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Chapter 2150: One Day I Will

Before their relationship became stable enough, he wouldnt have sex with Zi Beiying because he was also worried that he might hurt her.

Zi Beiying hesitated as well.

She wanted to spend more time with Xu Jinchen too!

“Well, if you dont want to, dont force yourself to agree.

Ill drive you to Century City right now.” Seeing Zi Beiying hesitating, Xu Jinchen stopped persuading her.

“No, I just…” Zi Beiying explained at once.

The moment she finished, she felt embarrassed and turned her eyes away.

“Then do you agree” Xu Jinchen smiled with satisfaction in his eyes.

“Yeah.” Zi Beiying agreed.

She didnt have the heart to turn him down in the end.

Hearing that, the smile on Xu Jinchens face grew broader and he immediately drove Zi Beiying to his place.

Xu Jingchen had a lot of houses, but he often lived in a high-end residential area in the city center because it was more convenient.

Following Xu Jingchen into his residence, Zi Beiying was a little nervous.

Although she didnt want anything to happen, she was expecting something to happen.

After all, she was an adult, and her brain and body would have physiological reactions too.

Xu Jingchens house was decorated very simply, because he was a grown man and he rarely came to stay here.

Nevertheless, no matter how simple it was, it had all the necessities, and they werent cheap.

Therefore, there was elegance in the simplicity.

“What would you like to drink Red wine, coffee, tea, or water.” Xu Jingchen asked.

“Coffee, please,” Zi Beiying said.

She wouldnt drink, because if she got drunk, something that shouldnt happen might happen, and that wasnt something she wanted.

Well, she actually wanted to have some red wine, but Xu Jinchen might misunderstand her if she said that.

She didnt want Xu Jinchen to misunderstand her.

“Arent you afraid that you wont be able to fall asleep after drinking coffee” Xu Jingchen asked with a smile.

“Its okay.

Im not sleepy anyway.” Zi Beiyings eyes flashed, and she said nonchalantly, but what she wanted was to be unable to sleep.

If she fell asleep…

Zi Beiying couldnt help thinking about it.

She admitted that she was thinking too much, but she just didnt want to fall asleep!

“No problem!” Xu Jingchen didnt think that much.

Since Zi Beiying wanted to drink coffee, he would make her a cup of coffee.

Xu Jingchen turned on the TV first, then went to make coffee.

Xu Jingchen made a cup of coffee for Zi Beiying, while he poured a glass of red wine for himself.

Zi Beiying looked at the red wine in Xu Jingchens hand and couldnt help but think further about it.

Would he get drunk What would he do to her when he was drunk Thinking of that, Zi Beiying was a little worried, a little nervous, and a little expectant.

Realizing that she was almost expecting sex with him, Zi Beiying couldnt wait to slap herself.

Why was she expecting that

Seeing Zi Beiyings somewhat absent-minded look, Xu Jingchen knew that she was uncomfortable here, but he had no intention of sending her back.

It wasnt easy for him to get her here, so he wouldnt just let her go.

However, if she insisted on leaving, he would respect her and drive her home.

Sometimes, men shouldnt be too gentle, or they wouldnt be able to get the girls they wanted.

Therefore, Xu Jinchen ignored Zi Beiyings nervousness.

Xu Jingchen sat next to Zi Beiying, holding red wine in one hand and embracing Zi Beiyings shoulders with the other.

During these days when they were together, they naturally held hands, hugged and kissed each other, but didnt take a further step.

Therefore, Zi Beiying didnt feel uncomfortable at all being embraced by Xu Jingchen,.

The two of them watched TV and chatted casually.

Although they were just casually chatting, the mood wasnt embarrassing.

At this time, on the TV, a man sent the woman home after the couple had a date.

After the man sent the woman downstairs, he proposed to have a seat for a while at the womans house.

The woman hesitated shyly, but agreed in the end, then they went to the womans house.

The woman asked the man what he wanted to drink.

Coffee, tea, or water, and the man said that a glass of water would be fine.

After pouring the water, the two watched TV on the sofa.

Seeing that, Zi Beiying realized how similar the plot was to theirs!

“This plot is very similar to ours.” Xu Jingchen laughed.

This was really a coincidence.

Afterwards, on the TV watched by the men and women in the TV series, there were scenes of men and women kissing.

The men and women in the TV series couldnt help but kiss too.

Seeing that, Zi Beiying suddenly felt uncomfortable.

She lowered her head embarrassedly, and her heart throbbed, thinking that something like this might happen to her and Xu Jingchen!

Xu Jingchens throat moved a few times, and his emotion gradually changed.

He put the red wine on the table, then raised Zi Beiyings chin and looked at her.

“W-What are you doing” Zi Beiying asked nervously.

She wanted to run away, but failed.

“There are only us in the room now.

What else can I do” Xu Jinchen put on an evil smile with burning desire in his eyes.

“You…” Zi Beiying wanted to say something again, but her mouth was blocked before she could say anything.

On and outside the TV, there was a couple kissing on the sofa.

The passionate kiss was over on TV, but it was still going on outside of it.

It was just a kiss, so Zi Beiying didnt push him away.

Instead, she enjoyed this feeling very much.

However, as time went by, they gradually lost control of themselves.

Xu Jingchens hand unconsciously slid to Zi Beiyings back, then he pressed her on the sofa.

Zi Beiying flushed red in an instant, then pushed Xu Jinchen away.

Xu Jinchen got his reason back and felt quite embarrassed.

“One day, I will…” said Xu Jinchen with reluctance, then got up and ran to the washroom.

He had to take a cold shower to cool himself down.

Zi Beiying was shy and gloating over his embarrassment.

At the same time, she also felt it might not be a good thing for a man to fight back his desire all the time.

However, Xu Jinchen had to fight back his desire, because she wasnt ready yet.

Xu Jingchen took a cold shower for half an hour before his desire went away.

After returning to the living room, he looked very resentful at Zi Beiying.

It was torture for him to be unable to taste the beauty in his arms.

“Y-Y-You, why didnt you put on clothes” Seeing Xu Jinchens lower body wrapped in a bath towel with his upper body totally naked, Zi Beiying was nervous, but she couldnt move her eyes away from his body.

Xu Jinchens body was so amazing! He had eight abs! Zi Beiying ached to touch them.

Xu Jinchen understood what she was thinking, and he didnt think it was wrong.

She was open-minded, but didnt forget her manners.


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