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Chapter 2165: Song Yang, Its Cold in the Lake!

If Song Yang wasnt going home, she would tell the taxi driver to go in another direction.

Fortunately, Song Yang really went home, but before he arrived at the community, Song Yang got out of the car.

Seeing him get out of the car, Gu Ning got off too.

Because Gu Nings car had been far away from Song Yangs car, Gu Ning was confident that Song Yang didnt notice that she was following him.

As for why Song Yang got out of the taxi before arriving at the community, Gu Ning didnt care.

Song Yang wasnt in the mood to play with friends in the bar any longer, but he didnt want to go home so early.

Now he was in a bad mood, so he wanted to have some fresh air outside first.

The place where Song Yang got off the taxi was a park, which was a perfect place for a walk.

Coincidentally, it also gave Zhao Xiaoxi a good opportunity to carry out her plan.

When people had bad luck, they could be unlucky all the time.

The more afraid Song Yang was to be in trouble, the more likely he would be in trouble.

It was his fate.

Because of the cold weather, there werent many people in the park and Song Yang walked towards an empty place, which made it easier for Zhao Xiaoxi to take action.

Gu Ning came to a place that was out of sight of the surveillance cameras and let Zhao Xiaoxi out.

Because it was a water ghost, there was a puddle of water on the ground right after Zhao Xiaoxi came out.

Gu Ning took out the Taoist talisman Shangguan Yang gave her and said, “This Taoist talisman can make you appear for a quarter of an hour, which is fifteen minutes, so you can only take revenge on Song Yang.

As for the others, Im afraid there is no chance to take revenge, so…”

Gu Ning didnt finish, but the meaning was already obvious.

Although Song Yang was the murderer of Zhao Xiaoxi, its stepmother was behind the scenes, so Zhao Xiaoxi hated not only Song Yang, but also its stepmother.

Therefore, if Zhao Xiaoxi still wanted to avenge its stepmother, there would be no chance, because it was impossible for Gu Ning to ask Shangguan Yang for another Taoist talisman for Zhao Xiaoxi.

Knowing that this Taoist talisman could make it appear and kill Song Yang with its own hands.

Zhao Xiaoxi was very excited.

It always hoped that it could kill Song Yang with its own hands!

It was only a pity that Zhao Xiaoxi could only take revenge on Song Yang, but since it could only choose one, Song Yang would be its choice.

After all, Song Yang killed her with his own hands.

“Thank you.

Although I cannot retaliate against that woman and its very disappointing, if I can only choose one target, I still want to retaliate against Song Yang.

After all, he killed me with his hands.

Dont worry, as long as I retaliate against Song Yang, Ill let go of all my obsessions,” Zhao Xiaoxi said.

“Great, but I promise you that if I meet that woman someday, I wont let that woman live a good life,” Gu Ning said, not because of kindness, but because she just wanted Zhao Xiaoxi to stop dwelling on that woman.

The obsession could dissipate on its own and it would go into reincarnation afterwards.

Although Zhao Xiaoxi said that it would let go of all its obsessions, some obsessions were hard to give up, so in order to make sure it could do that, Gu Ning had to give it a promise.

“Thank you.” Zhao Xiaoxi didnt refuse, because it didnt want that woman to live a good life.

Therefore, when it heard Gu Nings words, it was willing to let go of its obsession and resentment towards that woman.

Without further ado, Gu Ning immediately stuck the Taoist talisman on Zhao Xiaoxis body, and in an instant, Zhao Xiaoxis transparent soul body became an entity.

“Do you need a dagger” Gu Ning asked.

“Yes,” said Zhao Xiaoxi.

Gu Ning immediately took out a bronze dagger from her telepathic eye space and handed it to Zhao Xiaoxi.

Zhao Xiaoxi took the dagger, thanked Gu Ning, then floated towards Song Yang.

There were surveillance cameras in the grove, but Zhao Xiaoxi, as a ghost, couldnt be captured by the surveillance cameras even if it had a Taoist talisman, because there was still a magnetic field problem.

Therefore, Zhao Xiaoxi didnt need to avoid the surveillance cameras, and went straight to Song Yang.

Song Yang came to a slightly secluded place alone, and there was no one around him, so Zhao Xiaoxi appeared directly behind him.

“Song Yang…”

An ethereal and gloomy voice came from behind, which shocked Song Yang and he turned around immediately.

When he saw a woman dressed in white, with black hair, and a face pale as paper, Song Yang was taken aback again and took a few steps back.

However, what was even more shocking was yet to come.

After stepping back a few steps, Song Yang could finally see the persons face clearly.

Wasnt that Zhao Xiaoxi

“Y-Y-You…” Song Yangs eyes widened, seeming to bulge out, and his face turned pale with fright.

His whole body trembled, and his feet kept backing away.

How could it be possible Wasnt Zhao Xiaoxi dead How would she appear here Wasnt she dead

No, she looked very abnormal, because her feet were off the ground!

Was she a ghost

That idea immediately made Song Yang want to run, but as soon as he turned around, Zhao Xiaoxi flashed away and appeared in front of him again.

Song Yang turned around at once, but it was still the same, so Song Yang almost had a breakdown and was scared to death.

He slumped on the ground in the end.

“Why Want to run Ha-ha!” Zhao Xiaoxi smiled sarcastically, looking at Song Yang, as if he was a contemptible wretch making trouble.

He was in its hands now.

It was impossible for him to run away!

“Y-Y-You…” Song Yang stared at Zhao Xiaoxi in horror, and couldnt finish the sentence.

“Song Yang, how is it You must be surprised that Id come to you one day! Actually I cant believe it either, but its always been my dream…”

He definitely couldnt think of such a day, because he felt that Zhao Xiaoxi was already dead.

As long as he wasnt exposed, nothing would happen.

As for ghosts…

He never thought about it, because he never believed that there were ghosts in this world.

“Song Yang, youre really cruel and cold-blooded.

For wealth and fame, you killed me and our baby…”

“Song Yang, its so cold in the lake! Can you see it My whole body is wet, and I am wet wherever I go…”

“Song Yang…”

With a “plop”, Song Yang suddenly knelt down in front of Zhao Xiaoxi, crying and begging, “Xiaoxi, please let me go.

I know I was wrong.

Please forgive me!”

He knew that if he didnt beg for mercy, he was really doomed.

Unfortunately, no matter how much he begged for mercy, Zhao Xiaoxi wouldnt let him go.

Seeing Song Yangchao kneeling down and begging for mercy, Zhao Xiaoxi laughed, but that laughter was very gloomy and terrifying.

After laughing for a while, Zhao Xiaoxi suddenly stopped and became violent.

“Let you go In your dream! Do you know that Ive wanted to kill you the entire time…”

“No, Xiaoxi, I know I shouldnt have done that.

Please let me go! Please forgive me!” Song Yang kept on begging Zhao Xiaoxi.

He didnt want to die.

He didnt want to die at all.


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