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Chapter 2144: He Did Everything

Then, Shao Chen began to interrogate Yang Siyuan.

“Name” Shao Chen asked.

This wasnt unknowingly asked, it was just part of the interrogation process.

He couldnt skip it.

“Yang Siyuan.” Yang Siyuan responded.



“Why is your name Yang Jun on the ID card”

“Because I didnt do well in the National College Entrance Examination.

After the exam, I exchanged identities with Yang Jun to go to university.”

“Whats your relationship with the real Yang Jun”

“Yang Jun is my younger cousin.”

“Do you know its illegal to exchange identities”

“I know it now.”

“Who did you aim to kill Why do you want to kill him”

“The person I wanted to kill is the real Yang Jun.

I want to kill him because he killed my parents to steal my familys properties.

He caused the wounds on my face and made me unable to speak.

He did everything.” As Yang Siyuan said, he became angry, and his expression showed deep anger and hatred.

Not to mention that the tragedy just happened in the past year, even if it happened ten years ago, Yang Siyuan would still be so angry and hate Yang Jun deeply.

He wouldnt feel better until he successfully took revenge.

Even though Gu Ning had mentioned it before, now that he heard Yang Siyuan say so with his own ears, Shao Chen still felt upset.

Although he was already disappointed with Yang Jun, it was creepy once he thought that he had been friends with such an evil person for years.

If he stood in Yang Juns way one day in the future, he could be harmed too!

“What evidence do you have to prove that Yang Jun is the murderer of your parents” Shao Chen asked.

Although he now believed Yang Siyuans words, he must pay attention to evidence in everything, because he couldnt convict Yang Jun, but the court.

“I have no evidence, but he personally admitted it to me.

It actually cant be more obvious.” Yang Siyuan said, “My parents mentioned that they wanted to transfer the company to my name before the car accident happened.

Yang Jun heard it.

The reason why my parents wanted to transfer the company to my name as soon as possible was because they found out that Yang Jun was greedy and they tried to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Unfortunately, before it was done, they had an accident.

The first suspect that came to my mind, of course, was Yang Jun.

I asked him about it then, and he admitted.”

“He said that he broke the brakes of my parents car, then he hired a car to hit my parents car.

He even chose a bad road, so that my parents car couldnt stop in the car accident.

In that case, they could hardly survive.

At that time, there were only two of us, so no third person heard it.

Although I recorded it at the time, he found out and destroyed my phone.

He also cut my face…”

Yang Jun admitted it If so, Yang Jun must have done that.

Knowing that, Shao Chen was full of anger, but he was mad at Yang Jun this time, not for their personal relationship, but for his professional ethics.

Although Shao Chen blindly believed Yang Juns words and sometimes helped him due to their good relationship, it wasnt a big deal.

He hadnt lost his conscience and morals, and there was justice in his heart.

Otherwise, Yang Jun wouldnt have hidden himself so deeply and told someone else to delete the files.

If Shao Chen and Yang Jun were the same kind of people, Yang Jun would have directly used money to bribe Shao Chen.

Because Yang Siyuan was just able to speak, after he said so much at once, his throat couldnt bear it.

When it came to the end, his voice became even more hoarse.

Gu Ning took the initiative to pour him a glass of water, then put a power crystal inside and let him drink it.

Seeing Gu Ning pour a glass of water for someone else in person, Leng Shaoting looked displeased.

He didnt even have the heart to let Gu Ning serve him!

Although Leng Shaoting was unhappy, he knew that they were in the police station, so he said nothing.

At a glance, Gu Ning understood that he was dissatisfied.

She quietly rolled her eyes.

It was just a glass of water, which was no big deal.

Gu Ning ignored Leng Shaoting.

Yang Siyuan drank the water Gu Ning gave him, and his sore throat immediately became more comfortable.

Afterwards, Shao Chen, facing Yang Siyuan, was surprised to find that the scars on his face had faded a bit.

Could it also be the effect of the medicine

Because the injuries on the human body would automatically absorb the magical power, and Yang Siyuan took two power crystals at once, there was nothing he couldnt bear.

The injuries on his face would absorb the magical power first.

Otherwise, ordinary people couldnt accept the energy of two power crystals so quickly.

Within a short while, the scars on Yang Siyuans face changed slightly, but Shao Chen was still amazed.

Yang Siyuan had no idea about it and he even found it strange that Shao Chen looked at him in surprise.

Anyway, he didnt bother to ask about it.

After Yang Siyuan felt comfortable in his throat, he continued, “Because of the injuries on my face, I went abroad to recuperate for more than half a year.

Then I came home to seek revenge on Yang Jun.

I called the police, but because I couldnt speak, I just wrote.

The paper was taken, but I never got a response.

Yang Jun stayed in the capital all the time.

With the help of my identity, he managed to form a relationship with many powerful people, so after he knew I was in the capital, he hired some gangsters to beat me.

For much of the time, I was injured.

I could barely do anything to punish Yang Jun.

Afterwards, I lost trust in the police, but I had to take revenge, so I had the most extreme idea, which is to directly assassinate…”

Yang Siyuan had a very bad impression of the police.

It was completely bull** in his eyes that the police served the people.

He knew that not every policeman was bad, but he was unwilling to trust the police after he had been disappointed countless times.

Hearing Yang Siyuans account, Shao Chen felt embarrassed.

After all, he had almost chosen to side with Yang Jun and gave up investigating the case.

He trusted Yang Jun too much, so he refused to believe that they would exchange identities.

At the same time, he was also furious that the police ignored Yang Siyuans report.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were clearly aware of the unpleasant social phenomena, but they still felt uncomfortable when they heard the story.

“Miss Gu, what do you think we should do next” Shao Chen asked Gu Ning.

It was his duty, but he subconsciously relied on Gu Ning since she was present, because he believed that Gu Ning would have a better idea.

If so, he wouldnt waste time on it.

“I only have the evidence of Yang Siyuan and Yang Jun exchanging identities.

I dont have proof of Yang Juns illegal deeds.

Im afraid hes also ruined all the clues, so we can only make Yang Jun admit it by himself,” said Gu Ning.


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