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Chapter 2145: Just Be Cooperative

Just now, Gu Ning thought of going to find those gangsters to prove that Yang Jun was guilty, but afterwards she didnt think it was persuasive enough.

Because the evidence they had right now wasnt enough to punish Yang Jun, they mainly needed proof to prove that Yang Siyuans parents death had something to do with Yang Jun instead of the fact that Yang Jun had injured Yang Siyuan.

After all, Yang Siyuan was fine now.

Even if the accusation was proven, it wouldnt add to the accusation that Yang Jun originally suffered, so it was better to skip this procedure and directly make Yang Jun give in.

“Miss Gu, are you going to directly force Yang Jun to confess” Shao Chen asked, with some worries in his heart.

Could they succeed After all, if Yang Jun admitted it, it would be a capital crime.

“Right.” Gu Ning said, “Officer Shao, if you dont mind, Yang Siyuan and I will come forward to force a confession.

You just need to cooperate with us.”

“Okay.” Shao Chen wanted Gu Ning to help.

Since she took the initiative to help, he would naturally be happy to see that it was done.

He wouldnt mind at all!

“Well go back now.

We can act at night.

The specific cooperation with Yang Siyuan will be discussed at night.” Gu Ning said, “Also, dont let other people know about it.”

“Sure,” said Shao Chen.

“Miss Gu, thank you.” Yang Siyuan stood up, then bowed deeply to Gu Ning, thanking her very sincerely.

Given what Gu Ning had done till today, even if she failed to force Yang Jun to confess, he wouldnt blame her for stopping him from taking revenge.

Although she had destroyed his plan, she was a good person and had a strong sense of justice.

If he was the target back then, he believed that Gu Ning would rescue him as well.

Although he didnt know if he could succeed in extorting a confession, he felt that the chance of success was still very high.

He knew Yang Jun very well.

Once Yang Jun knew that his real identity had been discovered, and therefore lost the Yang familys wealth, he would lose control of his emotions.

And a person who lost control of his emotions wouldnt have very strong willpower.

Gu Ning had the same idea, so she wasnt worried that they would fail.

After that, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left.

They would take action that night.

Smith, after being sent to the hospital, found nothing wrong with the examination, but he was unable to speak, so the doctor couldnt ask anything about his condition.

The only thing that could be checked was that his life wasnt in danger for the time being.

Why was it temporary Because they couldnt find out the cause and there might be an unknown danger.

Besides, because the patient couldnt speak, they didnt know how to contact his family.

They had to call the police and let the police deal with it.

When the police came forward, they could only contact the embassy of Country Y.

Smiths condition was determined to be a unique illness, because he suddenly became like this when he was healthy, and no one would think that it was manipulated.

After Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left, they returned to the siheyuan, then took Jing Yunyao back to the Leng familys house.

Shangguan Yang still didnt go with them, because he was a more casual person, and he felt uneasy when he was in the Leng familys house.

It was better for him to go for a walk at the square after a good meal, and play Elephant chess or brag with those old men.

By now, going to the square to play chess and bragging with those old men had become a pleasure in Shangguan Yangs life.

He often went there, so he was familiar with those old men who often showed up there.

Miao Jingjing had been helping them with cleaning and sanitation these days.

She already felt a little embarrassed that she ate and stayed with them for free, so she couldnt just do nothing before she thought of a way out.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived at the Leng familys house, Leng Shaojia happened to be sitting in a daze in the yard.

Although it was getting cold now, it was a bright sunny day today, so it was warm to some extent.

Leng Shaojia stayed in the room for a long time and was bored, so she went out and took a seat.

However, at this moment, Leng Shaojia looked unhappy, because she had just received a call from a friend saying that something terrible happened to Smith.

Smiths symptoms now were exactly the same as her own back then.

She was stiff and unable to move, except that her waist was hit hard at the time, so she had added pain in the waist.

Therefore, she knew it had to be Gu Ning who caused Smith to be like that.

However, she didnt dare to say it aloud.

She hated Gu Ning, but she was also very afraid of her.

She was afraid that Gu Ning would make her lie in the hospital bed in pain for a few months once more, which was excruciating torture! She hadnt even fully recovered yet.

Although Gu Ning didnt hit a certain part of Smiths body, the degree of freezing his limbs was worse than that of Leng Shaojia.

At that time, Leng Shaojia was still able to speak, but Smith couldnt speak at all now.

Gu Nings level of attack on Leng Shaojia was on the fifth degree, but the level of attack on Smith was on the seventh degree.

That level wouldnt be fatal, but it didnt mean that there was no threat to his life.

It depended on whether he could receive good treatment.

However, no matter how good the treatment was, the nerves in his body wouldnt be intact after he recovered.

His joints and the like would often ache due to changes of the weather.

Suddenly, Leng Shaojia saw a familiar car coming and knew that it was Leng Shaoting.

Although she didnt know if Gu Ning was there, Leng Shaojia didnt want to see Leng Shaoting, so she immediately got up and walked away.

When the car entered the Leng familys compound, Gu Ning, sitting at the front passengers seat, also saw Leng Shaojia, but she didnt care about her.

Once Leng Shaoting and the others came back, Jiang Shuyuan and Leng Shaojia were still the most uncomfortable people in the house.

They finished eating first, then went back to their rooms.

They didnt dare to confront Leng Shaoting and the others, because it was only them who suffered.

As a result, they only dared to talk about them behind their backs and scold them.

Jing Yunyao wasnt living in the Leng familys house, because it wasnt convenient for her to cultivate, and she wasnt used to the life there.

Otherwise, Jiang Shuyuan and Leng Shaojia might go crazy.

Although Jing Yunyao wouldnt take the initiative to make them unhappy, they would be unhappy as long as they saw Jing Yunyao.

Because Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning still had things to do at night, they didnt stay in the Leng familys house for too long.

At 8:30 pm, after they had a good meal, they left.

After Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting sent Jing Yunyao back to the siheyuan, Gu Ning called Gao Yi and asked him where Yang Jun was at this time.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left the police station today, Gao Yi was asked to follow Yang Jun.

Gao Yi said that Yang Jun just returned home from socializing and was now at home.

In that case, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting immediately went to the police station.

Gu Ning told Gao Yi to watch Yang Jun as always, and to call her if anything happened.

Shao Chen had been waiting for Gu Ning to arrive at the police station.

Although Gu Ning said that they would act at night, she didnt say what time it would be.

So no matter what time it was, they had to stand by in order to act tonight.


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