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Chapter 2152: Stopped by Jing Yunfei

“What If there isnt a guest room, where should I sleep On the sofa” Zi Beiying was surprised.

If there wasnt a guest room, why did Xu Jinchen bring her back

“In the master bedroom, of course,” Xu Jingchen said naturally.

“What In the master bedroom” Zi Beiying took a few steps back when she heard that.

Looking at Xu Jinchen, she stayed alert.

Was he going to…

Xu Jinchen understood what Zi Beiying was thinking about and he put on a resigned look.

“Dont worry, Ill sleep on the sofa.”

Originally, he wanted to sleep with Zi Beiying, but seeing Zi Beiying being so alarmed, he was afraid that she would be frightened by him, so he could only sleep on the sofa.

“Oh, alright!” Zi Beiying didnt think much about it, and walked directly to the master bedroom.

Anyway, Xu Jingchen said that there wasnt a guest room, so she easily found the master bedroom.

Besides, there were only a few rooms in this house, so it wasnt hard to find the room.

The reason why she asked just now was just to be polite, after all it wasnt polite to look around on her own.

Seeing Zi Beiyings back, Xu Jingchen suddenly felt upset.

He respected Zi Beiying and he didnt want to have sex with her before their relationship was stable enough.

However, he was a normal man.

Seeing his dream girl, he ached to have a taste of her, but he couldnt.

Xu Jingchen got up, walked towards the bedroom, and took out his pajamas for Zi Beiying.

“Its big, but thats all I have.”

“Its okay.” Zi Beiying didnt mind it at all, and she didnt dislike it.

It was her mans pajamas after all.

Xu Jingchen also took his own clothes.

After glancing at Zi Beiying a few times, he went out, but with reluctance!

Neither Xu Jingchen nor Zi Beiying fell asleep that night.

Both were thinking about the other.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, on the other hand, had passionate sex for a whole night once more.

Early in the morning, after a good breakfast, Xu Jingchen sent Zi Beiying back to Century City.

And Gu Ning went to school after eating a good breakfast.

Although she would be late for a class or two, Gu Ning didnt care.

Anyway, she had already been absent for so many classes, and she only needed to make sure that her grades wouldnt drop.

Leng Shaoting didnt drive Gu Ning to school, because the distance from Mountain River Garden to the Capital University was very long, and it would take almost two hours to go back and forth.

He needed to go back to the military base right away, however, so he couldnt drive her to school.

Leng Shaoting wasnt worried about Gu Nings safety, he was simply unwilling to leave her.

However, no matter how unwilling he was, they had to be apart for the time being.

After Xu Jingchen sent Zi Beiying back to Century City, he didnt stay much longer and left as well.

He was also reluctant to leave, but he had to do his work.

Once Xu Jinchen and Leng Shaoting met, they went back to the military base.

Because Hong Yifeng had been absent for many days, Wei Xian sent disciples to find him.

Wei Xian knew Hong Yifengs purpose to go to the capital because he arranged for him to go there.

However, after so many days, Hong Yifeng hadnt brought any news back, which made Wei Xian feel that Hong Yifeng was too useless and couldnt handle the mortal.

Although other people sent out by other families didnt have any news either, they didnt directly attack Gu Ning.

Wei Xian, however, told Hong Yifeng that he could play some tricks.

As long as he didnt kill or seriously injure Gu Ning, it wouldnt be a big deal.

However, when the disciples sent by Wei Xian found Zhou Wenqun, they learned that after Hong Yifeng negotiated with Gu Ning that day, he disappeared.

Because Hong Yifeng rarely went out, Zhou Wenqun didnt take Hong Yifengs disappearance seriously.

He thought Hong Yifeng went back after failing to settle the deal.

They werent suspicious of Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning was quite good at martial arts, she was a mortal after all, so they believed that she was no match for Hong Yifeng.

Zhou Wenqun also told them that after he left the Shengning Organization that day, Hong Yifeng suddenly made him get out of the car and went in a certain direction, as if he was chasing something.

After that, the disciples sent by Wei Xian went to investigate it, but they really couldnt find any useful information.

After all, they didnt have the ability to check the surveillance cameras along the way.

When Gu Ning left the parking lot, she was blocked by someone, it was Jing Yunfei.

Jing Yunfei lost patience after watching Gu Ning for so many days.

It was so boring and he got nothing useful, so he had to come out.

When he was spying on Gu Ning, he didnt forget to pay special attention to the factory, but he found nothing useful from the medicine factory.

Gu Ning knew they werent just spying on them, so she was prepared and they naturally couldnt find anything useful.

Actually, what Gu Ning was really worried about was that they might damage the medicine factory right away.

They were cultivators.

If they really did that, she might not be able to stop them.

She didnt visit the medicine factory often, or she wouldnt allow it to happen.

Luckily, they didnt damage the factory.

Because many people in the cultivation world knew that they were out and they were sent out by all the major families, the major families were competitors and they couldnt wait to see the others in trouble.

Therefore, they were investigating Colaine and watching each other.

If any of them dared to cause any damage, the others would know.

Even if the others didnt know, they would find out who did it sooner or later.

Destroying mortals stuff was no less serious than harming them, so even if any of them really wanted to cause damage, they dared not do it.

Cultivators were afraid to damage Colaine, but many of them had the idea of doing that.

The security guards arranged by Gu Ning at Colaine were all veterans, and they were much stronger than ordinary people, so those who wanted to cause damage wouldnt succeed.

There were about eighty veterans recruited by Gu Nings security company now.

They didnt just sit there and wait for tasks, they were busy training when there were no tasks.

Although the training wasnt as hard as in the army, it could be considered severe.

They not only provided security service to the outside world, but also to her own company.

Therefore, those who wanted to destroy Colaine all failed and were put in jail.

It wasnt kept from the media, and it was instead spread abroad as a warning to others.

After several times of failed destruction, nobody dared to damage Colaine again, but it was still held under tight security.

Anyway, Gu Ning wasnt surprised to see the person who stopped her, because she had sensed the air of cultivators earlier on.

She also saw Jing Yunfei with her Jade Eyes.


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