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“We can discuss it!” Sun Kai said, although he knew that it was too late to say that.

“Bull**! We protested for several days, but you werent willing to raise the price.

You simply wanted to snatch this land from us because no other real estate companies dared to compete with you due to your network in the government.

Now Shenghua Real Estate is willing to give us a reasonable price, and you come here wanting to discuss with us No way!”

“They only want benefits!”


Sun Kai knew that Shenghua Real Estate must have the government support, so he didnt waste time arguing, but left afterwards.

If Shenghua Real Estate hadnt already signed the contracts with the citizens, they could compete for it, but now it was too late to do so.

Although the people from Hongyun Real Estate left now, Gu Ning understood that they wouldnt give up easily.

They didnt dare to cause them trouble in public, but they would probably try to hurt them secretly.

Gu Ning was sure now that they would come back.

Nevertheless, she wasnt afraid of them.

She wasnt a naive girl to be trifled with.

Nobody thought that the people from Hongyun Real Estate would leave so quickly.

Everyone thought that they would cause some trouble before leaving.

Sun Kai called Fang Changsheng the minute he was in the car.

“Boss, Shenghua Real Estate has already signed the contracts with the citizens,” Sun Kai said.

“What How could they be so quick” Fang Changsheng jumped up from his chair in anger.

He couldnt believe it.

Shenghua Real Estate had settled the deal like lightning! They hadnt gotten the right of land acquisition until yesterday, but they had persuaded all the citizens living in the Zhengyang Street this morning.

“I dont know the details, but they are truly signing the contracts, and I had to leave.” Sun Kai sighed.

Hongyun Real Estate lost a lot this time.

“Damn the Shenghua Real Estate! How dare they act against me! Ill make them pay for it!” Fang Changsheng was in a rage.

He hated Shenghua Real Estate to death now, and he wouldnt give it up.

Since Fang Changsheng failed to get the land, he planned to prevent Shenghua Real Estate from having it.

Li Zhenzhen and Su Jing didnt wake up until 2 pm.

Yuan Sen and Lin Wencong had already prepared lunch for them.

Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen only wanted to have sex with them, and had no intention to abuse them, except in bed.

“Have the meal first! Then you can take a shower before we go back,” Yuan Sen said to them.

Li Zhenzhen and Su Jing glared at them, but didnt dare to resist, because they werent able to do so.

Thus they had to follow his order.

After that, Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen sent them back.

On the way, Lin Wencong warned them, “You two better keep it quiet, or youll be the only people who will be punished.

As long as you play with us these days, well let you go once we lose interest.”

At that time, Li Zhenzhens family wasnt at home.

There was only a housemaid in the house.

“Are you alright” the housemaid asked Li Zhenzhen with care, seeing that she looked so exhausted.

“Im fine.

Im just a little tired.

I need some sleep.

Please dont bother me for dinner,” Li Zhenzhen said to the housemaid in a low voice while she tried to curb her mental breakdown.

Luckily, it was winter, and she was wearing many layers of clothes.

Otherwise, the housemaid would have found out about the injuries around her body.

“Sure,” the housemaid answered.

Li Zhenzhen went upstairs, hiding herself in her room.

She locked the door, and collapsed on the bed crying in pain, but not aloud.

She had wanted to die when she had woken up after the sexual assault, but now she changed her mind.

She wouldnt let them get away with it easily.

She set herself to get revenge.

Since she couldnt sue them, she would hire professional killers to kill them.

At Zhengyang Street, they didnt finish signing the contracts until 5 pm.

Shenghua Real Estate wouldnt be building buildings on this land soon, so the citizens had a month to find new houses.

After this Sunday, the final exams were only a month away.

Gu Ning planned to leave for Province Y to collect money during the winter vacation.

“Do you need me to help support you financially” Leng Shaoting asked Gu Ning.

“It needs hundreds of millions of yuan! Arent you afraid that I cant pay you back if you lend me the money” Gu Ning asked.

“I dont need you to pay me back,” Leng Shaoting said seriously.

He already treated Gu Ning like his family.

“Ha-ha, it seems like Im already married into a super-rich family,” Gu Ning joked.

“However, I can handle it myself, thanks.”

“Well, if you need something, just tell me,” Leng Shaoting said, respecting Gu Nings decision.

“Sure,” Gu Ning replied.

Gu Ning told Zhou Zhenghong to order two large private rooms in the Huangdeng Hotel.

An Guangyao invited the two secretaries and other government workers to dine together, but was declined.

An Guangyao knew that they had their own concerns, so he didnt insist.

And the security guards all went back to their company after the days task, so only the staff of Shenghua Real Estate went to the Huangdeng Hotel.

Gu Ning couldnt fly back to City F today so she called Gu Man as well as Zhang Qiuhua and asked for a leave again.

Zhang Qiuhua was displeased when Gu Ning said that she would be absent from classes again.

She wanted to criticize Gu Ning, but Gu Ning promised that it wouldnt affect her studying, so Zhang Qiuhua compromised.

They arrived at Huangdeng Hotel around 6 pm.

Zhou Zhenghong was already waiting for them.

Gu Ning arranged the staff of Shenghua Real Estate in a private room, and An Guangyao and Li Zewen followed Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, walking into another private room where Zhou Zhenghong was.

Gu Ning planned to introduce An Guangyao to Zhou Zhenghong, but she still didnt want others to know that she was the real boss, so they had to dine in different rooms.

Zhou Zhenghong knew that Gu Ning was going to invite her friends to eat together, but he didnt know whether Gu Ning had told them about their relationship, so he simply greeted them when they came inside.

“Hi, nice to meet you all.”

“Uncle Zhou, let me introduce you.

This is the chairman of Shenghua Real Estate, An Guangyao.

And this is its lawyer Li Zewen,” Gu Ning said to Zhou Zhenghong, then she turned to An Guangyao and Li Zewen.

“Uncle An, Uncle Li, this is the chairman of Jade Beauty Jewelry in City G, Zhou Zhenghong.”


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