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Chapter 2178: What Shameful Thing Youve Done

Elder Mrs.

Yuan understood she couldnt keep the fact that Zhao Xiaoxi was Yuan Wenyes illegitimate daughter a secret forever, so she admitted it right away.

They were close friends after all.

However, she couldnt admit that she caused Zhao Xiaoxis death and she had to make it very clear in case Younger Mrs.

Yuan and Mrs.

Peng became suspicious.

Because of that, Younger Mrs.

Yuan and Mrs.

Peng were less suspicious of Elder Mrs.

Yuan, but they werent fully convinced.

Anyway, even if it really had something to do with Elder Mrs.

Yuan, they wouldnt tell other people because it wouldnt do them any good.

“Sure, we understand,” said Younger Mrs.

Yuan and Mrs.


Actually, Yuan Wenye didnt know about Zhao Xiaoxis death.

He just told Elder Mrs.

Yuan to give Zhao Xiaoxi a certain amount of money and let her leave the capital and stay away from the Yuan family for the rest of her life.

Therefore, Yuan Wenye always believed that Zhao Xiaoxi was left with the money.

Elder Mrs.

Xu and the others kept on enjoying their meal and casual chat.

“Oh, Gu Ning, what do you think is the chance that Jinchen and Beiying can be together” Elder Mrs.

Xu asked.

Although Xu Jingchen and Zi Beiying were now boyfriend and girlfriend, Zi Beiyings family was in Singapore, so she was still worried that they would not be able to get together.

“Um, its hard to tell.

Its their personal affair after all,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt know how to make the judgment.

Hearing that, Elder Mrs.

Xu became a little unhappy.

She cared about her son so much!

“Dont think too much about it.

If its meant to be, the girl wont run away.

If it isnt, you cant force her to stay,” said Yan Min to comfort Elder Mrs.


It was hard to manipulate a romantic relationship.

“Right, no need to think much about it.

Give them some privacy,” said Jing Yunyao.

“I cant wait to see them get married right now,” said Elder Mrs.


That noght, Elder Mrs.

Yuan had a nightmare.

She dreamed that Zhao Xiaoxi came to her for revenge.

She was so scared that she called out in her dream.

“No, no, no!”

The movement of Elder Mrs.

Yuan immediately awakened Yuan Wenye who was beside her pillow.

Yuan Wenye woke up and saw that Mrs.

Yuan was having a nightmare, so he shook her at once.

“Yuru, wake up, wake up…”

Elder Mrs.

Yuans full name was Zheng Yuru.

Zheng Yuru didnt wake up, and continued to shout in horror, “No, dont come to me.

Dont come to me.

I didnt kill you.

I didnt…”

When Yuan Wenye heard that, he was shocked into a cold sweat.

Although Zheng Yuru said “I didnt kill you”, Yuan Wenye wasnt a simple-minded person.

From a psychological perspective, if Zheng Yuru said that, whether the person was killed by her or not, the death of this person must have something to do with her.

Otherwise, she wouldnt dream that the person came to pay her back!

Who was the person killed by her

Yuan Wenye wasnt timid.

He had harmed a lot of people before for benefits, but he had never killed.

Therefore, even though he was bold, he was afraid of killing.

At this moment, Yuan Wenye didnt bother to wake Zheng Yuru up.

Instead, he directly asked, “Who was killed”

Although Yuan Wenye wasnt sure whether he could get the answer, he still had to give it a try.

When people were talking in their dreams, they could really blurt their secrets out.

“Zhao Xiaoxi, Zhao Xiaoxi, dont come to me.

Dont come to me.

I didnt kill you.

I didnt…”

Zheng Yuru could hear Yuan Wenyes question or it might have been a coincidence, but she said Zhao Xiaoxis name aloud.

Hearing that, Yuan Wenye had a shiver run through him and he couldnt believe his ears.

What Zhao Xiaoxi was dead

It had something to do with Zheng Yuru Didnt she tell him that Zhao Xiaoxi already left the capital with the money and would stay away from the Yuan family forever

It seemed… Although Zhao Xiaoxi was only an illegitimate daughter and Yuan Wenye disliked her, she was his daughter after all.

If she just left the capital, it would be fine, but if she died, he would still be somewhat uncomfortable.

The most important thing was that Zhao Xiaoxis death had something to do with Zheng Yuru, which was unacceptable in his eyes.

“Zheng Yuru, wake up now.” Yuan Wenye immediately pulled Zheng Yuru a few times rudely, and shouted angrily.

At this time, Zheng Yuru was awakened.

Because of the nightmare, Zheng Yuru was sweating profusely.

After discovering that the horrifying scene just now was just a dream, Zheng Yuru was relieved, but when she saw Yuan Wenye madly glaring at her, she was a little puzzled.

“Honey, whats wrong”

Zheng Yuru knew that she had a nightmare.

She dreamed that Zhao Xiaoxi had come to her to seek revenge, but she didnt know that she had said something that shouldnt be said and Yuan Wenye had heard it, so she didnt think Yuan Wenye was mad because of Zhao Xiaoxi.

“You had a nightmare,” Yuan Wenye said solemnly, holding back his anger.

Zheng Yuru didnt think further about it and said, “Yes.”

At this moment, Zheng Yuru was still a little frightened.

Luckily, it was just a dream.

“What did you dream about” Yuan Wenye asked.

Zheng Yuru was a little guilty when she heard that, and she subconsciously avoided his eyes.

“Yeah, but its nothing.

I just dreamed of ghosts.”

“Ghosts Did you do anything shameful” Yuan Wenye asked and curbed his anger.

“How is it possible” Zheng Yuru subconsciously denied it after hearing that, but she seemed more guilty by denying it too quickly.

“How long do you plan to keep it a secret from me Tell me, what did you do to Zhao Xiaoxi” Yuan Wenye couldnt stand it any longer, so he asked angrily.

Upon hearing that, Zheng Yuru was stunned.

How did he know what she had done to Zhao Xiaoxi Could it be that when she was dreaming, she told the story

“You killed her, right” Yuan Wenye deliberately asked to trap her.

“Its not me.

It was Song Yang.” Zheng Yuru subconsciously retorted.

She didnt want to be mistaken as the murderer of Zhao Xiaoxi, but once she said it aloud, she admitted that Zhao Xiaoxis death had something to do with her.

Because she knew it was Song Yang who had killed Zhao Xiaoxi, but she had never told Yuan Wenye, which meant she and Song Yang sided together.

Unfortunately, she couldnt take back her words that had already been said.

Seeing Yuan Wenyes mad face, Zheng Yuru explained at once.

“Wenye, let me explain it.

I really didnt kill Zhao Xiaoxi.

Its Song Yang.”

“Since you know its Song Yang who killed Zhao Xiaoxi, why didnt you tell me Why did you still let him marry the Zheng family Do you think Ill believe youre innocent You must have told him to do that!” Yuan Wenye said.

It was too obvious and he wasnt dumb.


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