marriage.”

“Right, I hate mistresses.”

“Hey, is it possible that the wife of the man who kept Zhou Wei as a mistress found out about their affair and paid someone to cause the car crash”

“I think its possible.

If it were me, I would do something like that.”

“Although its understandable, its illegal.”

“When youre so mad, you cant care less about the law.”

“Youre right.”


Many people were talking about it, so the news obviously spread abroad.

Zhou Wei had a car accident She was in a coma now She also had a miscarriage

Although Gu Ning didnt know whether the car accident was really an accident or a murder attempt, she felt it could be a scheme.

Hearing their discussion, Song Miaoge and the others also agreed that Zhou Wei deserved the punishment.

They also said the man was really bad and should be punished too.

Gu Ning had the same idea, so if it was just an accident, she wouldnt get involved.

However, if it had something to do with Huang Zhenlang, she wouldnt stand on the sidelines.

Even if it had nothing to do with her, no matter what the truth was, she ran into their private talk!

Gu Ning knew she was interfering in other peoples business, but she couldnt accept it and had to do something to fight for justice.

After that, Gu Ning told K to investigate Zhou Weis car accident.

The driver was the focus.

She wanted to know whether the driver had contacted Huang Zhenlang before.

In the following hours, more and more people learned of Zhou Weis car accident and believed that she had been kept as a mistress.

At this moment, Gu Ning really wanted to know how Huang Zhenlang felt now.

If he didnt do it, he would be relieved.

If he did, would he be anxious After all, not everyone could be at ease after trying to kill someone.

They mainly pretended to be fine on the surface.

In slightly more than half an hour, K had the result.

The car accident happened yesterday afternoon.

When the car accident happened, Zhou Wei was crossing the road, and a car rushed up out of control, and hit her.

After the accident, the driver didnt escape, but instead called an ambulance and the police, then took the initiative to take responsibility.

Because if he took the initiative to take responsibility, he would be punished much more lightly.

As long as the victim or the victims family was willing to deal with it privately, it would just be a matter of paying some money.

However, if he ran away, he had to pay the money and would be put in jail.

Most importantly, as long as the driver took the initiative to take responsibility, the police wouldnt bother to figure out the truth.

It turned out the driver had met Huang Zhenlang at a parking lot two days ago.

No one knew what they had said to each other at that meeting, but Huang Zhenlang transferred five hundred thousand yuan to the drivers card after the meeting.

There were also surveillance videos to prove that Huang Zhenlang had entered and left Zhou Weis place these days.

Although it couldnt directly prove that Huang Zhenlang caused the car accident, it could prove his relationship with Zhou Wei and the driver, which made him a suspect.

As the investigation went further, the truth would come out.


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