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Chapter 2175: Scare Elder Mrs.


“Lord Xu has been engaged with Miss Wen for so long.

When will they really get married If its delayed all the time, there could be rumors.

People might think something went wrong between Lord Xu and Miss Wen,” said Mrs.


She was very hypocritical, and pretended to be nice, which was quite disgusting.

Anyway, Elder Mrs.

Xu was already used to it, so she wasnt mad at all.

Instead, she beamed.

“Elder Mrs.

Yuan, thank you for your concern, but theyre in a very good relationship now.

Jinlin and Siyi are just very busy, so the wedding has been delayed.”

Hearing the way Elder Mrs.

Xu called the woman, Gu Ning learned she was the Elder Mrs.

Yuan and the woman Zhao Xiaoxi had talked about.

If so, if Elder Mrs.

Yuans attitude became worse, she could take action according to the situation.

In fact, Elder Mrs.

Yuans daughter, Yuan Yiyan, liked Xu Jinlin, so the Yuan family wanted to reach an alliance with the Xu family.

The Xu family had a close relationship with the Leng family, but Xu Jinlin was the eldest grandson of the Xu family, the heir of the Jinlin Organization.

So if the Yuan family could form an alliance with Xu Jinlin, Xu Jinlin would support them.

In that case, the Xu familys wealth would be divided and the Leng family would have less support.

However, Xu Jinlin disliked Yuan Yiyan and even hated her.

Even if he didnt hate her, he wouldnt be together with Yuan Yiyan because of his familys position.

However, Yuan Yiyan drugged him in order to make him get together with her, but he accidentally had sex with Wen Siyi and became Wen Siyis boyfriend.

It happened also because Xu Jinlin and Wen Siyi liked each other, but the Wen family wasnt comparable to the Xu family when it came to their status, so Wen Siyi lacked confidence in front of Xu Jinlin.

As a result, she couldnt make up her mind to marry him.

However, she was willing to have sex with Xu Jinlin.

Profit came from a misfortune.

Because Xu Jinlin liked Wen Siyi, he didnt punish the Yuan family, but the Xu family was very mad at the Yuan family.

“Really” Elder Mrs.

Yuan didnt seem convinced.

Her real thoughts actually didnt matter, since she deliberately did that to annoy Elder Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min.

Elder Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min were indeed annoyed, but they were tolerant.

“Yeah, oh, I heard Yuan Yiyan is shouting to get divorced.

What happened Why did she have to divorce” Elder Mrs.

Xu asked with concern, but she wasnt sincere.

She purposely asked that question to embarrass Elder Mrs.


Elder Mrs.

Xu never judged other people, but it didnt mean she was easy to bully.

As the matriarch of the Xu family, she couldnt be weak.

She only treated other people the way she was treated.

Since someone tried to laugh at her now, she had to fight back.

As for what had happened to Yuan Yiyan and why she had to divorce, the reason had already gone abroad.

The reason that came out was that Yuan Yiyan had betrayed her husband and was caught in bed, but the Yuan family stopped the news from spreading widely, so not many people knew.

However, Elder Mrs.

Xu still heard it.

Upon hearing that, Elder Mrs.

Yuan was displeased.

She clearly knew that Elder Mrs.

Xu was deliberately humiliating her.

“This is my family affair.

Elder Mrs.

Xu, I dont think you should be involved,” said Elder Mrs.

Yuan coldly.

In fact, Elder Mrs.

Yuan was really mad at Yuan Yiyan.

She didnt care whether Yuan Yiyan had betrayed her husband, but Yuan Yiyan was caught in bed.

Although their family did their best to stop the news from spreading widely, some people still heard.

Therefore, she received different looks these days, but many people stood in awe of the Yuan family, so nobody dared to talk about it.

However, it also proved that Elder Mrs.

Yuan was very selfish.

If it was her son-in-law who had betrayed her daughter, she would have criticized her son-in-law badly.

“Elder Mrs.

Yuan, since you dislike outsiders talking about your family affairs, please dont do that yourself.

I dont think you should be involved in other peoples family affairs either.” Elder Mrs.

Xu argued.

It was unreasonable that Elder Mrs.

Yuan casually gossiped about other peoples family affairs, but other people couldnt.

Hearing that, Elder Mrs.

Yuan felt quite embarrassed.

Obviously, Elder Mrs.

Xu was unhappy with her gossiping about Xu Jinlins relationship with Wen Siyi.

“Well, I dont care about other peoples family affairs at all!” said Elder Mrs.

Yuan disdainfully.

After that, Elder Mrs.

Xu and Elder Mrs.

Yuan stopped talking.

At this moment, Gu Ning said, “A weird murder case happened a few days ago.

A man named Song Yang was killed in the park, but the police could not find any trace of the murderer.

Many Internet users used their imagination and said Song Yang could be killed by a ghost, otherwise there must be hints…”

When Gu Ning finished speaking, she heard a “clam” from the next table.

The cup in Elder Mrs.

Yuans hand fell on the table, and the drink inside was spilled.

Instantly, Elder Mrs.

Yuan looked very anxious.

Because Elder Mrs.

Xu and her friend didnt know the relationship between Elder Mrs.

Yuan and this person named Song Yang, they didnt think much about Elder Mrs.

Yuans gaffe.

However, Younger Mrs.

Yuan and Mrs.

Peng knew that Song Yang was the son-in-law of Elder Mrs.

Yuans relative.

Nevertheless they didnt think too much about Elder Mrs.

Yuans gaffe either.

They only thought that the talk about a ghost made her uncomfortable.

After all, it was not only Elder Mrs.

Yuan who felt uncomfortable when she heard the word of ghost, Younger Mrs.

Yuan and Mrs.

Peng also felt it was creepy.

“Ha-ha, these Internet users are really imaginative.

There couldnt be ghosts in this world,” said Yan Min and felt amused.

Elder Mrs.

Xu didnt believe in ghosts either.

“Right, the man named Song Yang must have offended someone and was killed through a scheme.”

As long as the murderer was smart enough, it was very normal that the police couldnt find any hints.

“Um, the man named Song Yang is really not a good person.

I heard that he once had a girlfriend named Zhao Xiaoxi, but later because he met a wealthy heiress, he abandoned Zhao Xiaoxi.

After that, Zhao Xiaoxi disappeared.

Some people speculated it might be possible that she was killed by Song Yang and her soul came back for revenge!” Gu Ning said deliberately to Elder Mrs.


Without surprise, when Elder Mrs.

Yuan heard Zhao Xiaoxis name and about her death, she looked even more anxious because of her guilty conscience, and she unconsciously felt a little cold down her back.

Although she didnt kill Zhao Xiaoxi with her hands, she made the arrangement, so she caused Zhao Xiaoxis death.

It was hard for her not to feel guilty.


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