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Chapter 2172: Someone Who Is It

Because there were too many flowers and plants, they were busy all afternoon before they finished transplanting them.

After the transplantation was completed, Gu Ning let the servants rest.

The next thing to do was to put the magical power liquid on the plants, and they would do it by themselves because they didnt want too many people to know.

It took a lot of time to drip the magical power liquid on the plants, so when it was finished, it was almost dark.

Once it was done, they decided to go have a meal.

Knowing that it would take a lot of time to transplant flowers and plants, Jing Yunyao directly ordered the servants to prepare a meal for them.

Therefore, they dined at Xiaoyao Mountain Villa.

On Sunday, Gu Ning took Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing to the flower market.

The painted white wall had dried for two days, so it was time for it to be decorated.

They needed counters and shelves.

Because they didnt want to waste time, they ordered them from stock.

There werent any differences anyway.

At the end of the day, the decoration of the shop would be completed.

The products could be brought and placed tomorrow, and the business could be opened the day after tomorrow.

Because it wasnt a big store, they didnt need a grand opening.

When it opened, they would just call a few good friends to celebrate it.

After it was set up in the afternoon, Gu Ning and the others were about to leave.

At this moment, five young men came over and seemed aggressive.

“Did you rent this shop” the head man asked.

Hearing that, Gu Ning and the others guessed that either one of these people was the son of the owner of the shop, or they were all invited by the son of the owner.

Whether the son of the homeowner was there or not, their purpose of coming here was the same.

The owners and clerks of the surrounding shops knew the son of the owner of this shop.

The son of the owner of the shop was no among these people, but these people were all friends of his.

They had helped him many times, so upon seeing these people here, they realized what they were going to do.

Because of that, they felt sympathy for the owner of this shop because he had such an ungrateful, greedy son who was addicted to gambling.

In the beginning, the shop was opened by the owners own family to do business, but later because the owners son became addicted to gambling, he lost a lot of money, and came back to his father once he didnt have any money.

At the beginning, the shop owner would give some money to his son, but after a long time, they couldnt afford to do it anymore.

After all, their business wasnt very profitable.

When the shop owners son couldnt get the money, he became angry and smashed the shop.

As a result, the shop owner couldnt run the business any longer.

He had to quit and sublet the premises.

However, shortly after the person who rented the shop took over the business, the shop owners son came again and smashed it once more.

He shouted that he was going to sell this shop so that he could have money to gamble.

After several times of it being smashed, the renters business couldnt go on, so the renter withdrew, then Gu Ning showed up after it had been vacant for a month.

When others learned that Gu Ning rented the store, some kind people came to tell her what had happened before, but Gu Ning didnt care.

Since she didnt care, outsiders couldnt say much about it.

Now Gu Ning was in trouble, so they wanted to see how she would handle it.

“So” Gu Ning replied to the man.

Although he was very aggressive, Gu Ning wasnt timid.

The man frowned slightly, and was surprised that the girl was so courageous.

She wasnt afraid of them at all, and she was aggressive too.

Because of that, the man felt a little embarrassed, and his attitude immediately became a little cold.

“Huh! If so, I advise you to leave the store.

Otherwise, be careful that I can make your business fail.”

“Oh, really Why” Gu Ning asked calmly.

She didnt seem to be afraid of them at all.

“Someone doesnt want it to be rented out,” the man said.

“Someone Who is it Why can the person stop us from renting this store I rented it from the owner and signed the contract.

It has nothing to do with the person you just mentioned,” Gu Ning said.

Because she knew the reason, Gu Ning actually sympathized with the owner of this shop because he had such an ungrateful, greedy son.

“You…” Seeing that Gu Ning wasnt afraid of his threat at all, the man got angry and at the same time felt extremely embarrassed, so his attitude suddenly became even worse.

“The person, of course, is the real owner of this store.”

“Oh If the person is really the real owner of this store, show me the ownership certificate.

Ill only be convinced if you have it,” said Gu Ning.

She knew the law, and she signed the contract after checking the ownership certificate and making sure who the owner of this store was.

She wouldnt be cheated!

Therefore, the so-called real owner of this store, the man said, shouldnt have the ownership certificate.

“You…” The man was mad.

If they had the ownership certificate, they wouldnt have come here to cause damage.

With the ownership certificate, they could do whatever they wanted to this store.

Precisely because they didnt have the ownership certificate, they played this dirty trick.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ning wasnt easy to deal with at all, and the man lost patience.

In an instant, he threatened fiercely.

“No time wasted on talking.

You better leave this store right now, or dont blame us for being violent!”

“Sure, show me what you can do!” Gu Ning provoked with no fear.

If she didnt punch them, they would think she was easy to bully!

“You…” The man was mad again.

This was the first time that he had met a girl who was so bold.

Did she think they wouldnt use violence

The man was annoyed by Gu Nings words.

“Great! If so, let me show you what I can do! Now, damage all the stuff in the store!”

They only aimed to break the stuff without the intention of hurting people, but Gu Ning and the others wouldnt allow them to do that.

Therefore, before they did anything, Gu Ning and the others took action.

Although any of them were able to defeat all of those men by themselves, they didnt do that and went to fight against those men together instead because they wanted those men to know none of them was easy to bully.

Onlookers were worried about them because they were females and it was impossible for them to win the fight against those men! However, they were soon amazed by Gu Ning and the others skills.

Within seconds, those men who tried to damage the stuff were beaten on the ground and they seemed seriously injured because they could barely get up.

“Jesus, its so amazing! They easily beat them!”


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