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Before Gu Man and the others got into the private room, Lin Lijuan stopped them in the passage.

Gu Qing, Gu Man, I need to talk to you right now.

Lin Lijuan, I don\'t think we have anything to talk about.

If you want to have skincare, you can turn to the beauticians, Gu Qing refused directly.

She knew what Lin Lijuan wanted to do, but she wouldn\'t listen to her now.

You… If Mrs.

Hao and Mrs.

Lu had not been there, Lin Lijuan absolutely would have yelled at Gu Qing, but now Lin Lijuan had to swallow her anger.

She turned around and left right away.

She called Gu Qinxiang the minute she got outside.

What Gu Qinxiang was impatient at having to answer Lin Lijuan\'s call.

Honey, I just met Gu Qing and Gu Man in a beauty salon.

You won\'t believe it, but they\'re the bosses of the beauty salon! How can they afford it It\'s worth a few million yuan at least! Lin Lijuan said with anger.

What They have that much money Hearing that, Gu Qinxiang was shocked too.

He didn\'t believe it either.

Exactly! That\'s the reason why they both quit and moved.

They\'re rich now, and don\'t want to stay in contact with us! Lin Lijuan added.

How did they become rich Gu Qinxiang was confused.

How would I know I wanted to ask them, but Gu Qing wouldn\'t talk to me.


Hao and Mrs.

Lu were also there helping them.

I was afraid to annoy them, so I left. Thinking that Mrs.

Hao and Mrs.

Lu were so close to Gu Qing and Gu Man, Lin Lijuan was full of jealousy.

What Do you mean the Mrs.

Hao whose family ranked ninth on the list of the richest, and the Mrs.

Lu from Happy Home, the famous furniture and home accessories company Gu Qinxiang was shocked once more.

Yes! Lin Lijuan replied.

Fine, I\'ll find out, Gu Qinxiang said, then hung up.

He had mixed emotions now.

He wanted to call Gu Qing with his mobile phone, but after second thought, he used the landline in his office, because Gu Qing knew his mobile phone number, and she wouldn\'t answer his call.

Gu Qing truly didn\'t know Gu Qinxiang\'s office number, so she answered his call, Hi,

Gu Qinxiang didn\'t waste time greeting her, but asked directly, Gu Qing, I\'m your eldest brother.

I heard that you and Gu Man bought a beauty salon.

Where did you get the money

He was purely questioning her.

It sounded like he believed that Gu Qing and Gu Man should be poor and lack money forever.

Hearing that, Gu Qing almost laughed because of her eldest brother\'s tone.

She absolutely understood that Gu Qinxiang hated to see them living a better life than him, so she argued at once, Why are you questioning me now Is it illegal that we\'re rich Don\'t forget your poor life from before you became rich!

You… Gu Qinxiang was mad, but didn\'t know what to say.

Gu Qing didn\'t avoid Gu Man, Mrs.

Hao and Mrs.

Lu, so they all heard everything clearly.

Gu Man\'s face changed a little, and seemed hurt.

Even though she already saw through her family, she felt sad at being questioned like that.


Hao was irritated at once.

She stood up grabbing the phone from Gu Qing, and said, Boss Gu, I\'m Hao Zhonglong\'s wife, Gu Lan.

I don\'t understand why you have to ask Gu Man and Gu Qing for the source of their money Let me tell you this, I lent the money to them! And you don\'t have to right to question them!

After that, Mrs.

Hao hung up on Gu Qingxiang, looking at Gu Qing and Gu Man.

Sorry I\'m being a little rude.

Please don\'t mind me.

Gu Qing and Gu Man exchanged a glance, then snorted with laughter.

Gu Qing said, Of course not! I think you\'ve done a great job.

Um, is your money legal Mrs.

Hao unconsciously asked, but she soon realized she shouldn\'t have said it.

I\'m sorry.

I didn\'t mean it.

It didn\'t matter if Mrs.

Hao meant it or not, Gu Qing and Gu Man weren\'t mad at her.

Gu Man explained, Of course our money is legal.

I just don\'t want to tell them.

My daughter saved a man\'s life by accident.

The man gave her an emerald the size of a quail\'s egg as a reward.

My daughter then went to a jewelry store to identity it.

Unexpectedly, it was the King\'s Green which was worth ten million yuan! We didn\'t need jewelry, so my daughter sold it and used the money to start a business.

Gu Man didn\'t hide the truth, because it wasn\'t shameful after all.

And she was willing to tell Mrs.

Hao and Mrs.


What The King\'s Green It\'s the king of the jade! It must be priceless! Hearing that, Mrs.

Hao and Mrs.

Lu were shocked.

Women loved jewelry.

Some of them preferred gold and silver, some preferred diamond, while some preferred jade.


Hao and Mrs.

Lu\'s preference was jade.

Like the old saying went: jade nourished humans.

And jade could accentuate their air of elegance.


Hao and Mrs.

Lu didn\'t doubt Gu Man\'s explanation, because they believed that Gu Man wouldn\'t lie to them.

Meanwhile, Gu Qinxiang was struck dumb for a long while after Mrs.

Hao hung up on him.


Hao lent them money He wasn\'t sure whether he should believe it, and was quite surprised.

Although he didn\'t dare to annoy Mrs.

Hao, he was aggravated by her.

Gu Ning got off the plane, and left the airport alone, instead of leaving with An Guangyao and others.

She turned on her phone, calling Gu Man.

Hearing that Gu Qing and Gu Man were in the beauty salon, Gu Ning decided to meet them there.

After the call with Gu Ning, Gu Man said to Mrs.

Hao and Mrs.

Lu, Um, my daughter is coming here to meet us.

We will probably dine together.

Do you mind


Hao\'s and Mrs.

Lu\'s eyes lit up at once.


Hao smiled.

Of course not.

We also want to meet your daughter again!

Oh, can my son join us He probably knows your daughter, because they go to the same school.

Although my son isn\'t good at studying and is a little naughty sometimes, he\'s a nice boy,Mrs.

Hao said.

Sure! Gu Man replied.


Hao then sent a message to her son.


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