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Chapter 2160: Drowned Alive

“My name is Zhao Xiaoxi, but actually Zhao is just my mothers surname.

My original surname is Yuan, the illegitimate daughter of the eldest son of the powerful Yuan family in the capital.

An illegitimate daughter, ha! What a disgusting identity! But I never thought about joining the Yuan family.

I just wanted to live my own life well.

However, my so-called fathers wife refused to let me go.”

“At that time, I had a boyfriend from Capital University.

His family is very rich, so he could be considered a rich second generation.

When he chased me, he was so enthusiastic and serious.

I thought I was Cinderella and finally met my prince! Although my life wasnt bad at the time and I lacked nothing, I was barely comparable to him.

In my eyes, I was Cinderella and he was the prince.”

“He was very nice to me during the year when we were together, so I didnt know his true colors until the moment I died.

It turned out that he chased me because he knew my status.

My so-called fathers wife offered him a lot of benefits and paid him to hurt me.

However, I found out I was pregnant before he could think of a good way to hurt me.

I went to the Capital University to see him, only to discover that he was with a girl and behaved intimately.

Obviously they were in a romantic relationship.

He was afraid of me making trouble, so he brought me here.

We quarreled, even had a fight.

He directly pushed me into the lake.

I couldnt swim, and I called him for help, but he didnt save me.

He told me the truth instead.”

“Just like that, I was drowned, along with the unformed fetus in my womb.”

When Zhao Xiaoxi said that, she was in a bad mood, and stroked her belly in the end, feeling extremely sad and resentful, wishing to kill the man and avenge her and her baby.

Hearing that, Gu Ning sympathized with Zhao Xiaoxi.

Although she didnt advocate getting pregnant outside of marriage, sometimes it was unavoidable.

If what Zhao Xiaoxi said was true, then the man really deserved to die.

An eye for an eye was Gu Nings style.

However, she actually only did that when the person killed his own relatives and friends.

If he killed other people, Gu Ning wouldnt try to kill them.

Instead, she would just let the law impose sanctions on him.

Gu Ning didnt have much doubt about whether Zhao Xiaoxis account was true or not, but it was still just her account, so Gu Ning wasnt fully convinced.

“Whats his name” Gu Ning asked.

“That mans name is Song Yang, and his familys company is called Blue Maple Decoration Company,” Zhao Xiaoxi said.

She gnashed her teeth once she mentioned Song Yang.

“I can only half trust your words, so I still have to investigate it by myself.

If I confirm what you said, Ill give you a chance to get revenge with your own hands,” Gu Ning said.

“What Get revenge with my own hands”

Upon hearing that, Zhao Xiaoxi got excited, and she didnt care about whether Gu Ning was fully convinced by her words, since Gu Ning said that she would conduct an investigation on her own.

It would be best if she could take revenge with her own hands.

“Yes, I have my own way to help you get revenge.” Gu Ning said, “But now, you need to go with me.

Ill put you away temporarily.

When its time to let you out, Ill let you out.”

“You want to put me away”

Hearing that, Zhao Ziaoxi disagreed.

Although it was unable to fight back against Gu Nings arrangement, it was still afraid that Gu Ning would harm it.

Gu Ning didnt answer immediately, but stood up and picked up the chair in her hand.

Then the chair disappeared in the air and was taken back into her telepathic eye space.

“Dont worry, I always keep my word, and you have no other choices, do you” Gu Ning said.

Right, it had no other choices, so it could only give in to its fate

“Fine!” Zhao Xiaoxi agreed.

“By the way, let me ask you something.

Since you died here four years ago, you should know something about the girl who died here three years ago, right” Gu Ning asked.

“Of course.” Zhao Xiaoxi said, “Although the girl jumped into the lake by herself, she was raped and gave up her life in the end.”

Knowing that, Gu Ning was slightly mad.

“Did it happen right here”

“Yes, it happened right here.

Why are men so horrible Dont they need to pay for their terrible deeds” Zhao Xiaoxi said, hating men very much.

Gu Ning didnt ask further about that.

Regardless of whether the matter had been resolved before, she had no intention of investigating it.

If that girl, like Zhao Xiaoxi, had become a ghost, she would carry out an investigation only after she met it.

Then, Gu Ning directly put Zhao Xiaoxi into her telepathic eye space, then it was time for her to leave.

Gu Ning walked up to Qu Hanjiao and put some magical power into her body.

Qu Hanjiao soon woke up, but before Qu Hanjiao woke up, Gu Ning hid in the forest.

Although she didnt care about Qu Hanjiaos life, it would not be unrelated to her, so after she flashed into the woods, she didnt leave immediately.

On the contrary, she waited for Qu Hanjiao to go before she left.

Qu Hanjiao opened her eyes, and when she saw her situation, she was scared to stand up immediately.

Seeing that the woman and the female ghost were both gone, Qu Hanjiao didnt know if the female water ghost was destroyed by the woman or what had happened.

Anyway, Qu Hanjiao didnt dare to stay any longer, so she turned around and ran back.

Afterwards, Gu Ning also left.

Qu Hanjiao ran panickedly the entire way back, causing many people to look sideways.

People wondered what had happened to her.

Some even wondered whether she had encountered a ghost.

Qu Hanjiao really had encountered a ghost, but they were just guessing and didnt really think so.

After Qu Hanjiao returned to the dormitory, she didnt wash herself.

She just climbed onto the bed and covered her whole body with a quilt, trembling inside.

The other three people in the dormitory took a look, then withdrew their gazes and continued to chat, but this time their voices were slightly lowered.

After the Qu familys scandal, the people in Qu Hanjiaos dormitory no longer paid attention to her, and after Qu Hanjiao became gloomy, they alienated her even more.

However, they still didnt dare to vent their dissatisfaction on Qu Hanjiao nor criticize her.

Especially now that Qu Hanjiao was even more bizarre than before.

If they offended her, she might harm them!

Even if they wanted to criticize her, they had to do it behind her back because none of them dared to mess with the Qu family.

When Gu Ning returned to the dormitory, Song Miaoge and the others didnt ask where she had gone or what she had done.

After all, these were all Gu Nings personal affairs, so they didnt ask too much.

Gu Ning washed up, then went to bed.

A while later, Baili Zongxue sent another WeChat message to Gu Ning, asking how the situation was, and Gu Ning told her the whole process.


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