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Chapter 2170: Chu Peihan, You Really Surprised Me

“Chu Peihan, you really surprised me.

Weve been friends for a long time, and youre always a strong girl, but today you showed a gentle side.” Shi Xiaoyue sighed, then asked, “Tell me, do you like Baili Zongxues older brother”

In fact, the last sentence implied Shi Xiaoyues purpose.

“Do you know what a dream guy is A dream guy is the man I look up to.

It has nothing to do with romance,” Chu Peihan said.

It meant that Baili Zongyang was just her idol and it had nothing to do with feelings.

Even if Chu Peihan said that, Shi Xiaoyue was still nervous and stayed alert.

Although Chu Peihan denied that she liked Baili Zongyang right now, she might change her mind in the future.

When Baili Zongxue heard that Chu Peihan didnt like Baili Zongyang, she felt relieved because it was impossible for them to be together.

And Chu Peihan was Gu Nings friend, so she didnt want her to get hurt.

As they chatted, they talked about Mu Ke.

Because they were all girls, while Mu Ke was the only boy, Chu Peihan joked.

“Mu Ke, whats your feeling when youre the only boy among seven girls”

Mu Ke actually felt quite uneasy, and he became even more nervous when Chu Peihan asked him that question.

If there were only Yu Mixi, Gu Ning, and Chu Peihan, he wouldnt have any different feelings because they were very close.

Gu Ning and Chu Peihan were his close “bros”.

However, there were a few unfamiliar girls here, so he felt a little uneasy.

However, even if Mu Ke was nervous, he still did his best to stay calm.

“Nothing special.”

“Nothing special I dont believe it! You must be feeling super good now.

You said that simply because you dont want Mixi to be mad,” said Chu Peihan.

Yu Mixi understood that Chu Peihan was just joking and she trusted Mu Ke, so she wasnt annoyed or displeased at all.

Although Mu Ke had no other feelings other than being uncomfortable and what Chu Peihan said wasnt true either, he knew that women were always sensitive, so he was worried about what Yu Mixi might be bothered.

“Why cant you focus on eating Stop talking nonsense now!” Mu Ke argued with Chu Peihan, but he wasnt angry.

It was just a joke, and Chu Peihan knew where to stop, so she didnt continue and changed the topic.

As they chatted with each other, they brought up the case about Song Yang again.

It was big news and the murderer hadnt yet been found.

“I mean, its a bit weird.

Many people on the Internet have raised doubts, saying that it might have something to do with ghosts!” Chu Peihan said.

“Do you believe in ghosts” Shi Xiaoyue asked disdainfully.

“…” Chu Peihan opened her mouth, but didnt say anything.

She undoubtedly believed in ghosts, because she didnt forget her experience of encountering zombies last time.

However, she couldnt tell Shi Xiaoyue.

“I didnt say I believe in ghosts.

I just said many Internet users have that idea,” said Chu Peihan.

Shi Xiaoyue didnt talk further about that topic with Chu Peihan.

They didnt know much about the case and people could kill without attracting a lot of attention otherwise there wouldnt be fugitives.

After having the meal, it was 8 pm, which was too early to sing songs at a KTV, but they already agreed to go, so they went directly there.

Among them, only Gu Ning drove a car and she came with Baili Zongxue and the others.

When they left, she shared her car with them too, and Chu Peihan and the others took a taxi.

It seemed a little unfair, but her car couldnt accommodate so many people, so some of them had to take a taxi.

Chu Peihan and the others didnt think it was a big deal, so they didnt take it to heart and directly took a taxi.

They booked a luxurious private room with not many bottles of alcohol.

They preferred to not drink much, because it wasnt healthy and would cause trouble if they got drunk.

When it was about 10 pm, Shi Xiaoyue went outside to pick up a call.

After a while, she came in with another person.

It was Han Chenglin.

As soon as Chu Peihan saw Han Chenglin, she rounded her eyes in shock.

Why was he here

Song Miaoge, however, stood up excitedly and asked, “Are you Han Chenglin”

Obviously, Song Miaoge recognized Han Chenglin.

To her surprise, Han Chenglin appeared here, so she was very excited to see him.

Zhang Zikai also recognized him and was excited, but she was shyer than Song Miaoge.

Baili Zongxue didnt know Han Chenglin.

She wasnt attracted to him either, so she felt nothing when she saw Han Chenglin.

Gu Ning and the others had seen Han Chenglin before, so they were only a little surprised to see him here.

“Hi, everyone, Im Han Chenglin.” Han Chenglin greeted them of his own accord.

He had none of the arrogance of a celebrity.

“Um, I just went out and coincidentally saw Senior Han, so I invited him to come in and have a seat.

Do you mind” Shi Xiaoyue said, feeling a little embarrassed.

At the same time, she was slightly guilty because she brought Han Chenglin in without their permission.

Besides, she told Han Chenglin they were here, then Han Chenglin came.

He obviously came for Chu Peihan.

Shi Xiaoyue didnt tell Han Chenglin that Chu Peihan took Baili Zongxues older brother as her dream guy, otherwise Han Chenglin might blurt it out and cause trouble.

Chu Peihan didnt have a bad impression of Han Chenglin now, so she wasnt unhappy to see him.

However, she wasnt excited either because she and Han Chenglin were merely normal friends.

“Of course not! Have a seat!” Chu Peihan said and asked, “Do you drink”

“I can drink a little,” said Han Chenglin.

Because both Song Miaoge and Zhang Zikai really liked Han Chenglin and were his fans, they went to drink with him for a while.

Normally, Han Chenglin wouldnt be so friendly to drink with them, but he was sincerely kind to them because they were in the same circle as Chu Peihan.

Han Chenglin also had a drink with Gu Ning of his own accord, because he truly admired her.

In the following hours, Han Chenglin spent most of his time having fun with Chu Peihan.

He played games and drank with her.

He also looked at her differently, but Chu Peihan felt nothing about it and seemed to not care about his attitude at all.


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