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Chapter 2147: Put Yang Siyuan in Jail

“No, Im not Yang Jun.

Im Yang Siyuan.

Dont be fooled by Yang Jun.

He simply said that to steal my familys properties…” Before Gu Ning finished speaking, Yang Jun hurriedly interrupted, but this kind of hurried concealment further proved his guilty conscience.

Yang Siyuan just looked at Yang Jun angrily, but didnt interrupt.

“Whether its true or not, you can easily find out after checking your high school files,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“Humph! The school files are lost…” Yang Jun said subconsciously, but as soon as he said it aloud, he knew that he had said something wrong.

He shouldnt have said that, but couldnt take his words back.

“Really How do you know that the school files are lost” Gu Ning asked meaningfully.

Yang Jun had a guilty conscience for a moment, but soon calmed down.

“It was Shao Chen who told me that.

Im a major role in this case.

Couldnt I ask about it”

It seemed justified, but the composure that Yang Jun thought he had was so full of loopholes in Gu Nings view! Even Yang Siyuan felt so.

“Really” Gu Ning sneered, “Yang Jun, dont deny it anymore, because I read your files before reminding Shao Chen to do it.

Ive also investigated that youre actually Jun Yang, and hes Yang Siyuan.”


Hearing that, Yang Jun was shocked.

Gu Ning had already done an investigation before reminding Shao Chen to do that She had also found out…

Before long, Yang Jun came back to his senses, thinking that it shouldnt be true or that Gu Ning might be deceiving him, so Yang Jun began to deny it again.

“Miss Gu, I dont know why you want to help Yang Jun like this, but Im the real Yang Siyuan.”

“Ha-ha!” Gu Ning couldnt help but sneer.

She wasnt angry, because it wasnt surprising that Yang Jun didnt confess his guilt easily.

In fact, let alone Yang Jun, if someone did something bad, they wouldnt easily confess their crime either, because they would be convicted if they admitted it.

Besides, she was just saying it without evidence! If he didnt try to deny it, no one knew whether he would get away with it by chance!

“Since Ive investigated it, Ive collected some evidence…” Gu Ning said, took out two files from her backpack, and threw them directly at Yang Jun.

Looking at the files that Gu Ning had thrown on the bed, Yang Jun was trembling with tension.

Did she really find out the truth

Yang Jun didnt want to read them because he was afraid of seeing what he didnt want to see, but he had to read them because he also wanted to know if they actually found out the truth.

“What Dont you dare to read them” Gu Ning asked sarcastically, seeing Yang Jun not going to get the files for a long time.

“Of course I will! Why should I be afraid” Challenged by Gu Ning, Yang Jun had no choice, but to pick the files up.

However, his trembling body had already betrayed him.

Yang Jun took the files, and hesitated for a moment before daring to open them.

When he saw that they were indeed his and Yang Siyuans files, Yang Jun felt terrible and began to lose his confidence.

“Now, can you still deny it” Gu Ning asked.

Yang Jun lost his confidence for a while, but he raised his voice again upon thinking that the school files had already been deleted.

“These files you got are fake…”

“Well, it seems that you really hold out hope until faced with the grim reality!” Gu Ning said, then she took out another piece of file and threw it to the front of Yang Jun.

“This is the file in the Education Bureaus system.

It isnt lost!”

In fact, in order to prevent Shao Chen or Yang Jun from playing dirty tricks, she only reminded Shao Chen to check the files in their school.

She didnt tell him there were files in the Education Bureau as well.

After learning that the school files were lost, she asked K to check the files in the Education Bureau right away.

If the files were still there, it meant Yang Jun didnt delete them.

Or, Yang Jun might know about it, but lacked connections and abilities to delete them.

“What” Yang Jun had no idea that there were archives in the Education Bureau.

Actually, even if he knew it, he couldnt delete them.

In that case, Yang Jun didnt know what he could do now.

Suddenly, Yang Jun thought of something and felt less afraid, then he stared straight at Gu Ning.

“Yes, Im Yang Jun, but so what It was Yang Siyuans parents who forced me to exchange identities with him.

It isnt my fault.”

Then he looked at Yang Siyuan and said to discuss with him and threaten him at the same time, “Yang Siyuan, your assassination of me is illegal.

Although you didnt succeed, you cant get away with it and will be sentenced to years in jail.

Why dont we end this mess I wont sue you, so you dont need to be sentenced.”

Hearing that, Yang Siyuan was angry and felt it was ironic.

Did Yang Jun think it wasnt a big deal Even if it was his familys fault that they exchanged identities, it wasnt a reason for Yang Jun to steal his familys wealth and murder his parents.

“Its not that simple.

Since you admit youre Yang Jun, you should return the Yang familys wealth to Yang Siyuan,” said Gu Ning.

“Impossible! Im still Yang Siyuan, and the properties of the Yang family are still mine.” Yang Jun immediately refused when he heard that.

He wouldnt be willing to give tens of millions in properties back to Yang Siyuan! It was impossible!

“Whether its possible or not isnt up to you, but the law,” Gu Ning said.

Although Yang Juns shamelessness surprised her, she wasnt emotionally affected and stayed calm as always.

“Do you mean that you dont agree that this matter ends here Yang Siyuan is going to go to jail” Yang Jun clenched his fists, looked cold, and glared at Gu Ning.

It seemed as if he wanted to seek justice for Yang Siyuan.

If Yang Siyuan was the only one who was put in jail, he would naturally be happy to see it done, but the problem was that if Yang Siyuan went to jail, it meant that his identity went public and he would lose the Yang familys properties.

“Well,” Gu Ning sneered.

Her expression suddenly changed and became cold.

She looked at Yang Jun with a gloomy look, and Yang Jun felt creepy all of a sudden.

He avoided Gu Nings eyes at once, without any courage to see her.

Afterwards, he heard Gu Nings light voice.

“Yang Jun, did you forget something, like the death of Yang Siyuans parents…”

Once they talked about his parents death, Yang Siyuan was in pain.

Even if it had been a year, he still couldnt get over it.

He would only feel better after taking revenge.

Upon hearing that, Yang Jun panicked and subconsciously denied it.

“No, it has nothing to do with me!”

“Did I say it has something to do with you Why did you yell Did you panic and feel guilty now” Gu Ning asked ironically.


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