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Chapter 2186: I Prefer to Use Violence

The two people wondered whether they were caught because they had damaged the Pavilion of Magic yesterday.

Although they did more bad things as gangsters and they also had many enemies, it happened that they had just damaged the Pavilion of Magic yesterday and were caught this morning.

Therefore, they believed it must have something to do with the Pavilion of Magic.

However, they thought that they had disguised themselves so well yesterday so they shouldnt have been exposed right away.

Therefore they werent really sure it was because of the Pavilion of Magic.

Nevertheless, they were unwilling to admit their crimes, so they didnt ask about it.

They did ask why Gao Yi and Qiao Ya caught them, but Gao Yi and Qiao Ya refused to tell them the reason and only told them to wait.

In a while, there would be someone to interrogate them, so they wondered whether to tell the truth later.

Facing that dilemma, the two men hesitated to make a decision.

They valued professional ethics even in this illegal industry.

They couldnt betray the person who hired them after they were caught, or nobody would dare to hire them in the future! However, they were just punks and didnt adhere to professional ethics.

Besides, the people they met this time were so strong.

If they didnt tell the truth, they could be beaten and disabled.

And if they were beaten and disabled, they would be unable to do anything in the future.

Therefore, they were scared and hesitated to make a decision.

Before Gu Ning came, the two men were suffering every moment.

Finally, Gu Ning arrived at 1:30 pm.

As soon as they saw Gu Ning, the two men felt she looked familiar, but couldnt remember where they saw her, so they whispered to each other.

“This girl looks a little familiar.”

“I have the same feeling, but I cant remember where I saw her before.”

“I dont know why, but I somehow feel panicked when I see her.”

“Do you like her”

“Stop joking! Im scared stiff right now.”

“You cant! Its just a girl.”


The man who felt panicked didnt know why he had that feeling.

Once Gu Ning came, Qiao Ya and Gao Yi got out of the car and opened the cars back door.

As Gu Ning walked closer, the man who panicked after seeing Gu Ning started to get his memories back.

He rounded his eyes in fear and shock.


The man remembered Gu Ning, because Gu Ning was very popular on the Internet these days, especially after the establishment of the Shengning Organization.

He had also read the news, but Gu Ning looked different in the flesh from the photos, so he failed to recognize her at first glance.

Right now, he recognized her, but he was terrified.

When did they offend Gu Ning

“Who Who is it” The other man felt scared after seeing the mans reaction.

It seemed this girl was very influential, but he still couldnt recognize her.

“It seems you know me.” Gu Ning gave the man an evil smile, then asked, “Tell me, who paid you to damage the Pavilion of Magic”

“The boss of the Fairy Flower Shop paid us to damage the Pavilion of Magic.” The man blurted it out.

Since it was Gu Ning who caught them here, he shouldnt hesitate to make the decision any longer, because they couldnt mess with Gu Ning at all.

Otherwise, they would be unable to bear the consequences of failure.

The other man didnt know Gu Nings status, but he didnt hesitate to confess his crime after seeing that his companion was so frightened.

He also realized this girl wasnt easy to deal with, so he didnt interrupt.

“Youre not lying to me are you” Gu Ning asked, but it actually wasnt very likely in the current situation.

“No, no, I didnt.

I promise.” In case Gu Ning didnt believe it, the man replied at once.

He couldnt be more sincere.

After that, he immediately apologized and begged.

“M-Miss Gu, Im sorry.

We didnt know the Pavilion of Magic has a relationship with you.

If we knew, we wouldnt have dared to damage it.

Miss Gu, please forgive us this once.”

Miss Gu Upon hearing that title, the other man connected Gu Ning with the familiar person in his memories and almost peed himself.

Jesus, they had such bad luck! They had offended a super influential figure.

“M-Miss Gu, Im sorry.

Im sorry.

Please forgive us.

We wont do it again.” The man who just recognized her apologized as well.

Although he didnt think it was useful because they had damaged her store after all, they wished it was useful.

“Forgive you If I let you go today, who should pay my loss” Gu Ning sneered.

She was unwilling to let them go.

“Well pay for it.

Well doubt your loss.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, were willing to pay.”

The two men answered right away.

Although they didnt have much money, they could afford dozens of thousands of yuan.

Even if they didnt have much money with them right now, they could borrow some.

Although dozens of thousands of yuan was a lot, they were unwilling to make the trouble more serious.

“Of course you should pay for it, but I dont lack money, so I dont want money,” said Gu Ning.

“Then, what do you want”

Two of them said with one accord.

Strangely, they had a premonition.

“I prefer to use violence,” said Gu Ning coldly.

Then she stopped wasting more time on them.

She turned to say to Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, “Drag them out to teach them a lesson.

Just dont disable them.”

“Sure,” said Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, then immediately went to drag the two men out.

The man was full of fear and begged repeatedly.

“Miss Gu, please forgive us.

We… No!”

Before he could finish, he moaned in pain.

After that, there were moans of pain in the air.

He didnt even have a chance to beg.

After a while, Gu Ning told them to stop and directly threw the two men at the side of the road, then left.

The two men were injured, but not seriously.

They werent disabled either, but it would cost a lot for them to be healed.

Gu Ning assigned another task to Gao Yi and Qiao Ya before going back to school.

She told them to teach the boss of the Fairy Flower Shop a lesson.

They also only needed to beat the boss and give a warning.

After all, Pavilion of Magic didnt suffer a great loss, so she didnt need to be very violent.

Anyway, the boss of the Fairy Flower Shop couldnt gain anything from it.


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