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Chapter 2151: How Does It Feel

Zi Beiyings excited look immediately pleased Xu Jingchen.

He walked up to her in a swagger, and asked, “How is my body Are you satisfied”

“Yeah, very good.

Im very satisfied.” Zi Beiying replied subconsciously.

It was her real thought, but she felt ashamed as soon as she said it aloud, so she turned her eyes away and stopped looking at him at once.

The smile on Xu Jinchens face grew broader and he kept on flirting with her.

“Why dont you give it a feel”

“Stop it!” Zi Beiying knew he was flirting with her, so she was slightly annoyed.

In fact, she honestly wanted to feel it.

Xu Jinchen continued to seduce her.

“Just a touch.

Its not a big deal.

Dont you like my body”

“No, put on your clothes right now.” Zi Beiying refused.

She had to remain restrained even though she wanted to touch his body.

She couldnt let Xu Jinchen succeed.

“Are you sure Then Ill go put clothes on.

Dont regret it!” Xu Jinchen said.

He said that not because he was narcissistic, but because he saw through Zi Beiying.

“What do you mean I wont regret it.

Youre not the only man who has a perfect body in this world anyway.” Zi Beiying argued.

“Do you mean you want to touch other mens bodies” Upon hearing that, Xu Jinchen felt slightly upset and pressed Zi Beiying down with his whole body.

“What are you doing” Zi Beiying was taken aback by Xu Jingchens behavior, and subconsciously raised her hands to stop him.

She forgot that his upper body was still naked, so she stretched out her hands and covered his pectoral muscles.

In an instant, both of them felt an electric shock.

Zi Beiyings hands and Xu Jingchens body felt comfortably numb, then their eyes met, stunned.

Their heartbeats also accelerated at the same time.

Xu Jinchen came back to his senses earlier than Zi Beiying, but he didnt interrupt her and just watched her silently.

It didnt take long for Zi Beiying to get her mind back as well.

Her face suddenly flushed, and she immediately withdrew her hands and covered her face.

She was so embarrassed.

“Y-You… Leave me alone!” Zi Beiying snapped at him, feeling angry from embarrassment.

“How does it feel” Xu Jinchen didnt move away, but asked with anticipation.

He wanted to know Zi Beiyings answer.

Although he was clearly aware that he had a perfect body with good texture, he badly needed his girls approval.

“No, its not good at all.

Get out of my way now.” Zi Beiying deliberately denied it, but in fact, it felt very good.

She just regretted that she didnt poke or pinch it a few times.

“Really Isnt it good” Xu Jingchen suddenly squinted with dissatisfaction and sounded dangerous, then he pressed forward a bit.

“Y-Y-Youre so shameless and narcissistic!” Zi Beiying criticized him in panic.

“Well, since you said Im shameless, Ill do some shameless things!” Xu Jinchen said meaningfully and kept on approaching Zi Beiying.

“Stop it.

Stop it now! Im sorry.

Your body is perfect and it feels really good.

I mean it.” Zi Beiying yielded.

Although it was the truth, Xu Jinchen refused to accept it right now.

“You just touched it once, and you cant feel it correctly.

Did you just give me a perfunctory answer Come on, feel it with your heart,” said Xu Jinchen with an evil smile on his lips.

“No.” Zi Beiying refused, but she actually badly wanted to do that.

“No Then its a perfunctory answer, right” Xu Jinchen was dissatisfied.

“Xu Jinchen, youre a bad guy!” Zi Beiying suddenly found out that Xu Jinchen was a bad man.

“Bad guy Um, it seems I must do some bad things to match your judgment about me,” said Xu Jinchen meaningfully again, and he directly pressed his body against Zi Beiyings.

“No, no, no, Ill feel it.” Zi Beiying was really afraid that Xu Jinchen would do something bad, so she gave in right away.

She didnt feel too reluctant, because she wanted to feel it too.

Seeing Zi Beiyings compromise, Xu Jingchen was satisfied.

He got up a little, exposing his whole body, and waited for Zi Beiying to touch it.

Although Xu Jingchen behaved like a rogue now, he actually wasnt so calm in his heart.

He was also nervous and embarrassed.

After all, it was the first time he had done such a shameless thing.

However, if he didnt do that, he couldnt get closer to his future wife.

Looking at Xu Jingchens strong chest muscles and eight abs, Zi Beiying couldnt help swallowing.

In fact, her older brother had a strong body too, but it wasnt better than Xu Jinchens.

Zi Beiying hesitated a little, and Xu Jingchen didnt urge her, because he had already seen from her eyes that she was very satisfied with his body.

Zi Beiying hesitated for a moment, then reached out and poked Xu Jingchens chest muscles.

It felt really good.

Xu Jingchen also felt a little sexually numb after Zi Beiyings touch.

“How does it feel” Xu Jinchen summoned up his courage and asked again.

“Well, not bad.” Zi Beiying replied.

“Are you satisfied” Xu Jinchen asked.

“Yeah!” Zi Beiying said.

“Want more” Xu Jinchen said.

Zi Beiying got mad and pushed Xu Jinchen away.

“Move! If you continue, Ill leave now.”

Saying that, Zi Beiying stood up, but she was immediately pulled back by Xu Jingchen.

The next second, she was pressed under his body against the sofa.

Xu Jinchen smiled evilly and said, “Youre in my wolf den now.

Do you think you can run away”

“What do you want” Zi Beiying asked and immediately covered her chest with her hands.

She looked at him vigilantly.

Would Xu Jinchen really have sex with her tonight

Seeing Zi Beiyings vigilance towards him, Xu Jingchen felt upset.

Why did she stay alert with him

He didnt want Zi Beiying to think him as a bad man and refuse to stay with him any longer.

In that case, the loss would outweigh the gain.

As a result, he stopped flirting with her.

After giving Zi Beiying a kiss, Xu Jinchen got up from her body and said to comfort her, “Dont worry, I wont do anything bad to you before you agree.

Dont be scared.”

Although Zi Beiying trusted Xu Jinchen, she was still a little scared when Xu Jinchen got sexually excited.

However, after Xu Jinchen got up from her body, Zi Beiying felt relieved and disappointed.

The atmosphere became slightly embarrassing, but they soon went back to normal.

It wasnt early, so they should go to sleep now.

“Where is the guest room in your house” Zi Beiying asked.

“There is no guest room in my house,” said Xu Jinchen, raising his eyebrow a little.


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