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Chapter 2156: I Dont Want to Wait, and I Cant Afford the Time

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Even if there were ordinary people, they couldnt see the scene because they couldnt see the female water ghost and they werent in the same magnetic field.

If they could see it, the female water ghost could have already upset the Capital University!

Therefore, these water drops could only deal with people who could see the female water ghost, because people who could see it were in the same magnetic field as it.

Gu Ning also immediately used her magical energy to turn into a barrier to stop the water droplets that the female water ghost shot towards her.

When the water droplets touched the barrier, they turned into a pool of water and fell to the ground.

Although the female ghost understood that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary person, it was still shocked after witnessing Gu Ning easily conquer its attack.

However, the female water ghost definitely wouldnt retreat after a single failure.

It condensed drops of water again, and attacked Gu Ning once more.

After several times, it was easily resolved by Gu Ning, then the female water ghost directly fought against her in close combat.

Once they were in a fight, the female ghost realized that there was a huge gap between their abilities.

When the female ghost kept on backing away in the fight with Gu Ning, it first had the idea of running away, but it wasnt easy to run away from Gu Ning.

Every time it tried to hide in the water, Gu Ning would see through it and stop it.

Although the female ghost could float on the water, Gu Ning could also use magical energy to form a barrier under her feet, then step on it.

She was a cultivator after all.

However, just when the female water ghost was anxious about how to escape, footsteps of two people came over.

In that case, Gu Ning couldnt continue to fight with the female ghost.

If other people saw her standing on the water, it would cause trouble.

Because it happened that Gu Ning and the female water ghost had moved a little apart, she couldnt get it into her telepathic eye space immediately.

The female water ghost dived into the water when Gu Ning stopped.

Gu Ning didnt care about it.

The female ghost couldnt leave the lake anyway, so it was easy for her to find it.

Gu Ning went back to the ground at once and hid herself in an unobtrusive place.

She wanted to leave right away, but this place wasnt safe, so she stayed and would leave after the people were gone.

The people were a man and a woman.

The man was older and should be in his late thirties.

He must be a teacher.

The woman, on the other hand, was in her early twenties.

She seemed to be a student.

Why did this male teacher and female student come here so late at night Were they doing some shameful things

The two stopped not far from where Gu Ning was just now.

The girl was holding the mans hand with a nervous and worried expression.

“Zhenlang, what should I do Ive aborted two babies, and I dont want to do it anymore.

The doctor said that if I have an abortion again, Ill completely lose my ability to be a mother in the future.”

In the darkness, the man showed impatience, but his voice was gentle and comforting.

“Weiwei, I know that abortions hurt your body a lot.

This time I wont let you do it again, but I cant get a divorce and stay with you for the time being.

Im about to be promoted to the deputy dean.

If I quarrel with my wife at this key moment, Ill lose the position of the deputy dean.

How about that, you can suspend school first and take good care of the baby.

Once its done, Ill figure out a reason to divorce my wife, then marry you, what do you think”

Huang Zhenlang said that, but it was actually just his scheme, but Zhou Wei didnt know it.

She only felt confused.

“How long will it take” Zhou Wei asked.

“The promotion to deputy dean will take more than half a year to complete at least, and I cant get divorced as soon as I get promoted.

Itll also affect me.

Therefore, I need two years to get a divorce,” Huang Zhenlang said.

In fact, Huang Zhenlang had no plans to divorce and just lied to Zhou Wei.

As for the baby, he didnt want it either.

He just comforted her first, then would think of a way to get rid of the baby in her belly.

Although this baby was his, he didnt lack children, and Zhou Wei was just one of his sex toys, so this baby shouldnt exist.

Accordingly, Huang Zhenlang didnt think it was wrong to kill the baby.

Otherwise, Zhou Wei wouldnt have aborted twice for him.

“What Two years No way.

I cant wait that long.

What if the baby is born by then How about the registered residence” Zhou Wei couldnt accept it once she heard it.

Because she lost control of herself, she raised her voice.

“Keep your voice down.

Do you want other people to hear us” Huang Zhenlang was mad and snapped at her.

Zhou Wei realized her voice was too loud, so she covered her mouth at once.

She didnt want other people to hear them either, then she apologized quietly.

“Im sorry, I didnt do that on purpose, but Zhenlang, I cant wait that long.”

Huang Zhenlang felt irritated because Zhou Wei was unwilling to listen to him now.

“Dont you want me to be promoted to deputy dean” Huang Zhenlang asked.

“Of course I do, but I just…” Zhou Wei didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

“Weiwei, just wait for me for two years.

I promise Ill marry you in two years.” Huang Zhenlang comforted Zhou Wei.

Zhou Wei struggled for a while and couldnt help but ask, “Cant you give up the deputy dean for me, and for our baby”

“Impossible!” Huang Zhenlang got angry once he heard that.

For her For the baby Who did she think she was She was just a mistress.

It was impossible for her to become his legal wife.

His wifes family was powerful and influential, and his opportunities were all dependent on his wifes family.

He wasnt stupid.

He wouldnt divorce his wife! If he divorced, it meant he had to give up his future.

It was just that his wife was relatively strong, which made him very depressed.

He felt that he didnt have much influence at home, so he came out to seek balance by keeping women as his mistresses.

“Do you know how hard Ive worked for this position Right now is a critical moment.

How can I give it up” Huang Zhenlang said angrily.

“I just dont want to wait, and I cant afford the time! I hope that when the baby is born, there will be a decent father and the baby can be registered,” Zhou Wei said.

She understood Huang Zhenlang very well, but who could understand her

Seeing that Zhou Wei refused to leave him, Huang Zhenlang became a little cruel and had a certain vicious thought, but he soon hid it.

“Fine, I promise you that Ill take care of these things before the baby is born.

Right now, all you need to do is to take care of the baby.

Ill give you twenty thousand yuan later.

Buy whatever you want, alright”

“Do you mean it” Zhou Wei asked doubtfully..

She wasnt convinced by him.


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